Your Full Guide To Bur Dubai Area

Your Full Guide To Bur Dubai Area

Is Bur Dubai on your to-visit list, but you don’t know anything about the place? Well, no worries. Because this blog will give you a complete guide about the places to visit in bur Dubai Area. Let’s begin!

BurDubai is one of the city’s oldest districts, located west of Dubai creek. The literal meaning of the word Bur Dubai is “mainland Dubai”, and it refers to the severance of Deira and Bur Dubai, both of which are present on each side of Dubai Creek. People used a ferry to cross the creek in the past. Now various bridges and tunnels connect both parts.

Bur Dubai is the oldest yet most exciting area in Dubai. Before the city’s massive transformation, this region was where the original settlement occurred. Today, it continues to thrive as a core economic and residential zone while sustaining the distinctive historical community culture of the Emirates.

Why Bur Dubai Area Is Famous?

If you are wondering what makes Bur Dubai so famous? Here is the answer. Bur Dubai is home to multiple historical attractions. This area also has the oldest building in Dubai. There are various mosques, temples and other exploring points.

Bur Dubai is also known for its exquisite cuisine and extraordinary food places. The houses with typical barjeel winds towers are a vision of their own and now serve as museums and art centers. Hence Bur Dubai is one of the top tourist attractions in Dubai.

Places in Bur Dubai That Are Worth Visiting

Bur Dubai is a heaven for history geeks and cultural enthusiasts. There are tons of exciting things to do. If you are confused, here are the top 10  things to do in Bur Dubai.

Old Souk Bur Dubai

Your Full Guide To Bur Dubai Area

Old souk, also called Textile souk, is the traditional restored market area in Bur Dubai. The bazaar houses various jewelry and clothing shops topped with arched wooden roofs. The Textile souk, once the most important market, has now been taken over by Indian merchants who sell saris and all the touristy stuff. The best part about this bazaar is that the price is not fixed, and you can bargain to get the possible rates. You can get a fantastic variety of embroidered cushions, pashminas and exotic fabrics and take them to the tailor for a custom-made dress.

Historic Neighborhood Of Al-Fahidi

Your Full Guide To Bur Dubai Area

If you want to see Dubai in all its glamour, just like in old times, you should visit Al-Fahidi Street. The area has shops that sell footwear, jewelry, Indian clothes, mobile phones and watches. The place is the most fun to visit at night when it is crowded with people from all ethnicities shopping or just roaming around to enjoy the night breeze.

The Majestic Dubai Museum

Your Full Guide To Bur Dubai Area

Dubai museum is a must-visit if you want to immerse yourself in the rich historical and cultural background of the United Arab Emirates. The Museum is located in Al-Fahidi fort, which proudly crowns the title of “The oldest building in Dubai”. Initially built in 1787, the fort has served various purposes, from a monarch’s base and weapon storage to prison. The fort was renovated into a museum in 1971. The museum is a glimpse of “Old Dubai” and lets you peek at the old way of living before the oil discovery in UAE.

The Meena Bazar

Your Full Guide To Bur Dubai Area

Located on the eastern side of Al-Fahidi street is the Meena Bazar. This is the iconic shopping hub of Dubai, with myriad shops that sell traditional clothes and handicrafts. The shop got its name from the very first shop, located at the entrance that opened here in 1973. Often called “Little India”, Meena Bazar takes you to old times with its colorful storefront and vibrant views.

Grand Mosque Dubai

Your Full Guide To Bur Dubai Area

Grand Mosque Dubai, also known as Grand Bur Dubai Masjid, is one of the most famous mosques in the city. The mosque is the epitome of stunning architecture and iconic design. The mosque was initially built in 1900 as a “kuttub” and then changed into a mosque in 1960. It has sand grey walls with one of Dubai’s tallest minaret (70m). Besides the Grand Mosque, the Iranian Mosque Bur Dubai is also famous for its breathtaking Iranian architecture and intricate tilework.

Temples in Bur Dubai

Your Full Guide To Bur Dubai Area

As the Bur Dubai Area is the oldest neighborhood, it is home to locals and expats of various ethnicities, particularly Indians, who have witnessed the magnificent transformation of Bur Dubai. There are various temples around the neighborhood that you can visit, such as; the Shri Krishna Temple, Shiva Temple and Shiridi Sai Baba Mandir.

The Majlis Gallery

Your Full Guide To Bur Dubai Area

No matter if you are an artist or not, you will love visiting The Majlis Gallery. Opened in 1989, the gallery aims to rendezvous the creative minds and promote their art internationally. The gallery holds true to its name, “The Majlis”, which means “meeting place”. The gallery hosts various solo exhibitions and introduces the region’s finest artists to the stage of culture and art.

The Zabeel Park

Your Full Guide To Bur Dubai Area

If you want to plan a family picnic in Bur Dubai, Zabeel Park is the best place. This Bur Dubai park has wide green spaces and multiple seating areas, making it an ideal picnic spot. This technology-driven green park is famous for one of the top tourist attractions in Dubai, The Dubai Frame. The park also has various sporting options such as; mini golf, skateboarding, a jogging track, a fitness center and a BMX track.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Your Full Guide To Bur Dubai Area

Dubai dolphinarium is one of the most loved tourist attractions in the city. It offers fascinating indoor activities where you get to see the world’s most enigmatic marine animals, the bottlenose dolphins and seals. Each show is equally entertaining, where the dolphins and seals showcase their unique skills of dancing, painting, juggling, and much more.

Dhow Cruise

Your Full Guide To Bur Dubai Area

There is no better way to end your day than having an amazing dhow cruise tour in the tranquil water of Dubai creek. You can enjoy the view of an enchanting skyscraper and have a delicious dinner with any cuisine you want. You definitely don’t want to miss an amazing experience of Dubai nightlife in a Dhow decorated in a super traditional style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Beaches Near Bur Dubai?

Well, here is the good news. The nearest Jumeirah Beach is just 20 minutes from Bur Dubai and is considered one of the best beaches in the world. If you want to enjoy some indoor options, you can visit Al Nasr Leisureland in Bur Dubai. It is one of the largest swimming pools in the UAE, along with a gigantic ice skating rink. What are you waiting for? Visit this Bur Dubai beach and have a fantastic evening.

What to Expect While Visiting Dubai Frame?

Dubai Frame has been one of the top tourist attractions in Dubai since its opening in January 2018. The Dubai Frame, which is 150m high and 93m wide, holds the record for the largest frame in the whole world. This iconic attraction offers a unique view of the old and new city.  When you visit the Dubai Frame, you feel like entering a time machine.

Is Bar Dubai Area Safe?

Dubai is the number 1 destination for tourists all around the world. Some people are curious about Dubai’s dark side, but let us tell you, Bur Dubai, just like the rest of Dubai, is super safe. Police regularly patrol the area making sure everything is under control. There are multiple police stations in various locations of Bur Dubai, Port Rashid, Al Raffa and Al Jafiliya. You can visit Bur Dubai without worry since it is a safe place.

What Are The Food Options in Bur Dubai?

Bur Dubai is simply a foodie’s heaven. You can have delicious Asian street food at the eateries in unruffled patios of the Al-Fahidi neighborhood, or you can head to the resonant Meena Bazar, where ethnic dinners offer spice-laden authentic Indian food. There are also multiple luxury restaurants in Bur Dubai, like those in Raffles hotel, Al Seef or Palazzo Versace, where no cuisine is missed. And the picturesque tea houses in the Batakiya are like cherry on top.

What Are The Shopping Options in Bur Dubai?

Are you looking for some good shopping places in Bur Dubai? As a Dubai trip is incomplete without shopping, there are various shopping complexes in Dubai to relieve your shopaholic soul. The most famous and chic retail locations are Wafi and Burjuman, where you can find all the world’s leading brands. If you want to get your hands on local souvenirs, head to the Meena Bazar or the Bur Dubai Old Souk and get anything from scarves, saris, fabric, spices, cushions, blankets, watches and mobile phones.

Wrapping Up

Bur Dubai is the oldest neighborhood in Dubai, where you can visit the traditional souks, have an authentic dining experience and enjoy visiting parks, museums and art galleries. Bur Dubai has transformed from being the oldest settlement to the hub of residential and economic activity in Dubai. It offers you a glimpse into the old life while offering you the exquisite experience of the present-day hustle and bustle of the city. Every year Bur Dubai welcomes millions of visitors who marvel at the beautiful architecture, discover historical sites, try multiple cuisines and enjoy various adrenaline-filled experiences. Come and experience the beautiful diversity at Bur Dubai.