Zabeel Park Dubai | Things to Do | 2023 Complete Guide for Timings, Tickets and Route

Zabeel Park Dubai | Things to Do | 2023 Complete Guide for Timings, Tickets and Route

Zabeel Park is the amplest green space in the city of Dubai. It has a total land area of 51 hectares and is renowned as a destination for tourists worldwide. It is a popular place for local families to spend their summer vacations. When the sun’s sweltering heat has subsided, it would be ideal to pay a visit to this park.

Introduction to Zabeel Park 

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Location: Zabeel Area, Near Al Jafiliya Metro Station


Zabeel Park stands out among Dubai’s other parks, which are included in the city’s various vacation packages. However, they all pale in comparison to the popularity of Dubai’s other parks.

The expansiveness of Zabeel Park, which encompasses an area equivalent to 45 football fields, is one of the park’s defining characteristics. The location is a pioneering example of a green space in the UAE driven by technology. It is also one of the largest public parks in Dubai and is excellent for weekend activities with friends and family of all ages. Everyone can benefit from using it in some way. It features various attractions, from temporary stores to barbecue pits, which are sure to keep guests entertained.

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How Do You Get to Zabeel Park in Dubai?

When traveling by bus, the Satwa Bus Station, the Gold Souq Bus Station, and the Ghubaiba Bus Station are the bus stations closest to Zabeel Park Dubai. To get to Zabeel Park Dubai, you can take any bus that travels along the 10, 27, 91A, 55, or 32C bus routes. These buses will drop you off at Gate Number 6 when they’re done.

You can also travel to Zabeel Park Dubai by using the metro system. You can get to Gate 6 of Zabeel Park by taking the metro train to the Al Jafiliya Station on the Red Line. You can start walking in that direction to go to your destination.

Zabeel Park Ticket Price Dubai

The Dubai Municipality has established the Zabeel Park entrance fee for adults at 5 AED. Children under two and anyone with impairments are not charged to enter.

What is Zabeel Park’s Timing

You can explore this incredible park from Sunday through Wednesday, from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. You can go there from 8:00 am to 11:00 night on Thursday through Saturday.

When is the most appropriate time to go to Zabeel Park in Dubai?

After 5 pm is the best time to go to Zabeel Park since the weather is nice and you can watch the sun go down while you’re there. If you are passionate about the outdoors and working out, going to the park first thing in the morning to breathe some oxygen-rich air is a great idea.

Activities you may participate in at Zabeel Park | Things to do at Park

Explore the several distinct areas of the park to locate the engaging pursuits suitable for the entire household. The Dubai Frame, a recognizable symbol of Dubai, is located in Zabeel Park. In addition, the park features several edutainment centers where children may learn about various cutting-edge technologies. These include the Communication Zone, the Techno Zone, and the Alternative Energy Zone.

Go to Zabeel Park in Dubai and check out the Dinosaur Park there:

Zabeel Park

Life-like models of dinosaurs are displayed in this portion of Zabeel Park, making it one of the park’s most popular areas. During the event known as Dubai Winter Garden Glow, which takes place at Zabeel Park, Dinosaur Park is transformed into a setting that is reminiscent of the period known as the prehistoric period. In addition, there is a dinosaur museum nearby that children can spend hours investigating. The park comes to life throughout the winter months thanks to its interactive games that are suitable for the whole family.

Must Visit Dubai Garden Glow

The lit treats that are part of the Dubai Garden Glow are additional attractions offered to guests of Zabeel Park. The garden comes to life during the winter, and the best time to experience it is at night.

The Ideal Location for Photographers: Dubai Frame

Zabeel Park

The recognizable landmark has a height of 150 meters and a width of 93 meters. It has 15,000 square meters of gold cladding, which makes up the ring pattern utilized in the emblem for Expo 2020 Dubai, and it holds the record for being the most extensive picture frame in the world.

Boats Ride

Zabeel Park

The lake in Area B of Zabeel Park features a geyser fountain that is 30 meters in height and is extremely popular among children. The fact that you can choose your boat and go at your own pace while paddling is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the experience.

Enjoy a game of cricket at the Cricket Ground.

If you’re looking for something fun in Zabeel Park, I suggest playing a game of cricket on the weekend. After a long and stressful week at work, relax with some of your closest friends on Zabeel Park’s enormous cricket pitch.

Jogging on Wide-Open Walkways

Are you feeling energetic? You can either go for a soothing stroll or a jog on the track connecting Areas A and B. The boardwalk is a beautiful place to unwind in the park and take in the serene atmosphere far off from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Flea Market at Zabeel Park Dubai

Zabeel Park Dubai | Things to Do | 2023 Complete Guide for Timings, Tickets and Route

The Flea Market is an event that people in the neighborhood are excited about. It appeals to people looking for good discounts on pre-owned items and brings them in. The market is widely regarded as Dubai’s most significant flea market event. 

It is a fantastic opportunity to acquire something you require at a very inexpensive cost. It is highly recommended that you arrive early at the market to avoid any parking difficulties. The flea market event has a variety of food stalls selling street food from all over the world, in addition to the usual assortment of goods for sale.

Train for Tourists and Bicycles

Zabeel Park Dubai | Things to Do | 2023 Complete Guide for Timings, Tickets and Route

The dimensions of Zabeel Park are enormous and extensive. Carry the tourist train if you need more time to walk around the park; it will take you from one end to the other. In addition to the tourist train, you can rent a bicycle and navigate the area at your discretion and pace.

Zabeel Park in Dubai hosts Children’s City.

Please bring your children there to participate in various active pursuits, so they can appreciate being outside. No matter what age, all children will have a great time in the play area because it has climbing structures and slides.

What Should You Know Before Visiting Zabeel Park in Dubai?

  • Always have a high-SPF sunscreen lotion on hand to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays and keep your skin healthy.
  • If you plan to have a picnic, remember to bring hats, sunglasses, a water bottle, deodorant, face or body wipes, mosquito repellant, and much more.
  • You should go to the park early in the morning to enjoy the clean air.
  • While you are touring Zabeel Park in Dubai, keep all of your important documents, such as your passport, visa, and other items, in a secure bag.
  • Because you will be spending the entire day outside, dress in cotton clothing that is breathable, comfy, and light.

Information about Gate 1 to Gate 7 – Zabeel Park 

Zabeel Park Dubai | Things to Do | 2023 Complete Guide for Timings, Tickets and Route

Gate 1 

Gate 1 is situated on Area A’s western border. The Max Metro Station’s nearest entrance. Convenient for the BBQ areas and playgrounds for kids.

Gate 2 

Gate 2 is located at Area A’s northernmost point. Sheikh Rashid Road and Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street  

Gate 3

Gate 3 is situated next to the footbridge leading to Karama and off Sheikh Rashid Road.

Gate 4 

It is located on Area A’s eastern side. The Dubai Frame’s entrance is located here.

Gate 5 

It is located on the park’s eastern side—the Area C entrance.

Gate 6 

 It is located off Al Majlis Street on Area B’s southern side. Dubai Garden Glow’s front entrance.

Gate 7 

It is situated next to the Trade Center Roundabout on the western edge of Area B. A different entrance leads to Dubai Garden Glow.

Zabeel Parks’ Area

Area A:

Bike Rentals, BBQs, Children’s Play Ground, and Dubai Frame

Area B:

Boating, Cricket ground, Dubai Garden Glow, and lake 

Area C:


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Which is the nearest metro station to Zabeel Park?

The Zabeel Park Gate in Dubai is the nearest station to its Al Jafiliya Metro Station.

What is the cost of visiting Zabeel Park?

Around AED 5 per person is required for admission to Zabeel Park. For those who are physically limited and for children under the age of two, it is, nevertheless, completely free. The NOL card is the sole payment method accepted (contactless travel card).

Which is the largest famous park in Dubai?

One of Dubai’s largest and most well-liked parks is Zabeel Park. With a 120-acre footprint, Zabeel Park has plenty to keep you and your loved ones entertained as you enjoy this fantastic location. The park’s total area has been divided into three parts to make it easy for people to access.