All About Dubai Frame — World’s Largest Picture Frame & One of Dubai’s Most Significant Destinations

All About Dubai Frame — World’s Largest Picture Frame & One of Dubai’s Most Significant Destinations

Is there a yin without a yang, a classy house without a window, or a well presented picture without a frame? Dubai has welcomed many attractions that are best in their categories, whether you’re talking about the world’s tallest building, the world’s tallest hotels, or the world’s most luxurious hotel. Given its inspiring skyscrapers, for which it can hardly be eclipsed by its counterparts anywhere, it needed a frame to present its modern chic skyline. It needed Dubai Frame. Dubai is the yin, classy house and picture to which Dubai Frame is the yang, window and frame.

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Also called Berwaz Dubai, Dubai Frame is not merely a place or just another destination to take pictures and that’s it; it’s an inspiring attraction, like some time-travel mechanism, that enables you to travel through time. It has been established that Dubai Frame is the window and frame of Dubai.

The attraction, opened to the public in January 2018, is not slightly but fundamentally so. It shows you digitally and physically the past and the present of Dubai, respectively. Further, it shows you the future of Dubai, manifest in development plans, digitally. This purpose of it is remarkably felicitous. This explains why the golden iron-wrought structure is one of Dubai’s most frequented destination.

As regards Dubai Frame being a window. It shows the two opposites of the city, old Dubai and modern Dubai. To the north of the Window is old Dubai, what remains of what Dubai is developing from, and to the south of it is modern Dubai: you get to see Dubai’s spectacular modern skyline. This informed the choice of the Frame’s siting. The site was chosen after extensive surveys of what location would offer the best views of new Dubai and old Dubai through the frame.

All About Dubai Frame — World's Largest Picture Frame & One of Dubai's Most Significant Destinations

Things to do in Dubai Frame — a summary

  1. See Dubai’s past.
  2. See Dubai’s present.
  3. See Dubai’s future.
  4. Draw anything, say your name, on outstanding hierarchical interactive screens.
  5. Take pictures with the most beautiful features of Dubai.
  6. Get a souvenir, if you please.

The Building

All About Dubai Frame — World's Largest Picture Frame & One of Dubai's Most Significant Destinations

The construction of the architectural masterpiece started at the end of 2013. And built with over 9,900 cubic meters of reinforced concrete, 2,000 tons of steel and 2,900 square meters of laminated glass, the state-of-the-art feat is 150 meters tall and 93 meters wide. It is clad in more than 15,000 square metres of golden stainless steel whose superficial design is inspired by the Expo 2020 Dubai logo.

Relevant official documents show that the tower’s mass was recorded at a staggering 23,453 tonnes. Orchestrated by architect Fernando Donis, it holds the record for the largest frame in the world, although only about 200 visitors are allowed in it in one hour. The rectangular design of the magnificent feat was inspired by the ‘golden ratio’ of 1.618. This, many architects and artists believe forms an ideal structural balance.

The frame is well planned and crafted within and without. The shape of Dubai Frame is a vertical-rectangular one just like a traditional vertical-rectangular picture frame. Further, it is veritably like a picture frame, a magnified one. Clad in golden stainless steel, it is sleek, chic and exquisite.

Dubai Frame Edges

Outside the structure is a fountain accompanied by Arabic music. Car owners have no bother as regards a parking space as parking spaces are available.

Inside the gobsmacking attraction are, among other things, a museum and an immersing gallery on the mezzanine level, an observatory deck called Sky Deck, interactive screens, a cafe and a souvenir shop.

The Mezzanine Floor

On this floor are a museum and a gallery. Here, you can learn about Dubai’s past. Specifically, while the museum displays artefacts of new and old Dubai, the gallery leads you through projections, audio and visual presentations, and even curated scents and mists for an authentic retelling of the city’s origin.

On this floor also is a ‘Virtual Metropolis’ which guides you through a ‘vortex tunnel’ stimulation, and then reveals a virtual reality display of Dubai’s continued evolution, and experts’ predictions of the city’s future growth. Be informed that the exhibition of Dubai’s future development comes not immediately after the multimedia exhibition Dubai’s past but after you’ve been to the Sky Deck level.

The Sky Deck Level – Dubai Frame’s observatory deck

All About Dubai Frame — World's Largest Picture Frame & One of Dubai's Most Significant Destinations

The Sky Deck level is the upper bar of the Frame. It is, to be unequivocal, an observatory deck that’s 93 meter-long and boasts a 25sqm glass panel.  Thus, it offers 360-degree or panoramic view of the city of Dubai. From Deira’s old town, through the glittering Arabian Gulf, the extensive and tranquil Arabian desert to Dubai’s marked-out skyline, you can see all of Dubai, and take breathtaking pictures of the city and of yourself.

The Sky Deck level features a crystal clear glass floor. When you’re on it, you’d think you’re walking in a vacuum, 150 meters high from the ground. Are you ready for a teaser or even a scare? Step onto the crystal-clear glass floor and look down and have goose bumps all over you. You have nothing to fear as regards breaking through the glass floor and dropping as it’s completely crack-proof, made of the highest-quality materials.

Interactive Screens

These screens are of the inverted pyramid shape. On them you can write your name which will then be displayed on the projector. Apart from that, they help you identify the buildings seen from the Deck.

Dubai Frame’s Café

Dubai Frame has a café. The café, a relatively small one, is in the middle of the bridge.

Dubai Frame’s Souvenir Shop

Dubai Frame has a souvenir shop where you can buy, among other things, a small imitation of Dubai Frame. You’re directed to it when you’re done at the third phase of your tour but a souvenir is not foisted on you.

Exploring the Frame – your tour journey through Dubai Frame

The Mezzanine Level

Your journey starts at the mezzanine level. First you’d be taken to the museum where you learn basically about old Dubai. Thereafter, you’d be taken to the gallery for the exhibition of Dubai’s past and how it has transformed from a small humble fishing village to a proud metropolis. 3D projections and special effects are employed. These allow of a multi-sensory experience, and with the combination of sights, sounds and smells, you are virtually actually taken into ancient Dubai.

While waiting for the elevator, you’d see quotes from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum displayed on the wall. The quotes are displayed in Arabic and English. As an appendage, the elevator to the Sky Deck covers 48 floors in 75 seconds.

Sky Deck Level — the top floor

After your experience at the mezzanine floor, next is the experience on the Sky Deck Level. From this futuristic observatory, you can see Dubai’s inspiring modern, and humble skyline at either sides of the structure. To the north of the Window is old Dubai (Al Karama, Deira, Bur Dubai and Umm Hurair), and to the south of it is modern Dubai (Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai and Business Bay).

The Mezzanine Floor

When you’re done at the Sky Deck, you’re taken back to the mezzanine floor. Here, to reiterate, a ‘Virtual Metropolis’ guides you through a ‘vortex tunnel’ stimulation, and then reveals a virtual reality display of Dubai’s continued evolution, and experts’ predictions of the city’s future development. With bright, vivid colors and interactive projections, you’d feel as though you were in a time vortex, being circulated into Dubai’s future.

The Souvenir Shop

Once you complete the three foregoing phases, you’re directed to the souvenir shop, where you can purchase a souvenir if you please. 

Dubai Frame Reviews

A must see in Dubai. Great experience. Quick and summarized history was provided by the guide. Amazing structure.

Shows Dubai Old Dubai from one side and New Developing Dubai from the other side. Must take a walk on the floor glass and also see the video on future of Dubai in the next 50 years!!

Another magnificent structure of Dubai, simply amazing, in brief, the frame is land mark which currently carries … a portrait of how Dubai was in the past from one side and what it is today from the other side. Don’t forget to [take] a walk on the floor glass too and the see the future of Dubai in the next 50 years!!

Robert M
This attraction was more than we expected, the history, the views, the glass floor, the hunt for our photos at the end all was amazing.

The Frame is worth seeing I say. 
From metro it is probably 15-20 minutes walk. There were no waiting time when we were there and entrance fee is relatively low about 50 AED for an adult.
In the ground floor there is a[n] exhibition about Dubai before and the mile stones to what it is today. Elevators go… fast up with a great view. On [the] top floor there is a magnificent view in all directions. There is also screens giving you information about the buildings you can see.
For some people the best of all is the electronic glass floor. If you stand beside the floor you cannot see through the glass floor. As soon as you touch the floor the glass becomes [transparent] and you see 150 meters straight down.
Elevator down again and there is a 180 degree movie about the future Dubai.
Relax in the adjacent park if you need to relax after the thrilling glass floor.

Visiting Dubai Frame

All About Dubai Frame — World's Largest Picture Frame & One of Dubai's Most Significant Destinations

How to get to Dubai Frame

Dubai frame is located in Zabeel Park gate 4, Dubai. It’s bordered by Sheikh Rashid Road to the north, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road to the north-west and Sheikh Zayed Road to the south. You can reach Zabeel Park through Al Jafiliya Metro Station.

You can get to the park by the taxi, the metro or a private car. If you’re visiting with a private car, you could get parking space at Zabeel Park which is where Dubai Frame is sited. If you’d be using the metro, just get off at the Al Jafiliya Metro Station on the Red Line and head to Zabeel Park.

Dubai Frame opening hours or timing

Dubai Frame is always open, always. Nothing deters its opening, not even public holidays. Below is its operating hours, although this may vary during the month of Ramadan and holidays.

Opening hours: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm daily.

Tickets Information

  • Children younger 3 years – free
  • People with disabilities plus a company of two – free
  • Emirati seniors 60+ (ID card required) – free
  • An adult – AED 50
  • Children from 3 to 12 years – AED 20

How to get a ticket

You can buy a ticket at the main park entrance, through Dubai Frame’s website or Dubai Frame application. You will receive a confirmation upon booking your tickets, a ticket barcode will be sent to you after filling out your data, you can also print your ‘ e-ticket ‘ page and submit it on entrance. It is highly recommended that you purchase your tickets in advance, especially on weekends. This allows you to plan your experience at your leisure. Try to arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of your tour.

Dubai Frame Rules

  1. Pets, smoking, toys, sharp objects and food or beverages are unacceptable.
  2. You shouldn’t scale, climb, lean or sit on the railings. You can’t place children on them either.
  3. You should dress modestly.
  4. You shouldn’t make contact with items on exhibitions. For example, you shouldn’t touch them — except for the interactive screens at the Deck of course.
  5. Children under the age of twelve should be accompanied by an adult at all times, in the structure.
  6. You’re required to keep large bags and strollers at GATE 4 Counter
  7. Do not jump on the glass floor at the Sky Deck.
  8. Using the camera at the Dubai’s future exhibition phase is unacceptable.


Speaking passionately, although disinterestedly, Dubai Frame is significant and very significant. The regular rectangular silhouette of the Frame is readily eclipsed by those of Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and Dubai Creek Tower, but never its purpose. It has one of the best purpose of all Dubai’s attractions, in’s opinion.

Dubai Frame’s purpose is complementary and hence if you visit Dubai’s popular attractions without the Frame, your visit might be described as incomplete. A knowledge of its milestones which the Frame is known for should complement whatever tour of Dubai you do. Because we know the importance of knowing where you tour, we’ve written a post about Dubai. That notwithstanding, visiting Dubai Frame is an imperative. It’d be surely inspiring: the fourth most visited city which is not even a Western city was only a small fishing and trading town yesterday. That sends a lot of message.

One of the earliest visitors of the Frame says, “It is well worth the entrance fee of AED 50.” He also suggests that you visit just before sunset in order that you experience the spectacle in the day and at dusk. You have the liberty to use the camera and you should take selfies with smiles showing how ecstatic and thrilled you are as selfies get featured on ‘Dubai Moments Wall’ in the Frame.

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