Dubai Ice Rink 101 — Timings, Ticket Price, Location, Contact Info, Parking etc.

Dubai Ice Rink 101 — Timings, Ticket Price, Location, Contact Info, Parking etc.

Here’s all about the Dubai Ice Rink for one who plans to visit it or simply wants to know what’s happening there.

It’s no news Dubai’s a desert city. But step into the Dubai Ice Rink and you’d quickly forget this. With genuine ice, a frigid atmosphere, snowfall, cosy clothing everywhere, the assertion can’t be truer. One thing is evident in the video below; namely the Dubai snow park is an exuberant destination for an electrical moment. Are you vacationing in Dubai? Consider visiting the imperative attraction of the Dubai Ice Rink and enjoy the ecstasy it offers in true insouciance.

Dubai Ice Rink

Dubai Ice Rink - Little Boy Skating

Located on the ground floor of The Dubai Mall next to The Souk, Dubai Ice Rink is oval-shaped, 60 meters long and 30 meters wide. The Rink’s ice is generally between 1.5 inches and 2 inches thick. And underneath it is a cooled concrete slab.

You should see how frenetic the park can get. Given this ecstatic aura, it’s a good fit of rendezvous for get-togethers, among other things. It should be mentioned here that the park has welcomed over 2,000 pairs of skates from Italy. It’s little wonder it’s dubbed one of the most significant diversion in the Dubai Mall.

Indeed, it has hosted a variety of weighty events and activities including the telecast of the FIFA World Cup matches (thanks to its big-screen television) and serves as the venue for the Dubai tournaments of the Emirates Hockey League Cup and also hosts Broomball games for Corporate team building. Its high-end technology and courteous staff shouldn’t be glossed over.

Whether you’re visiting as an adult for your own delectation or with your children for theirs, Dubai Ice Rink would serve. And whether you’re a pro in ice skating or naïve in it like my humble self, Dubai Ice Rink is a good fit.

The D.J. nights at the Ice Rink’s magical and its snowfall session’s stunning. Frolicking in the Ice Rink is, clearly, one of the top exciting things to do in Downtown Dubai with kids. But if you choose not to ice-skate but watch, with AED 16, you can achieve this. The charge is the result of limited space.

Family needs can easily be catered for at the Dubai Ice Rink in that it boasts relevant cafes.

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The Dubai Ice Rink Offerings — Things To Do & Some Amenities

The Dubai Ice Rink renders a couple of offerings including but not limited to ice skating lessons and certification, Public Ice Skating Sessions, Freestyle Ice Skating Sessions, Snowfall Sessions, Ice Golf, Birthday Packages, IceBykes and skating aids.

Dubai Ice Rick for Children

Dubai Ice Rink Coach and Girl Child

Are you visiting with kids? How do you want them to explore the rink? You want them to have an assisted ice skating, solo ice skating or even an ice skating lesson? All of these can be achieved in the Dubai Ice Rink. If your child has started walking and you feel they should ice-skate, then they may go ahead. As regards learning how to ice-skate, children learn by virtue of Dubai Ice Rink Skating Academy (DIRSA).

DIRSA offers a full program of coaching on basic ice skating through advanced figure skating. For the ice skating lessons, a child must be at least 3 years old while for the hockey lessons, they must be within the ages of 5 and 12.

The ice skating program admits only 10 students in a class and runs for four weeks. Students may decide to take the program once or twice in a week. Registration is done at DIR reception. If students pass the required level, they get certified.

The Freestyle Ice-Skating Session

Dubai Ice rink Freestyle Session

The freestyle session allows ice skaters to perform figure skating. Figure skating has to do with a skater performing unpremeditated moves such as jumps, spins, lifts and footwork gracefully ice skating. This session is for the more advanced ice skaters, although one could book to have freestyle lessons with a coach. The session lends advanced ice skaters the opportunity to perfect their moves. The freestyle lesson can at the moment not be booked online, but only at the Dubai Ice Rink reception desk.

Dubai Snowfall

Dubai Ice Rink 101 — Timings, Ticket Price, Location, Contact Info, Parking etc.

In Dubai Ice Rink, you don’t only get to glide on genuine ice; you also see the snowfall. It is needless to stress that the snowfall is artificial. Here’s how it is brought about. A special snow fluid is pumped up to the roof space of the rink by a tank located at the ground level of it, and in every snowfall session, up to four liters of the fluid are pumped by trusses holding four snow machines. The fluid turns into flakes that fall and disappear on contact with any surface, including noses and woolly jumpers.

There can be up to four sessions of snowfall in a day.

Ice Golf

Dubai Ice RInk Ice Golf

The dynamic Ice Rink offers mini golf for family and friends. Get on the rink and get to test your aim, accuracy and putting skills! Compete with your company to see who’s better. The fun that’ll come along’s certain. A Golf session costs AED 40 for an individual.

Birthday Package

Dubai Ice Rink Birthday Picture

Dubai Ice Rink boasts room for birthday celebrants. If you would like to have your birthday in glides and slides, visit the Dubai Ice Rink with your friends and family.

There’re three packages for celebrants and they’re the Silver, the Gold and the VIP. The Silver is carried out during public session and costs AED 130 for an individual. And the least of 10 persons is required. The Gold is done during any Disco or Snowfall session. It costs AED 150 per individual and requires the minimum of 10 individuals. You get a 30-minute session of coach supervision in both packages.

In the case of the VIP, you get one-third of the whole rink, whatever the session, a full session of coach supervision, the option of Broomball or IceByke, 15 minutes Mascot appearance and Penguins. Pricing is dependent on the day and time. This implies that the pricing would be what the management demands at any time. To inquire, kindly dial 800 38224 6255.

Whichever package of the three you go for, you enjoy the benefits of the announcement of your birthday and the playing the song.


Really interestingly, IceBykes are allowed and are available in the Dubai Ice Rink. Having their dedicated area, IceByke riders can safely circle on the rink without crashing into skaters. With AED 80, you can enjoy 30 minutes of icebiking. Whether the guest is a child or an adult, once they’re as much as 120-centimeter tall, they’re qualified to take a ride on the IceByke.

You necessarily need to wear firm pants (trousers) and fully enclosed sports shoes. Long or hanging clothing aren’t allowed. For example, scarves, long coats or trailing items.

Skating Aids

Dubai Ice Rink Penguin Pals

The Rink boasts penguin skating aids and doubled-bladed skates (Bob Skates) for kids. Both allow of stability while they ice skate. And for persons at least 12 years old (which include adults), it boasts the snowman skating aid. This costs AED 40.

Is The Dubai Ice Rink Safe for Ice Skating etc?

Security is paramount. Emaar which owns the Dubai Ice Rink and which has been awarded the ISO 28000:2007 certification for Security Supply Chain Management System seems to recognize this. The certification it’s awarded implies that the holder will demonstrate to customers, suppliers and stakeholders their commitment and compliance to global best practices for Security Supply Chain Management.

Given Emaar’s recognition that security is paramount, it has the following in place at the Dubai Ice Rink: first aid, nurses, ice marshals and ice resurfacing machine.

The first aid room is located near the management office. And the nurse is always available during peak periods. Where first aid is needed, which should be really rare, informing the staff will suffice. The ice marshals are always available during public skating hours to see that guests are safe. And the ice resurfacing machine, called Zamboni, is deployed across the rink every couple of hours to maintain the consistency of the ice.

Dubai Ice Rink Recommended Clothing

Warm clothing is recommended. If you’ve been to a natural ice rink or have been in a snowy area, wear the clothes you’d normally wear in these places such as the cardigan, thick socks and gloves. These make your stay at the Ice Rink comfortable, especially for young children. To use IceBykes or eBykes, you perforce need to wear pants and fully enclosed sports shoes — your pants mustn’t be loose. Long or hanging clothing aren’t allowed. For example, scarves, long coats or trailing items.

Thoughts About Dubai Ice Rink

My first experience of Ice skating!
I had an excellent time at the Dubai Ice Rink. As this was my first time at ice skating, I decided to get a coach to guide me.

Coach Jude, I can’t thank him enough for the lessons he taught me. Jude was extremely patient and very encouraging throughout the session. His experience and expertise showed very clearly. I can’t wait to go back to the rink again!

Wambui E
Dubai ice rink visit
My visit to Dubai Ice rink in Dubai mall early April this year was too good to be expressed in words. The staff was extremely courteous and kind. They went out of [their] way to accommodate some requests as per the need of the time. Especially Martha she was so kind and supportive to us. I will definitely visit the place again.

Charif Lafqir
It is amazing how you can skate in an Ice Rink while outdoor you have a hot summer temperature. This is one of the nice activities you can have in Dubai all year long. It is suited to both beginners and more professional ice skaters. If you are a professional and you want to enjoy the experience more, try to avoid the weekend afternoons where the ring is more crowded. Definitely a very nice experience.

Priyadarshini Vijayan
A very nice place for ice skating and one of the biggest Ice rinks it is. From children to elders all of them enjoy a lot if they love skating on the ice… Sometimes there will also be snow sessions where snow will fall from the roof, although it was not felt like real snow, at least, when we went… But still the kids enjoyed a lot.

Sherif Shafie
Cool Olympic-size rink to ice-skate whether you’re an adult, teenager or a kid. Good exercise that offers a welcome respite from the heat… or shopping. Great for families, couples or if you’re solo. Always have a blast when I visit.

They have these Disco sessions where they make it even more fun with a DJ spinning various tunes with disco lighting and funky music… definitely puts you in the mood to move to the groove!

Amalu Varghese
Must try! I’m a beginner and was really not interested in this but now I’m actually glad I tried it. Friendly Staff and Amazing experience with friends. If you plan to go anytime soon look for the Ramadan offers.

967kau (London, United Kingdom)
Wonderful coach Jude for teaching young children to skate!
My 5-year-old has recently started ice-skating lessons at the Dubai Ice Rink. She is a quiet, shy child but her instructor, Jude, is wonderful in bringing out her confidence on the ice and she is enjoying skating immensely. Would recommend him to anyone looking for lessons for their young children.

I also have a 1-year-old who I have to bring with me. There’re places for park stroller and baby changing area.

Dubai Ice Rink Contact Information

Address: Dubai, Downtown Dubai, The Dubai Mall, Ground Floor
Phone: 800 38224 6255
Email: [email protected]
Timing: 10:00 am – 12:00 am

Dubai Ice Rink Ticket Information

Public Session
A child under 100cm — AED 40.00 (Helmet included)
An adult — AED 75.00

Freestyle Session — N/A; inquire at 800 38224 6255

Snowfall Session
A child under 100cm — AED 40.00 (Helmet included)
An adult — AED 95.00

The snowfall-session timings are tentative and so to see when to visit and how to book, please click here.

Ice Golf
An individual — AED 40. To book online, please click here.

Birthday Package
The Silver Birthday Package — AED 130 for an individual. The least of 10 persons is required.
The Gold Birthday Package — AED 150 per individual. The minimum of 10 individuals is required.
The VIP Birthday Package — Varies. Kindly inquire at dial 800 38224 6255.

Ice Skating Lessons
Once a week — AED 500
Twice a week — AED 840
For more information, please see the last two paragraphs of this section.
For more information and registration, kindly email the Dubai Ice Rink at [email protected].

IceBykes — AED 80. For more information, see this section. To book an IceByke, click here.

A Skating Aid — About AED 40.

Tickets can be purchased online or at the reception desk in person. Be aware that tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. A group of 15 people or more is given a discount of 20%.

Dubai Ice Rink Parking

The closest parking for guests visiting the Dubai Ice Rink is the Cinema Parking. See parking on the Google map below. For help finding your way, dial 800 38224 6255.

Rules — Dubai Ice Rink Do’s and Don’ts

  • First up, only partake in the session appropriately suited to you on the basis your ability.
  • Pregnant women mustn’t skate on the Dubai Ice Rink.
  • No one is allowed to dig the ice.
  • Guests are not allowed to carry young children or babies on the rink.
  • You mustn’t skate, intoxicated with some drug or alcohol.
  • You mustn’t use mobile phones or personal stereos on the rink. If you have them with you at the Ice Rink, lockers are available for them to be kept in.
  • You mustn’t eat or drink on the rink and you mustn’t litter it.
  • You mustn’t carry or wear bags while ice-skating.  This may affect your balance.
  • You mustn’t have sharp objects in your pockets while on the rink.
  • See that your skates are fastened correctly.
  • Strobe Lights are used during Disco Sessions. If you’re aversive to this, you may not take the session.
  • For children to use Icebykes or eBykes, they must be at least 120 centimeter tall.
  • Children not up to 5 years of age must be accompanied on the rink by a paying adult.
  • Guests must always enter and exit the rink via the gates.
  • Guests must skate in an anti-clockwise direction on the rink.
  • Guests mustn’t skate too speedily.
  • Should you trip, try to protect your head.
  • Keep your fingers clenched in a ball.
  • Follow the instructions of the marshals and referees.
  • Keep off the rink and the back of the barriers, when the machine is cleaning the rink.
  • You mustn’t sit or climb on the barriers.
  • You mustn’t throw or spray the rink.
  • You mustn’t dig on the rink to cause a hole. You mustn’t dig at all.
  • You mustn’t jump or push.
  • The tag games and whip-changes are not allowed on the rink.
  • Be kindly patient with naïve skaters.
  • The failure to comply with the guidelines may result in the removal of the offender from the rink and/or Dubai Ice Rink’s premises.


If you’re holidaying in Downtown Dubai, the Dubai Ice Rink is a good option. A lot of tourists say it is a must. Being an indoor destination, the park is in operation all year round. And if you don’t want to wait, you should find on the official website when the next session would begin, as each ice-skating session takes about 90 minutes. Stay electrified!

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