Dubai Opera — Facts, Ticket Info, Shows, Timings, Contact Number & More

Dubai Opera — Facts, Ticket Info, Shows, Timings, Contact Number & More

This article is about Dubai Opera, a feat that strikes itself as the shining pearl of The Opera District.

Whether you’re seeking a world-class art performance or to have a wedding or banquet at the Dubai Opera, it is a perfect rendezvous for all of these. Literature purges of stress and occasions catharsis. Dubai Opera is intended to bring this purpose of literature about; it is a center for culture and arts. But the Dubai Opera isn’t intended to solely produce and host exquisite world-class performing arts experiences, its design is meant to complement this.

The Dubai Opera Design

The level of detail of the theater’s design is sublime. It exudes energy, creativity and excitement and consequently complements the theater’s purpose. The masterpiece is owned by Emaar and designed by Atkins, project led by Janus Rostock of Atkins. Launched in 2016, the Dubai Opera is a feat built to provoke interaction, exploration, questions and fun. It is small wonder visitors hardly get dissatisfied about the structure.


Dubai Opera Interior

The Dubai Opera has a 360-degree lobby which is fully integrated with its public realm. The building has the total of four floors which are the Basement Parking 1, the Promenade Level, the Lower Balcony and the Upper Balcony. All of these levels are linked by an elevator access. And the Lower and Upper Balcony are linked by an escalator access. A stair elevator is available on the Promenade Level.

While details are not given on every bit of Dubai Opera’s interior, it is noteworthy to mention that the building has the distinct ability to transform internally from a theater into a concert hall, and into a “flat floor” by virtue of a high percentage of electronically moving floors, walls and ceilings. This technology allows the auditorium seating to change configuration, or to disappear altogether — the stage configuration isn’t exempt from this manipulation.

Dubai Opera Interior 2

The multiple forms the auditorium of the theater can assume enable it to host a wide variety of performances and events such as theater, opera, ballet, concerts, fashion shows, receptions, live entertainment, conferences, galleries and art exhibitions.

In the theater mode, the space is suitable for large-scale drama productions, musicals, ballets, dance performances, lectures, and conferences, and boasts about 2,000 seating capacity.

In the concert hall mode, a series of towers and reflectors on stage and overhead create an acoustic shell around the orchestra, enabling an impeccable acoustic environment for a perfect sound quality.

In the ‘flat floor’ mode, the auditorium offers the space of 1800 square meters for events such as weddings, gala dinners, fashion shows, product launches, trade shows, exhibitions, receptions and parties where furniture can be supplied or removed accordingly. In this mode, it could contain 1000 persons.


Dubai Opera — Facts, Ticket Info, Shows, Timings, Contact Number & More
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First up, the Dubai Opera’s building captures attention within seconds and from afar. Its silhouette is inspired by an traditional Arabian sailing vessel, the dhow. Not only does the theater showcase world-class cultural events, it is also a stimulus for exuberance and creativity. In other words, while hosting fabulous cultural performances, it transmits energy, electricity and inspiration along.

The façade design is extremely complex; the glass frontage comprises of 1,710 individual façade and mullion sections, 1,270 individually sized glass panels, which are shaded by the roof overhang and 5km externally mounted shading louvers. The aim was to make the building as transparent as possible, while keeping solar radiation out through passive design measures. The glass is made as transparent as possible by virtue of an internal and external anti-reflective coating, so that onlookers can neatly see the audience inside.

Dubai Opera

In the evening, the impact of this is even more manifest as lighting is integrated within the buildings, without external illumination. This creates the sense of the lantern, offering a warm glow to onlookers and accentuating the impact of seeing guests inside the building.

At this point, it is important to stress a point that should be already obvious by now: the architect looked beyond just sticking a stunning new building to the region; they went for something sui generis. And the Dubai Opera is sui generis.

Dubai Opera Exterior

The theater building, to reiterate differently, was designed such that it spreads its cultural and artistic function from its internal transformable theater onto an external multifunctional urban plaza, towards the adjacent walkways and alleyways of surrounding neighbourhoods. It makes use of its surrounding spaces including Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed Boulevard, the Opera Plaza and the Burj Park. In this way, the theater doesn’t compete with its surrounding area but complements it.

The opera forms what is now known as the glitz of Downtown Dubai. It closes the circle of attraction in Downtown. Of the major attractions in Downtown, Dubai Opera is marked-out in that it is able to offer a much more al fresco lifestyle as well as tactile involvement to the surrounding neighbourhood.

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What To Expect — Genres

The theater hosts family friendly shows, operas, ballets, classical arts, rock, pop and jazz music, theaters, comedies and Arabic art and music. Other things you should expect are the Dubai Opera Design Tour and the Dubai Opera Backstage Tour. To see the actual available shows, kindly click here.

The Dubai Opera Design Tour — The Story Behind

This tour helps you learn about the story behind the Dubai Opera, its design and technology. The dhow-shape silhouette of the theater has a rationale; each and every architectural detail has a story behind it. The tour gives you the opportunity to find out about all of these. With a tour guide and with a face-to-face encounter of these points of attraction, you get a first-hand knowledge of the Dubai Opera’s design and technology.

Further, you get to see the beautiful sculptures and artworks created exclusively for the Dubai Opera, access the multi-purpose auditorium, catch a spectacular view of the exclusive VIP suite, The Majis, and more. A tour may span one hour and begins at the Box Office. The tour may be conducted in English or Arabic. While other languages are also used, if you want this, you must make a request in advance.

Public Tours are available on most days. Tickets can be purchased online or at the Box Office, either in advance or on the day of the tour, although this is subject to availability. A tour costs AED 75 for an adult and AED 45 for a child between the ages of 3 and 16.

The Dubai Opera Backstage Tour

This tour lets you experience the backstage life of the Dubai Opera as well as gain insight into a production process. The tour lets you experience the theater’s auditorium, its backstage areas, dressing rooms, piano and trap room, sound room and the rarely seen seat storage area when the auditorium transforms into the ‘flat floor’ mode. The tour also includes the architectural story the Dubai Opera’s building.

Exclusive backstage tours take place at 9:30am, 11:30am, 2:30pm and 3:30pm. A tour can span 75 minutes. You also get to enjoy a cup of coffee in about 45 minutes at the Dubai Opera Café. This is usually added to your ticket price. An adult’s ticket costs AED 175 and a child’s ticket costs AED 140. Those considered children must be between the ages of 7 and 16. Children younger than 7 are not accepted for this tour. You can book the tour via the Box Office by calling 04 440 8888 or by emailing: [email protected].

The Dubai Opera Corporate Event Venues

Dubai Opera Corporate Event

The opera has different corporate event venues besides the main auditorium; others are the Studio (251sqm), the Foyer Stalls (998sqm), the Foyer Royal Circle (643sqm), the Foyer Grand Circle with bar (640sqm), the Foyer Grand Circle without bar (640sqm) and the Dubai Opera Garden (1475sqm). Of these, we talk more on the Studio.

Dubai Opera Studio

Get secluded in this 251 square meters top-notch studio. Located on the Grand Circle overlooking the Plaza, the Studio is a state-of-the-art space designed for events rather intimate.

Whether you are seeking a venue for a product launch, a corporate dinner,
or a dance rehearsal, the studio is a perfect fit.

 “The Loft” in the Dubai Opera — Dining

The Loft in Dubai Opera

Name inspired by the word, loft, “The Lost” at the Dubai Opera is a rooftop dining venue. It offers a fine dining experiences. Conceived around the poetry of an oyster shell, its award-winning design by Alexander & Co in association with Tribe Studio, is a harmony between oceanic architectural references and contemporary design.

It is comprised of 5 different sections- The Main Dining Area, The Loft Bar, Raw Bar, Chef’s Table, and the romantic Loft Terrace, each telling a unique story. They are ultimately weaved by the restaurant’s modern European cuisine, which seeks to bring an outstanding dining experience for all.

The Main Dining Area features a variety of stylish tables, designer chairs and cozy lounges.

The Loft Tables and Chairs

The space is flanked on one end by a Raw Bar that serves chef-curated raw food and on the center, The Loft Bar, which serves premium beverages, signature cocktails, and bar bites. Showcasing an open kitchen, the Chef’s Table invites each diner to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the culinary masters in action. The Loft Terrace signifies the ‘heart’ of the restaurant, with intimate dining sections and a curvilinear opening that presents an astonishing view of the world’s tallest building.

Timings: Sat – Thur: 5:00 pm – 12:00 am; Fri: 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm (Brunch) & 5:00 pm – 12:00 am (Kitchen closes at 2:00 am); Sunday: Non-operational
Phone: 04 362 7312

Thoughts About The Dubai Opera

As culled from TripAdvisoryonatank718
In the heart of downtown my wife and I discovered this gem for Iftar. It’s really a huge place and was quite crowded. The ambiance was really appealing. The three piece band was an added delight. The Iftar buffet provided a large selection but not much for vegetarians. The service was great. Nothing to complain about besides the lack of veg options. We really enjoyed our experience.

In the heart of downtown my wife and I discovered this gem for Iftar. It’s really a huge place and was quite crowded. The ambiance was really appealing. The three piece band was an added delight. The Iftar buffet provided a large selection but not much for vegetarians. The service was great. Nothing to complain about besides the lack of veg options. We really enjoyed our experience.

What a stunning location complete with great food and atmosphere one of the best iftars I have been to in Dubai, I would definitely do this again.

It was my very first time visit to Dubai opera. A wonderful architecture and interior very modern and neat I like the design it’s elegant and well organized, the sound system very nice, everything was perfect.
After the show we went up to enjoy the night by having dinner I would say the restaurant was really nice very famous with oyster and seafood, we had light dinner it was delicious and lovely along with my friend we had good time.

Wonderfully designed place architecture, location, and stunning interior. The spectacular performance we watched was a soprano with ballerinas dancing, classical orchestra and acrobatics.. all choreographed beautifully.

If you get chance to see a show of any genre at Dubai Opera you will enjoy doing so. It’s a wonderful venue. Well organised, new and comfortable. Easily accessible.

Such an immaculate and cozy venue to watch any it a broadway musical, a ballet or live concert. Great acoustics and the view is great from every seat in the house. Prices are on the higher side but it is totally worth the money. If you are looking for an elegant and enjoyable afternoon or evening.. Dubai Opera is the place to be at.

The Dubai Opera for Wheelchair Users

Dubai Opera caters for wheelchair users. The theater is accessible to users of wheelchairs. Designated seats are also made available for these self-same people and their companions. Wheelchair bookings can be made via an order form which is available upon request from [email protected].

Usually, one may find themselves in the situation whereby they don’t like the space reserved for them, but the management guarantees that it’ll provide them with the best available wheelchair positions of their choice.

Car Parking Information

Dubai Opera boasts a car parking space in “P3 Basement Parking” whose entrance is at Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard. The parking entrance is situated just after the Dubai Opera hashtag. This parking service is paid. On a performance day, the rate for Green Parking Zone is AED 40 per visit (18 hours until midnight). On a non-performance day, the rate is AED 10 for every one hour.

Visiting The Dubai Opera

Before you visit the Dubai Opera, you should know this following requisite information. The doors to the auditorium open 30 minutes before the beginning of the performance. Latecomers are prevented from entering the auditorium until a suitable break in the performance. You should visit the Dubai Opera dressed up.

Address: Dubai Opera, Downtown Dubai
Phone: 044408888

See Navigating Dubai to find more help getting there.

Dubai Opera Ticket Information

The Dubai Opera tickets are available online or at the Box Office.

The Box Office Information

Address: The Opera Plaza on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard
Timings: 10:00 am and 9:00 pm daily
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 04-440-8888
To Buy Tickets, kindly click here

Note: See that you print your ticket before your arrival at the opera. This is a prerequisite as without a hard-copy ticket, you would be denied entry.

Enjoy! Also kindly explore

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