All About Palm Jumeirah Dubai Monorail — Tickets Prices, Maps, Timings, Stations, Parking

All About Palm Jumeirah Dubai Monorail — Tickets Prices, Maps, Timings, Stations, Parking

While Dubai’s Metro and its tram does not cover the Palm Jumeirah, the artificial island’s residents and visitors are not wanting a means of transportation to get across the total length of the palm-silhouette island as there’s a service that serves this exact purpose — the Palm Jumeirah Monorail. This article covers all about the Palm Jumeirah Dubai Monorail including tickets prices, map, timings, stations, and parking.


The Palm Jumeirah or Dubai Monorail is Palm Jumeirah’s monorail transit system designed by Hitachi. The monorail system is designed to serve the total length of Palm Jumeirah. Launched on the 30th of April, 2009, it is the first to be installed in the Middle East and the first guided transportation system to be operated in the UAE.

The Palm Jumeirah Monorail System is operated and maintained by Serco Group plc, the same company that operates and maintains the Dubai Metro under the aegis of the RTA.

As of 3rd July 2017, Nakheel states that around 3,000 passengers take trips on the monorail each day and around a million people do so each year. In the same year, it was made known that the number of the Monorail users rose by 70% in the previous four years. In 2013, there were 590,000 passengers; 685,000 in 2014, almost 878,000 in 2015 and a million in 2016. Nakheel’s Chairman, Ali Rashid Lootah, says, “The Palm Monorail is one of Palm Jumeirah’s biggest success stories.

The Monorail

The monorail is a three-carriage type with air conditioning. Medium-sized and 43.8m long, it is intended to convey 106 passengers at a time, driving at the maximum speed of 70 km/h. The train is automated and thus is driverless. It is, in fact, fully automated. In this way, it requires no manual operation by a driver, to reiterate; or an operation control center staff.

The on-board equipment systems automate every action that concerns the monorail operation such as driving and the operation of passengers’ doors. Further, departure commands, and route assignment are controlled automatically. In the case of emergency though, the system allows of the intervention of the train attendant staff.

The monorail is designed with a fireproof floor structure made of stainless steel plate and fireproof doors to the gangways so as to be able to withstand a fire for more than 30 minutes, buying passengers sufficient time to evacuate the train safely in the event of a fire outbreak. This was done on the basis of the National Fire Protection Association (NEPA) 130 standard. The fireproof advance makes the Palm Jumeriah monorail the first to be built with a fireproof floor structure.

The colors of blue and white feature in the interior and exterior of the train, reflecting the colors of the beach and the sky, the colors of the Palm Jumeirah setting. Further, the numerous curved shapes used throughout the monorail are meant to convey a soft image.

According to Hitachi, the trains are the first to use a double-skin structure based on the A-train concept. Hitachi integrated the trains and wayside equipment and supplied them as a system.

Dubai Monorail Route

All About Palm Jumeirah Dubai Monorail — Tickets Prices, Maps, Timings, Stations, Parking

The route of the monorail spans the total length of the Palm Jumeirah. It starts from the Gateway Station on the mainland through the intermediate station, Al Ittihad Park Station, to the Atlantis Aquaventure Station at the far end of the Island.

The route is thus 5.4 km, and boasts a double-tracked line. The monorail tracks have a SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system, CCTV, and an ATS (Automatic Train Supervision) system, among other features.

Dubai Monorail Stations

There are three operational stations, the Gateway Station Palm Jumeriah, Al Ittihad Park Station and the Atlantis Aquaventure Station or Palm Atlantis Monorail Station

The Gateway Station Palm Jumeriah
The station is at the foot of the Palm Jumeriah. This station links to the Dubai tram at the Palm Jumeirah Tram Station; see map. The distance between the Gateway Station to the Tram Station can suck up a 5 – 10 minute walk.

Al Ittihad Park Station
This station is located at the heart of The Palm’s Al Ittihad Park and gives access to Palm Jumeirah’s central park, myriad residences and the Golden Mile Galleria Mall. It was opened on the 3rd of July, 2017.

The Atlantis Aquaventure Station
This station is located at the Aquaventure Waterpark at the peak of Palm Jumeirah. Thus, outside the station to the left is the entrance of Atlantis The Palm.

Dubai Monorail Car Parking

The Dubai Monorail boasts free car parking spaces. There are about 1,600 parking spaces at the Gateway Station.

Dubai Monorail Tickets Prices

It is not as cheap to travel on the Monorail as it is to travel on other forms of Dubai public transport run by the RTA. The monorail fare in other words is markedly more expensive than the Dubai Bus, the Dubai Metro and the Dubai Tram, for example.

Given the foregoing, the Nol card does not apply in using the monorail. The monorail’s tickets can be got at the ticket offices at the various stations. Below are the Dubai monorail ticket prices.

The Gateway Station to Atlantis Station (or vice versa)
One-way: AED 20
To and Fro: AED 30

The Gateway Station to All Ittihad Park Station (or vice versa)
One-way: AED 10
To and Fro: AED 15

The Atlantis Station to All Ittihad Park Station (or vice versa)
One-way: AED 15
To and Fro: AED 20

Note: Tickets are valid for one day, the day they are purchased. If tickets are not used the day they are purchased, they expire and become unacceptable.

Dubai Monorail Timings

9:00 am – 10:00 pm daily, from Sunday until Friday

Note: Trains run in about every 15 minutes.

The Gateway Station
First departure is at 9:00 am and last departure is at 9:45 pm.

The Atlantis Aquaventure Station
First departure is at 9:15 am and last departure is at 10:00 pm.

The Dubai Monorail Map

You may want to download a Dubai Monorail PDF Map.

Getting to the Dubai Monorail via The Dubai Metro

First up, bear in mind that the line of the Dubai Metro that links to the Palm Jumeirah in general and the Gateway Station in particular is the Metro’s Red Line (although this is not directly). Thus, wherever you’re in Dubai, to get to the monorail, travel Dubai’s Metro’s Red Line and hop off at Damac Properties Metro Station. Find your way to Dubai Marina Tram Station which is the closest Tram station to Damac Properties Metro Station. Board the Tram to Palm Jumeirah Tram Station. Getting to the Gateway Monorail Station from there by foot takes 5 – 10 minutes. This map and this Google’s interactive map should help further.


The foregoing is relevant information about The Palm Jumeirah Dubai Monorail, especially for users. Tourists desirous of seeing the Palm Jumeirah (not the aerial photograph of it) should find a ride in the monorail felicitous, as some tourists who have used it say a ride in the monorail lends a descent view of the branches of the Palm Jumeirah. The Dubai Taxi can clearly not compare with the monorail in this connection. The front view of the train lends you a better view of the Atlantis’ facade.

For those wondering how to reach Atlantis The Palm by the Dubai Metro, a fair reading of this article would unravel that. Explore as you please.