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Here’s your accurate Dubai shopping guide to the best time to visit Dubai for shopping. There’s a time in Dubai when shopping is more favorable; when shopping is fun and inexpensive. This is what this article focuses on.

Dubai is well-known for many attractions for which tourists from far and near pour numerously into the city all year round. It is little wonder Dubai is the fourth most visited city in the world.

Since one of these attractions that pull tourists to Dubai is shopping, people search for information about the best time to visit Dubai for shopping. See answer below.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Dubai for Shopping?

Best Time to Visit Dubai for Shopping

First up, the best time to visit Dubai for shopping is also the best time to visit Dubai on holidays. The best time to visit Dubai is winter when Dubai is cooler. In this period, Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF).is held. Records show that the DSF has been held in December and in January. During the festival, Dubai is reduced to a global village parked with entertainment, Global Village being the festival’s epicenter. Things to buy also generally get a lot of discounts.

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Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) Proper

Best Time to Visit Dubai for Shopping Global Village

Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) is one of Dubai’s shopping events and the biggest. Recognized by the UAE government, the DSF is held annually since 1996 usually in the month of January. Coming right after the Festive Season, the DSF is a period when most retailers try hard to attract customers.

During the festival, Dubai becomes one big shopping complex. The festival is renowned for the staggering discount offered throughout Dubai. Virtually everything is, in other words, sold out with a discount. This ranges from little to gobsmacking discounts and could get as high as 95%. Purchases are also tax-free.

Through raffles, huge prizes which include sophisticated vehicles, cash, and gold bars are given away. See why it is the best time to visit Dubai for shopping?

Best Time to Visit Dubai for Shopping 2

DSF is a veritable shopping festival. You’ll see why. Besides the foregoing features, the air of the DSF is densely festive as there are displays of fireworks, many street performances to keep you entertained, musical concerts, fashion shows and plenty of entertainment for children. The DSF is about the most elating shopping festival in the world.


The DSF is a time in Dubai when things are appreciably cheaper, a time when every performer in Dubai (local and foreign) unleashes the prime of their skills, a boisterous time marked by uncommon excitement, ecstasy and exuberance. This is also a very good time for sightseeing and photography in Dubai as it’s usually colorful and packed with people from different places. Lastly, flights to Dubai during the Dubai shopping festival is also cheaper. Visit Dubai during the DSF and you’d love your experience. Cheers!

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