Best Time To Visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi – The Suitable Months & Weather

Best Time To Visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi – The Suitable Months & Weather

What’s best time to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi? Yes, in which months or weather is it suitable to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi? Is it February, March, May, June, July, September, October, November or December? This is your definitive guide to the best time to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

A great deal of people search for the best time to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This article answers that search query, to reiterate. A searcher can mean different things by best time as used it in their searches. By it, they could mean period of a favorable weather, time to get cheap flight or best time for shopping in Dubai. Predicated on weather, this article answers the first two senses.

Many articles have been written on this topic and they have their different focus. Besides answering the question of the best time as mentioned earlier, this article also answers such questions as “what is the worst time to visit Dubai”, “is October a good time to visit Dubai” and “is September a good time to visit Dubai”.

The linchpin of this article should be reiterated: it is the best time to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi on the basis of the most convenient period of year (or weather) in Dubai.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Dubai?

Royal Mirage Tourism
Credit: Royal Mirage Tourism

The best time to visit Dubai and Abu DHabi is November through March. Put differently, the best time to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi is winter – the latter part of December to the earlier part of March. You can do some outdoor activities, such as picnic, especially in the evening. The reason why winter is considered ideal in Dubai is that its sun is not a friendly one, parching. In the other months of the year, airfare to Dubai is usually reduced to attract visitors. That answers the question of when to visit Dubai cheap.

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Further, November may be relatively fine in Dubai. Also, some people think visiting Dubai in the month of April is also good as Dubai’s temperature in this month is about 32 C, where the first half of it is cooler than its other half.

During the daytime, in the months of November through March, the temperature in Dubai is more or less 24 ⁰C and, at night, it’s about 14 ⁰C. In November, the temperature is usually about 31 C, although analyses show that the first half of November is markedly hotter.

The period of November through March in Dubai is indeed the ideal period to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Outdoor sightseeing (in Dubai Miracle Garden) is better in daytime at this time. Further, it should be remarkable to especially Western tourists who’d want to bask in the sun, at beaches, for example.

Since the period in question is generally ideal, more tourists visit Dubai in this time. This explains well why some of the most important tourist events are conducted in the given period. For example, the brilliant Dubai Shopping Festival is conducted in the months of January and February; the Dubai Global Village, a huge fair that showcases arts, crafts, and cuisines from around the world, is also conducted in this period.

Further, it is also in this period that Dubai Miracle Garden opens its doors, displaying a variety of vibrant flowers. Airshows come in November. There are other immersing activities (which can’t be considered less important or intriguing than the others) conducted in this same period. These include camel racing, fishing and ballooning which fit every taste.

Please note that since many tourists consider this period peak and consequently visit Dubai in it, Dubai hotels usually get occupied and/or get expensive in it. Hence, we strongly recommend that you should make your reservation beforehand.

It has been said here that November through March is the best time to go to Dubai. Technically, this implies that the other period is the worst time to visit Dubai. Surprisingly, some people search for the worst time to visit Dubai. Critically speaking, this query is not absurd as searchers might be searching to know when not to visit Dubai.

While the period of November through March is ideal and consequently is peak, the other is quieter and cheaper. That is, lesser tourists visit and the prices of hotel apartments drop as a strategy to attract customers — although the dropping may not appreciable.

The temperature in Dubai in the non-winter period is between 32 0C to 41 0C, where April’s temperature is about 32 0C, October’s is 35 0C, June’s is 40 0C and July’s is 41 0C.


So there; that’s it about the best time to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These two are alluring tourist cities to vacation in. Visit during winter to avoid sunburn. But if you’re going to be doing indoor activities and you’d be getting around Dubai in an air-conditioned vehicle (Dubai’s taxis are), then you don’t have a limit. It’d please you to know that shopping malls, hotels restaurants and other complexes in Dubai are well air-conditioned. Also, some remarkable events are held during the hotter months in Dubai.

If you hope to use Dubai’s bikes, winter time is definitely the fit.

Lastly, you may not also visit Dubai in the months of Ramadan, when there are strict Islamic rules which include no eating in public in daytime (except for designated places), or the playing of loud music.


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