Cuban-American Camila Cabello Describes Trip To Dubai As Life-Changing

Cuban-American Camila Cabello Describes Trip To Dubai As Life-Changing

Last week, Camila Cabello visited the UAE to perform at RedFestDXB and can’t seem to stop raving about it.

Many dignitaries, and personalities have visited the UAE (particularly Dubai) and many still visit it. It’s no wonder that Dubai is distinctly more visited than New York and has the busiest airport in the world. Why people visit Dubai, as an example, is no secret. It has to do with everything about it – everything from things to do through shopping.

Gulf News reports that Cuban-American singer-songwriter Camila Cabello can’t stop gushing about her recent visit to the UAE.

She says some really inspiring words which are only a product of a true inspiration. She urges that people should travel out of their world to experience life that couldn’t be more different than what they know – not just the beach or resort holidaying.

The 21-year old found that people are not that different. And that your world is a small world compared to the actual world. She mentions that her stay at the UAE humbled her and she loves that, suggesting the flaunting of ego isn’t the order of day in the country.

The places she visited include the UAE desert and Abu Dhabi’s Shaikh Zayed Mosque, among other places. And the pictures she took show that she was insouciant and veritably ecstatic.

Camila Cabello in the UAE's Desert joyous
Camila Cabello in the UAE's Desert joyous 2

Her exact words run thus: “Never in my life did I think I would see a place like this,” she wrote, adding: “I urge anyone to save up to travel, and not like a beach/resort type [of] thing, but to a place that couldn’t be more different than what you know.”

“It changes your life and mind in every way possible,” she continued, “and is one of (and arguably the most) the greatest, most humbling adventures of living.”

“I love the feeling of being humbled by traveling to another place and experiencing a completely different culture, it makes you realise how small your world is in comparison to how big the world actually is; how you’re only living one version in a million of the human experience. But at the same time travel makes you realise we’re not really all that different.”

Camila Cabello at Abu Dhabi’s Shaikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

“I wore a hijab to be respectful when visiting this mosque and at the store this really sweet girl helped me put it on. We didn’t speak the same language, but she was smiling as she helped me, and it felt like she was a close friend. I can’t really describe it, but experiences like this give me such a special feeling of being really close to and really loving people.”