Dubai Police Officer Rejects The Bribe of Dh50,000, a Mercedes, a Rolex Watch

Dubai Police Officer Rejects The Bribe of Dh50,000, a Mercedes, a Rolex Watch

Dubai police officer rejects the bribe of Dh50,000, a Mercedes, a Rolex Watch and the monthly payment of Dh20,000 to escape jail.

The Pakistani offender detained at Bur Dubai police station tried to bribe the officer, Sgt Raed Abdulrahim, with the money and luxury items on June 21st.

40, He was arrested on June 18th for cybercrime offenses and entering the UAE illegally after being previously deported, Dubai Criminal Court heard.

“He whispered in Arabic asking for help and then said he would give me what I wished for in return for helping him escape,” said Sgt Raed Abdulrahim.

“I pretended to agree after which he called two men from outside jail.”

Upon Sgt Raed Abdulrahim agrrement, the accused asked the men to prepare the Dh15,000 part of the bribe and come to the police station with it. He promised the officer he would pay the rest when he was free.

The defendant requested for more than just an escape as he wanted Sgt Raed to help him evade arrest next time. In the words of the officer, “He also told me that I should help him avoid being caught by police after he escaped.”

Contrary to his sham agreement, the policeman in question reported the incident to senior officers the next morning. The defendant was then recorded and caught repeating the offer.

The men, who would be found to be from Pakistan, arrived at the station with the money as expected but they were arrested. The trio denied charges of bribery.

A verdict is set for October 25. While this is impending, officer Raed has been promoted over his virtue.