Dragon Mart — Largest Shopping Mall for Chinese Products Outside China

Dragon Mart — Largest Shopping Mall for Chinese Products Outside China

China’s one of the most powerful economies in the world. And records show that manufacturing is indubitably one of the the country’s economy’s driving force (see). China’s products are gaining momentum, among other bases, on the bases of price and variety. If you’re in Dubai or are visiting it, the question’s: are you ready for some Chinese products? This is a good question as the prolific country has its largest Chinese-products shopping mall outside China in Dubai — Dragon Mart.

Below is an interactive Google map of Dragon Mart Guide

  • Address: Al Awir Road towards Hatta, just off Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, Interchange 5. The complex is situated next to International City, just 20 minutes from Dubai International Airport and 40 minutes from Jebel Ali Port | P.O. Box 299992
    Dubai, UAE
  • Shopping Hours:
    Sunday – Wednesday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
    Thursday – Saturday 10:00 am – 12:00 midnight
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +971 4 390 9999
  • Website: DragonMart.ae
  • Download: Map of Dragon Mart

Dragon Mart is, as has been established, a market for Chinese products situated in Dubai. It is the largest trading center for Chinese products outside China. The shopping complex is divided into two — Dragon Mart and Dragon Mart 2. Besides shopping outlets, Dragon Mart has restaurants, and renders entertainment. Entertainment includes cinemas and concerts.

The complex hosts a variety of well-known artists who perform usually during weekdays and on holidays. Further, it organizes special events and activities which children can participate in. There are also seasonal markets in the mall that offer visitors huge deals and discounts. If the chapter of frugality really concerns you, then consider Dragon Mart’s seasonal deals.

As an appendage, the trading complex boasts on Facebook well over 540 thousand likes. This is a signal of its popularity.

Products Sold at Dragon Mart — What Can I Buy in Dragon Mart

Boasting well over five thousand shops, Dragon Mart is one huge marketplace where you can purchase virtually any item. While a catalogue of products offered in Dragon Mart is not available at this moment, the products found in the shopping complex range from kitchenware to furnishing, from home appliances to office equipment, from children’s items to adults’, from sports to leisure equipment etc.

Specifically, some of the items you can find in the mall include bags (hand or traveling), painting, clothing, antiques, aquariums, sandpaper, perfumes, gaming items, and bicycles.

Buying at Dragon Mart

First up, customers have said Dragon Mart is a good place to save plenty of money as products are reasonably priced. Products’ pricing is similar to that in China. While the foregoing is true, prices are not constant across the mall. In this way, as a rule you have to haggle.

If you are used to buying products with price tags on them, you’d need to adapt at Dragon Mart. Secondly, one shouldn’t be naive, or quickly feel that offers are great or items are very cheap; in other words, one shouldn’t get satisfied with the bargain too quickly. One way to come to know a really good bargain is to hop around haggling from one outlet to another to determine the best bargain.

If you were looking for an authentic product at the mall, then you have to strive to ensure it is authentic. If you were buying, say, a laptop, see that it’s not refurbished, if you’d be dissatisfied about that. You might not want to buy items such as medicines or creams as some cannot be vouched for.

At the mall, you can get customized products (such as plastic or paper bags). Language is one barrier that could frustrate you or your purchase, although most Chinese are managing English or trying to. Also, people who could be understood in English are employed for this reason. You you should put on some sports shoes (or sneakers) as moving around could take a lot of time.

If you’re hoping to buy a product from Dragon Mart online, this won’t be possible as they don’t sell online.

Getting to Dragon Mart

You can get to Dragon Mart via various means of transportation in Dubai. Although, this is heavily dependent on where you live or stay.

You can get to the mall via a private car or the taxi. Of the public means of transportation, the taxi, testimony shows, is the fastest and most comfortable way to get to the mall.

If, however, you’d love to use the Dubai metro, get to the metro station closest to you, get aboard to Rashidiya metro station (red line). Walk to the bus area and take Bus 366 to Dubai Textile City Main Gate. From there, you should walk to the mall.

Whether you’re going to the mall by Dubai metro, taxi, or a private car, the Wojhati app (get app on Google Play or App Store) would be indispensable.


If you want Chinese products, Dragon Mart is clearly where to get them. But (if you were outside Dubai) whether you’re to go to Dubai for your Chinese products instead of China is a choice you have to make on the bases of your individuality. Stay buoyant!

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