Dubai Miracle Garden — Indulge in the Largest Flower Park in the World

Dubai Miracle Garden — Indulge in the Largest Flower Park in the World

Here’s why Dubai Miracle Garden, the largest flower park in the world, is special.

Flowers. Everywhere. In jungles, woods and bushes. They’re there. Even in the house. They beautify, set apart and make appealing. They’re colorful, magical… whatnot.

Dubai‘s home to many architectural wonders. It boasts the world’s tallest building and fountain, the world’s most luxurious hotel, some of the world’s largest artificial archipelagoes (Palm Islands and World Islands), the world’s Largest Picture Frame etc. As though these aren’t enough, this dynamic city boasts a magical flower park, Dubai Miracle Garden (DMG), and this is the nub of the article.

Dubai Miracle Garden Proper

Launched on 2013’s Valentine’s Day, the 72,000 sqm floral park packed with a variety of over 50 million outstanding flowers in astounding colorful designs, patterns and shapes is a perfect hideout for the individual seeking to be free from life’s bustle and hassles, an ideal tryst for lovers and a soothing destination for the whole family.

Update: As against the foregoing paragraph, in 2020, Dubai Miracle Garden is featuring over 150 million flowers including some that were locally grown and it’s the first time. And, it may continue with this 150-million-standard, or step even higher.

Given its expansive size, its enchanting fragrance and powerful blooms plus many other provisions, the sublime flower park is one of Dubai’s most magnificent family-friendly destinations. Upon its launching, the flower wonderland crushed the Guinness World Record of being the largest vertical garden. And in 2016, it surmounted the Guinness World Record of boasting the world’s largest floral sculpture forming the shape of an airbus.

Opened to the public only from about mid-November to about mid-May every year, the park gets meticulous care. Its seasonal opening is in order to protect its plants and flowers from the region’s excessive summer heat.

Sequel to that, it has the tradition of reinventing itself. As an example, designers come yearly from around the world to concoct new concepts and labyrinth of intricate designs with the flowers. This way, visitors, even repeat visitors, don’t get disappointed, bored or jaded. To push the example a little further, in 2016, it marked the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse by unveiling an 18-meter floral structure of the iconic Disney character. And this earned it its third Guinness World Records Title on 25th Februrary, 2018. The super Mickey Mouse sculpture is made from almost 100,000 plants and flowers, and weighs almost 35tons.

As one of Dubai’s favorite attractions for vacationers, it receives more than 1.5 million visitors every year, making it one of Dubai’s most popular places to visit. The garden’s aerial floating lady dressed in exotic flowers, its all-new 400m walking track and some of its 3D flowery cartoon characters are good attractions for Instagram, Pinterest and selfies.

From the gigantic Floral Airbus A380 through other stunning 3D Floral Sculptures, the Hearts Passage, the Floral Castle, the Lost Paradise to the Hill Top and from the Lake Park to the Dubai Butterfly Garden, you’d definitely find the floral wonder-park astounding.

Address: Al Barsha South 3, Dubai, UAE. Landmark: Mall of the Emirates
Official Website:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +971 4 422 8902
Parking: There’s open parking and VIP parking.
Operating Hours:
9.00am – 9.00pm on Sundays – Thursdays (weekdays)
9.00am – 10.00pm on Saturdays
9.00am – 11.00pm on Fridays
Contact [email protected] for group booking which is available from 09:00am – 06:00pm, from Sunday – Thursday.
Special occasions such as birthdays, corporate meetings, weddings and team buildings are welcomed in the park with great packages and rates. For this, send an email to [email protected]
Dubai Miracle Garden usually opens from mid-November to mid-May yearly.
Entrance gate closes 30 minutes before the park’s closing.

Tickets (all rates include VAT):
Adult (12 years old above): AED55
Children (3 years – 12 years) AED40
People with disabilities and Children below 3 years old: Free of Charge

How To Get There

  • To get to the Dubai Miracle Garden, take the Dubai Metro (Red line) and stop at the MOE (Mall of the Emirates metro station).
  • Take RTA Bus No. 105 and it will take you directly to Dubai Miracle Garden in 15-20 minute ride. It should cost AED5.
  • Taxi is also available in case public transportation is not convenient for you.

Things To Do at Dubai Miracle Garden

The things to do in the Dubai Miracle Garden (DMG) are primarily sightseeing given its themes. Other things include dining and entertainment such as weekly live shows.

The Dubai Butterfly Garden

Dubai Butterfly Garden

Holding about 15,000 butterflies of about 26 kinds and having 10 domes, the Dubai Butterfly Garden, a relatively recent addition to the park, claims to be the world’s largest butterfly garden. Size is not so significant. What makes the Butterfly Garden a truly enchanting experience is its number of the butterflies, their colors and their varieties. These make it a perfect thing to do alone, with a lover, a kid or a larger family.

An indoor park with designated assistant, the butterflies’ park helps you to understand how these creatures evolve through their different stages. But above that, you get to see and appreciate an unparalleled beauty of the wonderful creatures and interact intimately with them. Quite sadly, entrance into the butterfly park requires a separate entrance ticket of AED55 for adults and children 3 or older. Children younger than 3 and people with disabilities get in free. This sub-section is open daily from 9am to 6pm.

The Floral Castle

Floral Castle

The Dubai Miracle Garden boasts many components. But the Floral Castle is the point you feel you’re in some fairyland. The flowery castle is clad in millions of flowers and, in it, are sitting and dining facilities. Much can be said about it, but the exact beauty of it can’t be captured in writing. It is visual and should be explored by the eyes. Go see for yourself. Cheers!

The Emirates A380 – Floral Airplane

Dubai Miracle Garden Emirates A380

Thanks to Emirates Airline, Dubai Miracle Garden boasts the world’s largest floral installation, a life-size version of the Emirates A380 covered in more than 500,000 fresh flowers and living plants. This installation is the largest structure ever in the Garden. As a matter of fact, this feat, given its size, earned the Garden the Guinness World Record of having the World’s Largest Flower Structure. You can’t miss it.

The Hill Top

Hill Top

From a parallel surface, the view of the flowers is amazing. An elevated surface then would gives an even more amazing view. This is what your get at the Hill Top, an unparalleled view of flowers running from bottom to top of the Hill. You get to the Hill Top through a stunning passage boasting colorful flowers on both sides. At the Hill Top, you get the impression of being at the valley of the Dubai Miracle Garden surrounded by colorful flowers, floral themes and trees. Also there are several coffee shops and an ice cream bar. Enjoy!

The Lost Paradise

Lost Paradise

Adequately named for a component of an open park, the Lost Paradise is a 20-feet depressed area with different ‘scintillating’ flowers, intricately patterned. On the paradise also are trees and floral houses. Flowers go down the base of it on different layers. To get to the base, you’d need the Paradise’s stairway flanked by railings and flowers. You shouldn’t miss the Lost Paradise as its ambiance is unique.

The Lake Park

Lake Park

Indulge in the refreshing watch at the thrilling Lake Park. As with other parts of the floral park, the Lake Park is decorated with different beautiful flowers but unlike other parts, it boasts a water fountain. You should find this lake really astonishing as it has been creatively created and integrated into the park. The Lake features a large 3D female sculpture, swans and a wrecked ship. Slouch at the lake for true relaxation.

Wonderful Paths

The Garden has some really lovable and lovely paths, sweet for lovers’ and family strolls. Of them, two are truly remarkable, the Hearts Passage and the Butterfly Passage.

The Hearts Passage

Hearts Passage

Given its beauty, the Hearts Passage is the most featured attraction at the Dubai Miracle Garden. The passage boasting dozens of walk-through hearts created out of different kinds of flowers of different colors, the Passage is the best place for a lovers’ stroll. You can’t not be immersed in its powerful fragrance.

The Butterfly Passage

Butterfly Passage

Designs informed by the butterfly, this path feature shapes of a giant butterfly. Virtually everyone has seen a butterfly, but not everyone has seen a giant butterfly. The Butterfly Passage gives you the opportunity to experience what a giant butterfly might be like. But more importantly is the beauty and peace that can’t be missed.

The Floral Clock

Floral Clock

In the spirit to poleaxe everyone, the rare Garden features a floral clock, 15 meters large. Significantly, the clock is there as an evidence of the time you’d have spent there as, given the garden’s air of insouciance, time in the garden flies by quickly. The stunning Creation was made out of real plants and flowers with designs altering seasonally. The mechanical parts of it were imported from the US and its design was created by Miracle Garden Landscaping, the garden’s in-house landscaping company.

3D Floral Sculptures

3D Floral Sculptures

Dotting Dubai Miracle Garden are a number of state-of-the-art 3D Floral Sculptures. These display the futuristic power of the human imagination yet. From the mighty 18-meter tall Disney’s Mickey Mouse to Big Teddy Bear, and from the Floral Castle to the Floral Airplane you are sure to be stunned.


Disney Mickey Mouse in Dubai Miracle Garden

The park boasts a giant Mickey Mouse which got for it a Guinness World Record, as has been said before. Standing 18 meters tall, Mickey is very tall dwarfing visitors who are hardly as tall as its feet. Similar to the giant Mouse is the Big Teddy Bear bearing ‘love’ at its legs. At the entrance of Dubai Miracle Garden, you’d find the thrilling Giant Tortoise.

Should you get tired, you might find the many cabanas in the park felicitous. The cabanas boast billowing drapes and floor cushions. Experience the Hawaiian ambiance here.

Also felicitous are the park’s sitting areas, prayer room, toilet blocks, ablution facility, security room, first aid room, carts for handicapped visitors, souvenir shops, retails and commercial kiosk and all other related services.

For your memory, you’d find the Photo booth useful. Apart from claiming pictures of you there, you can get at it other imaging solutions such photography, and green screen technologies.


Candy Shop in Dubai Miracle Garden

Getting through the park, lolling, slouching and roving in it can well take a whole day. Such a place as this should have a place where edibles can be gotten. DMG doesn’t have just one but plenty, where more than 30 food and beverages are sold. The park boasts cafes, coffee shops, candy stores and kiosks.

At the DMG’s cafes like Hardees, Azrat Lebnan, Bhoujan Restaurants, Pizza Hut, Terrible Internet, Mohammad Kurdi, Krispy Kreme, Meat & Eat, Candy Shops, Cool & Cool, Raspberry Yoghurt and the available kiosks, you can get edibles such as sandwiches, Arabic shawarma, Indian foods, pizza, chicken, pasta, American burger, Arabic fatayer, doughnuts, sweets, coolers, fresh juices, Karak tea, ice creams, pop corns, grilled corns and nuts.



Child or adult, we can’t really be separated from playing, especially during distractions or diversions. DMG understands this and is working stridently at it. In fact, some work has been done. In the park now are trampoline, 3D Mapping and Amphitheater.

The trampoline park contains 12 custom mix of trampolines. One could leave their kid there; there are staff members to take care of them. At the Amphitheater, a huge floral auditorium hosts theatrical events and entertainment such as weekly live performance, parade and musical shows.

Park Rules

  1. Ticket is valid for single entry only
  2. The use of professional cameras and drones is prohibited in the garden.
  3. Professional shoots, including engagements, wedding, modeling, TV ads and other events require prior approval from the management office.
  4. Opening and closing times should be observed strictly.
  5. Visitors should kindly use the relevant passages, walkways and exits.
  6. The picking of flowers is prohibited.
  7. Cars, Balls, Scooters, Bicycles, Hover boards, Pets are prohibited in the garden.
  8. Bringing food and beverages into the garden is prohibited.
  9. Barbecue is prohibited in the garden.
  10. Visitors should kindly use proper litter bins for the disposal of litters.
  11. Sitting is allowed only in the designated areas.
  12. Instructions from the security personnel should be taken.
  13. The management has all the rights to expel any visitor from the park if found posing great threats to flowers, park assets or involved in miss conduct.
  14. Any damages arising due to negligence or non-compliance with mentioned instructions shall be sole responsibility of the visitor and their companions.
  15. Tickets are non-refundable.


Whether you want to take a child out on a special day, dazzle someone that matters to you, establish, strengthen or rekindle love, Dubai Miracle Garden is a good fit.

Before leaving the garden, you want to see what you can pick from the garden’s Souvenir Shop to make your memory indelible. Here, you can get flowers and other items with the park’s logo. At the park also, you can buy some Disney’s characters if you want them.