Dubai Trolley Not Operational — When Are They Resuming?

Dubai Trolley Not Operational — When Are They Resuming?

The Dubai Trolley has been a classy fun free way to get around Downtown Dubai on a sightseeing tour, among other reasons, since its inception. This is not to say it has always been available for service. From what tourists say, the Trolley had either run when it pleased or gone in abeyance over an appreciable time since its launching. Today, I am writing this article to inform our readers that the Dubai Trolley is non-operational again.

In 2015, the year the Serco-managed tram system was launched, tourists commented that the transport system isn’t functional with some bitterly expressing their frustration. Not long after, it was reported that the Trolley is functioning again. But from 2015 until now, it appears the functioning of the tram system has not always gone according to schedule. To learn about the Dubai Trolley and how it functions, please see Dubai Trolley.

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I am announcing today thanks to an email I got from a reader of this blog who from Australia visited Dubai and then the Dubai Trolley in the bid to sightsee Downtown Dubai on it but found, on the contrary, that the Trolley isn’t running. We don’t know if this means it has been closed or it’s only temporarily non-functional. The status quo is worsened as the Trolley doesn’t have an active website which tells the world about the situation of the Trolley. Please see the email of the tourist-cum-our-blog-reader who informed us about the development.

Dubai Trolley Closed

Dear Dubai Trolley Tram Tours,
We came over from AUSTRALIA and we thought to do the Trolley tram ride on 04th Dec Wednesday. But after reading their website with the opening times and nothing on the website or no phone number at Trolley stop2 so we can ask why it’s not operating or when it will be operating. Very poor service in my books. Especially not to update their site telling tourists that it’s not operational and to Abe them the walk. Bad publicity is not good for tourism. This needs to be addressed ASAP.
Very annoyed and the trip to Dubai has lost some of its sparkle in my book. Regards Paul

The message was received on the 4th of December, 2019. It was sent via the site’s contact form at our “Contact Us” page. The full name and email of the sender has been undisclosed.

We have especially taken this upon ourselves because we have one of the most popular blog posts on Dubai Trolley at the moment.