All About Dubai Trolley — How to Sightsee Downtown Dubai Free

All About Dubai Trolley — How to Sightsee Downtown Dubai Free

This article is all about Dubai Trolley and how you can sightsee Downtown Dubai by virtue of it for free.

Downtown Dubai is one of the best areas in Dubai. Some consider it as the hub of Dubai’s glitz, some as the heart of the city. The foregoing perceptions are understandable as Downtown Dubai plays host to some of Dubai’s best attractions such as the world’s tallest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa, one of the world’s biggest shopping malls, The Dubai Mall, and the world’s tallest fountain, Dubai Fountain. A very good way to sightsee Downtown Dubai with all its glitz for free is by virtue of the Dubai Trolley. Kindly read on for expatiation.

The Dubai Trolley

The Dubai Trolley, owned by Emaar Properties, is a tram system which runs only in Downtown Dubai. By virtue of a fleet of open-top, double-deck and heritage-style trolleys or trams, it conveys people across Downtown Dubai, its route spanning a 7-km loop across the entire breadth of the 500-acres of the area.

Note: Dubai Trolley is not operational at the moment. Please see Dubai Trolley Not Operational.

The Trolley Proper

Dubai Trolley White Girl

In red, with aesthetic gold pin-stripes and green trim colors, the imported trolleys are impressive spectacles. Specially designed for Emaar, they constitute the world’s first hydrogen-powered trolleys. Given that they’re hydrogen and electric-powered, they have zero emission and travel at an operational speed of 10 km per hour.

Each trolley can convey fifty (50) passengers, who have the options of the open seating or decker (upstairs), the air-conditioned lower seating, or conveniently hopping on and off the trolley at locations of their choices.

The open-top heritage-style double-decker trolley was built in the USA by TIG/m.

Dubai Trolley Upper Deck

The Dubai Trolley’s Route

Starting from Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, the Dubai Trolley covers a 7-km loop across the entire breadth of the 500-acres of Downtown Dubai. In this way, it lets you sightsee notable attractions in Downtown Dubai — say, Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, The Dubai Fountain, Souq Al Bahar as well as Manzil Downtown, Vida Downtown, The Address Downtown Dubai and The Address Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Trolley’s Stations

The Dubai trolley stations include The Address Downtown Dubai, Vida Downtown Dubai, and Manzil Downtown Dubai hotels — all air-conditioned.

The Dubai Trolley’s Operating Hours – Timings

Sunday to Wednesday (weekdays): 4:00 pm to 12:00 am (midnight).
Thursday to Saturday (weekends): 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

For emphasis, you should know that Dubai’s weekdays and weekends are not the same as those in the Western world or Africa, for example. Weekdays in Dubai start on Sundays and end on Wednesdays, while weekends start on Thurdays and end on Saturdays.

Destinations Close to The Dubai Trolley

Destinations close to the Dubai Trolley include:

Burj Khalifa — World’s tallest building.

The Dubai Mall — One of the world’s biggest shopping mall.

Dubai Fountain — World tallest and biggest choreographed fountain.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo — World’s largest suspended aquarium.

KidZania — A kids’ edutainment park. To read about it, kindly see the post on Dubai Mall.

Dubai Ice Rink — An Ice Rink for a variety of ice sports. To read about it, kindly see the post on Dubai Mall.

Conclusion — Riding on The Dubai Trolley

People pay for Open-top Bus Tours in destination not as glitzy as Dubai. Thus, riding the Dubai Trolley is a really great idea in that Downtown Dubai is one of Dubai’s glitziest areas, and that the Dubai Trolley is absolutely free to ride.


BhaveshMira (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
We recently decided to hop on the Dubai Trolley. Met a lovely gentleman outside the station. Asked for ticket price and he said this service is free for all. 3 stops…breathtaking views of downtown Dubai including Burj Khalifa, seats on the front row upper deck, made a very memorable trip. A great opportunity for photos too.

Richard_Smith567 (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
We took a ride on the Dubai Trolley last night. The staff were all very friendly and helpful, and assisted us to the upstairs seating area. The was no cost to use the service, and we were the only passengers at the time.

Neera53 (Panchkula, India)
A very convenient way to move around the boulevard in downtown Dubai. It is a beautiful train which charges absolutely nothing. Views from the upper deck are fabulous and one can enjoy the cool breeze. It starts at 4 pm and continues its trips till midnight. At least during weekends it should start earlier say 11 am or so.

Martinjf272 (Ellesmere Port, United Kingdom)
We came across this trolley by chance when we were sitting having a coffee. Good experience to sit on and just have a run up from where we were staying to the Dubai mall. 

Was expecting a bit more of track for what it was, would have been nice if the tram Trollope went all the way round the burj estate. But none the less this was a lovely ride from trams our cafe tot he mall. 

Have the choice of sitting down stairs or you can go up stairs and sit and watch the area go past. 

Lovely restored trolley guys on board were really friendly gave a bit a tourist tour guide along the route. 

Free of charge really nice just to sit and use even if it is only for a few mins.