Is Dubai Safe To Travel To – To Live, Work; With Kids; For Holiday?

Is Dubai safe to travel to

This article answers the following questions: Is Dubai safe to travel to? Is it safe to go to Dubai with the family? Is Dubai safe to work in? Is Dubai safe to live in? Is Dubai safe for a solo female traveler? Is Dubai safe for holiday? Is it safe to raise children in Dubai? Is Dubai safe from terrorism? Is Dubai safe from ISIS?

These questions are all relevantly paramount for a cautious person planning to visit Dubai for whatever purpose. It is a common knowledge that Dubai is a magnificent destination, a hub for travel and tourism at a different level. But what security has this city gotten for me? Can I visit alone as a traveling woman? Can I visit it with kids? Can I visit it without my heart in my mouth as regards terrorism given it’s in the Middle East? The city is wealthy; can I work in it in peace? Can I live in it without fear?

We answer all the questions quickly.

Is It Safe To Travel To Dubai

Is Dubai Safe for Holiday

Is Dubai safe to travel to? Yes. Again, yes. This is the broad answer to the many questions and below are specifics. There are a couple of variables to consider in discussing the security of a place; in this case, Dubai. Dubai is safe in terms of infrastructure, laws and residents.

On infrastructure, simply put, Dubai employs best practices on infrastructure. This includes road, buildings and power. And different establishments in the city get awards on best practices. Accidents hardly happen on infrastructural failure. As an appendage, drivers are not allowed to drive drunk or having alcohol in their systems.

On law — this is interesting — Dubai and the UAE at large have very clearly defined laws binding on all residents as well as travelers. There are social laws which Western or Western-like people may consider too constricting. This laws are not merely clearly defined; they are also sternly and actively executed. This means security for some and insecurity for others. Security for the public when the laws are observed and insecurity of the violator. For example, a child being raised in Dubai might never get to see adults making out in public. That’s security for the child. On the other hand, the adults caught making out in public could get some sort of penalty; for example getting locked up. This is insecurity for them.

On residents, with the laws observed, you are sure that others wouldn’t beset you, physically, psychologically or financially. I strongly recommend you kindly see Dubai laws for tourists.

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Is Dubai Rather Stern Laws for Tourists Safe?

Dubai Police Cars

Is Dubai safe to travel to given Dubai rather stern laws for tourists? Or, is Dubai laws for tourists safe? In our opinion, the answer is yes and the reasons are simple.

First off, we’ll start by asking: are the rules impossible to abide by or not? Clearly, they are not impossible to abide by and for this single reason, they shouldn’t be a reason why one should chicken out from visiting the place.

No domain runs without laws. Common sense, instinct, a bit of ethics and/or the laws of your own country should help guide you in Dubai. But apart from that, we have, in fact, written extensively about Dubai (or the UAE) rules for tourists. So, you are not oblivious of what might put you out.

Some blogs hold that because the rules are ostensibly restrictive for non-Muslim visitors, tourists shouldn’t visit it on holiday, but for business only. holds a different view. We think the rules and how seriously they are taken makes it the more appropriate to visit the city, especially if you were visiting with your kids.

It can be estimated through the rules that Dubai and the UAE at large would be free from erotic materials, and privacy would be respected as no one, for example, is allowed to just photograph you without your consent. Notwithstanding it’s laws, there are places in the city of adults activities.

You are also surer of road safety as there are strict road laws and security. People are not allowed to convey alcohol in public — how much more driving drunk. People are also so very strictly not allowed to use drugs indiscriminately. In this way, you will likely not experience harassment from anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or some drug, because these are absolutely prohibited and punishment might include life-imprisonment, or death sentence.

Financial crimes are taken very seriously. Premised on the foregoing then, it can be deducted that it is safe for solo female tourists.

The rules are very good for extensive security. Apart from solo female tourists, the city could be said to be a convenient destination for a family with kids. However, it is a very wrong idea for a person to travel to Dubai or any part of the UAE with a partner they aren’t married to. This is because no one is allowed, by law, to have sex with a person one is not married to. Please, read the Dubai rules for tourists here.

Is Dubai Safe to Raise Kids?

Is Dubai Safe for Kids

Is Dubai safe to raise kids? The answer to this question should be evident by now and will be clearer after you’ve read the rest to the article. In Dubai, nudity by people (men and women) or on clothes worn is not allowed. Alcohol is only to be taken in designated area; never in public and yet by people possessing a licence. Adults who make out can get a jail term. Drug is flatly a no-no, a punishment that can get one a life. And the city’s security is on the high side. With these only, you are sure and have no fear on raising a child or children in Dubai.

Is Dubai Safe To Work In?

Western and Emirati Business men in Dubai

Is Dubai safe to work in? With Dubai’s economy soaring, people from all walks of life want to go to the city for work and yes, would like a satisfactory level of security. There is hardly any incident of work or personal insecurity for persons visiting Dubai for work.

The UAE government is consciously growing its tourism posture. In this connection, it wouldn’t want this growing and highly productive industry to nosedive. In this way plus for its awareness of the global security challenges and developments in the present world, the government has launched lots of initiatives to safeguard its infrastructure and against crime. Financial crimes for example is a no-no in Dubai.

Is Dubai Safe for a Solo Female Traveler?

Is Dubai Safe for a woman traveling alone

Is Dubai safe for a solo female traveler? Yes. And in fact Dubai is safer for women than most Western nations. All that have been said so far should suggest already that Dubai is safe for a woman traveling alone. Women get special treatment in certain areas in Dubai. For example, Dubai public transportation has reservation for women. There’s for example taxis dedicated to women. The social laws go along way in ensuring the safety of women.

Given all Dubai laws, the city has a crime-free atmosphere and mentality. But women in Dubai must be very careful in a way, reason being that if they happened to get raped, they got punished along with the perpetrator as the event is considered sex out of wedlock which is criminal in Dubai and across the UAE. See Is Dubai Safe for Solo Female Travelers for detail.

Is Dubai Safe from Terrorism, ISIS and other Extremism?

Is Dubai Safe from Terrorism, ISIS and forms extremism? The government has launched lots of initiatives to safeguard against terrorism and forms of extremism. In December 2012, UAE government launched the Hedayah Centre (Arabic for guidance), which aims to counter violent extremism by promoting understanding and sharing of good practices for the global interest. Higher Committee for Crises and Terrorist Acts Management (HCCTAM) was established by the emirate of Abu Dhabi to counter terrorism. It employs the strategy organised around a series of work streams — one of which is protection. The strategy seeks to increase the resilience of the UAE against attacks.

According to, Ministry of Interior deployed a face recognition system using advanced technology to protect the borders of the UAE, as well as its critical infrastructure and key assets, in their effort to enhance the security of the UAE. The system’s biometric software scans images of individual faces for analysis and identification. It uses sensitive cameras to capture the faces of people. The cameras can scan and capture images of people standing near and far from the camera and whether in motion or standing still.

The UAE Government props up suspicious funding, disrupts the recruitment of foreign fighters, secures borders, prevents the exploitation of the web and social media and by contesting the use of religious centers to promote hatred and violence in their effort to prevent extremism.

Also, the government established the Sawab Center to restrict violent extremist messaging on the internet. The word Sawab in Arabic means doing the right thing. This online initiative counters false claims, highlights key activities conducted by the global coalition against extremists and amplifies credible voices to speak out against terror.

Records show that the United Arab Emirates’ government has no link with state sponsored terrorism. stresses on one hand that terrorists are likely to try to carry out attacks in the UAE, and on the other hand that around 1.5 million British nationals visit the UAE every year and most visits are trouble-free.

Here’s what Mohammed Yousuf has to say:

I have been living and working in Dubai since more than 35 years and I have never saw any act of terrorism. In fact, Dubai and the U.A.E. is one of the safest places on earth.

When you come in October you can see it yourself. U.A.E. citizens, expats respect each other and also respect and help the tourists who come to visit Dubai for sight seeing. You can travel with your family to Dubai without any fear of terrorism.

UAE Federal Law against Terrorism

The UAE issued the Anti-Terrorism Law (Gulf News), which includes tough punishments for acts related to extremism. The law defines terrorists as people committing any act considered illegal that would lead to results of terror, whether directly or indirectly. The law covers new areas such as human trafficking and establishes guidance centers to rehabilitate those exposed to extremism and integrate them back into society. Article 41 states: If a person is found to be terrorism-prone, they are referred to one of the guidance centers based on a court ruling and a request by public prosecution.

Is Dubai’s Weather Safe?

Is Dubai safe on weather? Dubai experiences a really scorching sun especially during summer. But this is relative? When Jackie Chan visited Dubai in 2019 he remarked that Dubai’s sun is really hot, but its okay. The strength of the sun in Dubai is the reason why winter is the recommended time to visit the city. If you’re visiting Dubai say during summer, avoid the sun to not get sunburn. See best time to visit Dubai.


We’ve been answering the question of Is Dubai safe to travel to; for residence, work; to raise kids etc, and the answer has been yes for all the discussed considerations.

It is fine to visit Dubai, it’s many rules notwithstanding. Terrorism is clearly not a reason to fear. The UAE government, according to, rescued a UK citizen from Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. This shows that it takes no part in terrorism, but fights against it. also reports that the US state department’s annual report on global terrorism praised the UAE’s non-military efforts…, including choking off funding networks for terrorist groups and securing its borders.

You shouldn’t fear terrorism in Dubai and as regards its rules, observe them and you’d be fine. Dubai is the fourth most visited city, and the second most expensive city in the world after Geneva; it has the world’s tallest skyscraper and is known for shopping. It is important to observe the rules as many people have visited and instead of a peaceful holiday, they had trouble — getting penalized (for example, getting jailed or deported) — for flouting the UAE or Dubai’s laws, of course. respects whatever opinion or decision you might come up with when you read the rules yourself. We in no way constrict you to our view here. The idea contained here is our view and you’re entitled to yours.

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