Get Around Dubai on Sophisticated Careem Bikes Cheap — Rates, Stations etc

Get Around Dubai on Sophisticated Careem Bikes Cheap — Rates, Stations etc

Wheels rolling, pedals orchestrating and distance getting covered. The legs’re stretched, heart’s worked at and the destination is reached. Dubai offers a bike-renting service, Careem Bike, to facilitate mobility in a cost-effective manner, saving public-transport-dependent commuters the hassle of micro-mobility, thanks to Dubai’s Road & Transport Authority and Careem, an Uber company. With these bikes, you can now commute distances Dubai’s metros, trams and buses don’t cover, and which would be pounds foolish to travel through on a taxi. The Careem Dubai Bike fare (charge, cost, price, fee or rate) is cost-effective, relatively.

The Careem Bike

The Careem Bike is a cost-effective bike renting service introduced to facilitate commuters’ mobility, which some of the Dubai’s public transport means don’t cover. In this way, the bicycles’ docking stations are situated at relevant places.

These bikes, painted green, are pedal-assisted thanks to their electric motors. Mount the Careem Bike; pedal it and boom! the motor powers up automatically. This would help the rider to gain more speed than the effort of their pedaling. What this means for the rider is that the speed the bike gains while being pedaled isn’t entirely the effort of the rider. Again, this means you exert less energy in pedaling the bicycle.

Are you very tall? Or you are very big? If you’re keen on riding the bike, go ahead as the Careem Bike was designed to serve even the tall and the thick, thanks to the adjustable seat and the sturdy framing. Just at the bottom of the seat is the bike’s black lever that allows you to adjust the seat to suit your height. And with the seat’s post’s numbers, you get help in remembering your height setting.

You wouldn’t worry about some safety nuances as the bicycle comes with a loud bell, several reflectors and self-powered LED lights, so the bike is easily seen by cars and other cyclists.

With the bike’s 3 gears of pedaling speed, you are even surer of more convenience. Interestingly, you don’t have to be a professional cyclist or athlete to use them as they’re designed for convenience.

How Do I Get The Careem Bike for Use?

First up, download the Careem BIKE app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Log in with your Careem account details or sign up for a new account. Once your account is set up, you can choose a yearly, monthly, weekly or daily membership plan. Below are the what they cost.

How Much Does The Careem Bike Cost?

Here under are the rates, prices, charges, fare, fees or costs (however you refer to it) of the Careem Dubai Bike service.

  • 1 Year at AED 420 (Less than AED 2 per day)
  • 1 Month at AED 75
  • 1 Week at AED 50
  • 1 Day at AED 20

When you’ve opted for a partnership plan, you are now ready to cruise on the bike. Locate a station close to you on the app.

Find an available bike and scan the QR code on the bike frame or enter the 5-digit code on the app to unlock it.

Unlocked, the bicycle is now ready to save you time and walking effort. You can enjoy its service for as long as forty five (45) minutes during the validity period of your membership. Before 45 minutes passes, you should ensure you dock the bike at a docking station. Once docked successfully, you can unlock and continue your journey. The idea of this 45-minute limit is so that the bike would be available to other riders. If you failed to return the bike in 45 minutes, you would have to pay AED 10 for every 30 minutes and this isn’t cost effective at all, given the AED-20 cost for daily membership. Note that your trip starts upon unlocking of the bike.

If you are not sure of how to get around on the bike and how to use it, you might find the Careem kiosks and map frames located at most stations useful. There, you can find the Careem BIKE station map and information on how to use the bike.

Things You Might Want To Be Wary of

  • Only those older than 15 are allowed to ride the bikes.
  • Bikes are not allowed on the Dubai Metros, Trams or Buses.
  • Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended.
  • Any damage or loss of the bike will lead to charges up to AED 5000 depending on the situation.
  • Check to see that the brakes and tires of the bike you’re about to use are in good shape.

How Do I Return and Dock The Careem Bike?

Now that you know what will happen if you fail to return the bike in 45 minutes, you’d want to return the bike in 45 minutes after unlocking it. So how do you do that? Follow the following instructions.

Locate the nearest docking station, particularly one with an available dock. You locate the stations through the app.

Match the triangle on the front of the bike with the dock and insert the bike firmly into the dock. A green light appears on the dock with a buzzer sound indicating the bike has been locked correctly. The locking of the bike ends your trip. Note that if a red light appears instead of a green one or none appears at all, the bike isn’t locked into the dock correctly and if not attended to should cost extra charges every 30 minutes. If the bike isn’t locked correctly, remove it from the dock and re-insert it into the dock. If the problem continues, try pushing the bike by its seat. If it continues still, call the customer care at +97144405263 (timings 8 am – 11am).

What happens if in visiting a docking station to dock your bike it’s filled? There are two options. The first is to visit another docking stations to dock the bike while the second is to call their customer service at +97144405263.

Bike Stations

The bike stations can be located on the app. What you should know here about Careem Bike stations is that Careem bikes operate around Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Al Barsha, The Greens, Internet City, Media City, Palm Jumeirah, Deira, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai Canal, Karama, Mankhool, Al Qudra. In these areas are a number of docking stations.

What Happens When Something Goes Wong with The Bike?

If your Careem Bike got bad, return it to the closest dock and press the red button with a wrench icon. A red light appears on the dock, so no other rider can use it until it is fixed by a technician. If you are unable to move the bike please reach out to Customer Service at +97144405263. If it is past service hours you are obligated to keep the bike safely in your possession and share complete details of the situation through Careem’s Contact Us tab.


Given micro-mobility has been quite a challenge for commuters who don’t have personal cars, this is for the record a very welcome development. Dubai has provided it. Avail yourself of it.