Is Dubai Safe for a Woman Traveling Alone? Dubai Solo Female Traveler

Is Dubai Safe for a Woman Traveling Alone? Dubai Solo Female Traveler

A lot of searchers ask this question: “Is Dubai safe for a woman traveling alone?” The simple answer is YES. Why I think Dubai is safe for a female visiting alone is what this article will about. You would also learn about some things you should do to ensure security as well as the acceptable female dress code in Dubai. Before we get right into it, it is requisite to also know this: “Is Dubai Safe to travel to, for holiday, residence, work; with kids etc

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Is Dubai Safe for a Woman Traveling Alone?

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Is Dubai safe for a woman traveling alone? I have said yes already. Long living Dubai residents, both men and women who are not Emiratis, testify that Dubai is a safe haven for women visiting it alone. And it’s safe for men also.

Dubai is indisputably safer than most Western nations, they say. But, this doesn’t mean it is the idyllic place on Earth. What do I mean? You still have to follow simple principles such as dressing to not incite, in fact respectfully. Try to cover the shoulders and knees. Avoid entering just anyone’s car or house. These are simple cautions which apply virtually everywhere.

In other words, you should avoid rape stridently, although rape is clearly not the order of day in the city. If rape isn’t the order of day in Dubai, why then should you avoid it in Arabian destination stridently? Well, the UAE, which Dubai is in, has a law against sex out of wedlock, sex outside marriage. And, rape is sadly considered one. Thus, if you, a woman, suffered this and you make it known, a sentence would be imposed on you under the UAE law.

As I clearly said earlier, rape is not the order of day in Dubai. In fact, people testify that women can move alone in Dubai at night. They say the security is first-class. Further, women enjoy high chivalry in the city. I know you want to get there already. lol. I dearly recommend that you read the following testimonies:

Robert L Hill:

Dubai is safer than nearly ANY place on earth, period. And, I’ve traveled and worked in quite a lot of it.

Don’t dress TOO provocatively in public, as this is supposedly a Muslim country. Try and keep your shoulders and knees covered when in “proper” locations such as government offices and shopping malls — not that all do, but it’s considered respectful.

But at the beach, in the bars and nightclubs, you are very aware that there is now a very large Russian and Eastern European contingent here…their high heels are sometimes longer than their skirts. Just smile.

The cautions in the other responses are correct, however… This is still a land where a woman can get into trouble if she has sex with a man not her husband. They don’t go LOOKING for offenses… No one actually checks hotel registers or anything. But file a rape complaint and the woman may be just as likely as the man to be convicted of a crime. So watch who you go home with.

Other than that, have fun! If anything, women here have a kind of “reverse sexism” thing going on here, and men actually get out of their way, hold doors for them, etc. When we move through a crowd, I let my girlfriend go FIRST, because people get out of her way respectfully — we do the opposite elsewhere where I usually push through and take the impacts. But here women are sacrosanct. So Dubai is great if you are woman.

Alexandra Kazakova:

Yes it is generally very safe as long as you respect the laws, traditions and culture. Men in Dubai are respectful towards women that look [and] act modestly. While in a bar, night club, hotel or beach you can dress as if you are in the West, but with a little more modesty (no tanga bikinis etc on the beach). However when going to government building, shopping mall, office you need to wear trousers or a skirt that is [at least] a bit below the knee, no open shoulders and decoltes. If anyone tries to harass you anywhere you can threaten them with police and they will leave you alone. Do not go for a leisurely walk into the areas crowded with workers from subcontinent, such as Al Quoz Industrial Area, Baraha, some areas in Deira and Bur Dubai and you will be fine.

Please keep in mind if you are raped you risk to be put in jail for out of marriage sex (there were such cases already). Therefore you need to be very careful when dealing with males and try not to go into someone’s home, hotel room or car unless you know them well. Extremely seductive behavior can also lead to unwanted consequences and need to be avoided. Modesty, proper dress code and respectful behavior are keys to staying safe.

Is Dubai Safe for A Female Visiting Alone? Dress Code in Dubai

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Still on the question Is Dubai safe for a woman traveling alone, I consider dress code in Dubai. As culled from an earlier article, Dubai Do’s and Don’ts: First up, cross-dressing is illegal. Modest dressing is expected of every tourist. Clothes should cover shoulders and knees. That is, ‘sleevelesses’ are not allowed. It’s offensive if a woman’s underwear were visible. Swimming attires should be used at swimming venues only. In short, men and women should avoid nudity and anything that might sexually entice. Men cannot be freely bare-chested in the streets, for example. Clothing should not be transparent or display offensive pictures or information. Be careful about similar tattoos.

Again, and for the record, read about Dubai’s do’s and don’ts for safety and the article on: “Is Dubai Safe to travel to“. These are very important.


That’s it about a solo female traveler in Dubai. Women are shown remarkable chivalry in Dubai. It’d interest you to know, according to the testimonies of non-Emirati residents, that women are even safe to frolic alone at night in the fourth most visited city in the world. Ensure you know the Dubai laws for tourists you ought to know. Thanks for visiting Dubai Tour Pro. Enjoy!

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