News: Fraudster in Dubai Dies in Desperation to Escape at a Tourist’s Threat To Call The Police

News: Fraudster in Dubai Dies in Desperation to Escape at a Tourist’s Threat To Call The Police

First reported on the 4th of October in Al Barsha, the story of the fraudster who died in her blitz to escape runs thus:

This is about a Saudi tourist and two female fraudsters, and is an ongoing court case.

The tourist, a man, was supposed to be given a massage for Dh1,500 by a girl whose picture was sent to him on WhatsApp. On the D-Day, he goes to the building where this should happen. A woman, the fraudster, opens the door and lo it wasn’t the picture he saw on WhatsApp; thus, he asks where the girl on WhatsApp was. The lady who opened the door tells him she’s inside.

He goes in. Instead of the expected event, surprisingly for him, another woman started filming him. The fraudster then stood next to him removing her clothes in a bid to blackmail him. They started asking him to give them the Dh1,500 and threatened that if he failed they’d circulate the video.

He paid them the exact amount but they kept asking for more with threats. Instead of doing what they’ve requested, he contrived to run to the door. But the fraudster stood in the way, while the accomplice grabbed his shirt from behind. He screamed that he’d call the police and then pushed the lead fraudster away and left the place after taking the door’s key and locking the apartment from outside.

A testifier, 40, who is a resident in the building said it was around 3:00 am he heard the thud of something hitting the ground. “I looked out from the balcony”, he said, “and saw a woman lying down. I went down and alerted the building guard.” He said further that it was his first time seeing that woman in the building.

A police corporal said: “We moved to the scene and saw the woman’s body near a swimming pool. We interrogated the watchman and the tourist.”

The corporal told the prosecutor that the tourist was initially the primary suspect in the case of the fatal fall. “But after investigation,” he said, “we learned she died after she fell while trying to escape.”

The deceased woman was charged with criminal charges. Her accomplice was charged with illegal confinement, robbery, making criminal threats and violating others’ privacy.

The trial will continue on the 5th of February .