Nigeria’s Williams Uchemba Had A Beautiful Honeymoon in Dubai

Williams Uchemba honeymoon in Dubai
Williams and Brunella Uchemba

On 21sth of November 2020, the actor, Williams Uchemba, was declared married to his American-schooled Nigerian wife, Brunella by the Church. Forthwith, this couple took their joy to no other place than Dubai, where they could express their joy to the fullest, like two little babies with no worries.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the Lord. — Proverbs 18:22

The young God-fearing philanthropist, understanding the foregoing passage, made no delay at all in visiting Dubai with is his wife on an exquisite and memorable honeymoon tour.

It’s no surprise Dubai was their first choice given they also drifted into Cape Town, South Africa. Dubai is the hub of architectural wonders and pampering hospitality, the home to some of the best destinations and activities in the world. Visiting the dynamic city is in the bucket list of virtually every vacationer. Its state-of-the-art skyline culminates in its glitz, glamor, grandeur, splendor and charm. The city combines posh and chic feats, rendering unabated and unmatched luxury.

What were the couple’s itinerary and activities? Uchemba and Brunella didn’t visit many places in Dubai as the couple perched at the iconic Palm Jumeirah, where they enjoyed culinary finesse, Jet Skiing and Kayaking with Burj Al Arab and Atlantis Sanya in view.

Brunella Uchemba
Williams Uchemba

As the latter picture shows, Uchemba didn’t leave his hilarious quality back in Nigeria when he arrived in Dubai. In fact, the following is one of his Instagram captions:

If you’ve been try[ing] to reach me[,] please I went for my yearly Medical checkup[.] In fact[,] I’m seeing my doctor now😂😂😂 #honeymoontour#baycation Jesusaves #NothingwithoutGod.

For more on their activities in Dubai, see the following IG video from Williams Uchemba’s Instagram page:

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