Visit Hatta for Best Dubai Hiking Trails – Discover Trekkup Dubai Hiking Group

Visit Hatta for Best Dubai Hiking Trails – Discover Trekkup Dubai Hiking Group

Learn about top-notch hiking in Dubai. Visit Hatta for the best Dubai hiking trails. Discover Trekkup Dubai hiking group.

Get off your comfy couch and from your couching. Get off your comfy clothing and from your fancy shoes. Prepare your psyche and your body. Prepare to trek best hiking trails in Dubai. Visit Hatta for the best Dubai hiking experience. Try getting the best Hatta hiking. Spare not your strength. Take the walking scourge. Take Hatta’s craggy routes. Shed the sweat and the stress and be rewarded with relief and more strength.

Visit Hatta for Best Dubai Hiking Trails

Hatta Dubai Hiking Trails

Hatta is Dubai’s largest national park and Dubai’s best hiking area. Here, you can do a variety of things besides hiking. You can do mountain biking, kayaking, horse riding and exciting and challenging adventures. Enjoy the sense of adventure hiking in the presence of Hatta’s peaks and troughs and by walking along the winding wadis at the foothills of the national park’s mountains. Course through the sandy patches and through the sharp rocks as you explore every other thing along your journey. While booking your hiking activity, you might also want to book an accommodation with Hatta.

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Hatta Hiking Trails

Hatta Hiking Trails Dubai

This trekker’s preferred hiking area is popular for its trails which are divided into different difficulty levels. These levels range from easy, moderate, difficult to extreme and each is symbolized by the following colors: green, blue, red and black respectively.

Hatta hiking trails currently span a total of 32.6 kilometers.

Hatta Trail Centre

Visit Hatta Trail Centre

Hatta hiking is managed by Hatta Trail Centre. They advice that hikers should inform a friend or family member on where they intend to hike, carry a trail map and the right equipment, fully charge their phones and study and match the color coded system of Hatta Trails to their physical ability as they know best what they are able to do and not.

Wear the right clothing, and safety gear. You also always want to follow the official signage and directions and look for warning signs as you’re aalert on the unexpected. Be polite to other hikers for a healthy and fulfilling experience.

Trail Rules

You should keep the trails clean and tidy, use the designated toilet and shower facilities. And you should use them discretely and respectfully. Lastly, you should kindly throw trash only in designated areas.

Hatta Facilities

Hatta resorts - adventurers

Police stations and ambulance – You might not worry much about security as the park has its own police station and ambulance service located five minutes from the Hatta Wadi Hub.
Wi-Fi – There’s free Wi-Fi for use in Hatta Wadi Hub, although this is likely slow in the mountain range.
Restaurants – There are three food trucks on site and restaurants in Hatta Village, five minutes drive away from Hatta Wadi Hub.
Camping – Hatta has a camping area called Hatta Camping Grounds. This is an open area that allows visitors to in their own tents.
Baby strollers – Baby strollers can pass the terrain, but those with large will might struggle.

Note: Wheelchairs are allowed in Hatta Wadi hub, although PWDs can’t reach rooms with them as the rooms are located in rocky terrains. Buggies fro example, should be sued here.

How To Get to Hatta for Hiking

Dubai bus and taxi can take you to Hatta. You can also visit with your self-drive car. Reaching Hatta from Dubai International Airport (DXB) should take 90 minutes.

Address: Dubai. See getting there below.
Hatta area map: Map
Operating hours: Midweek: 7am to 9pm; Weekend: 7am to 12 mid night. Timings may vary. And Hatta is only open from Oct 1st to May 5th.
Phone: 800637227 or +971 43173999

Note: Activities are booked only onsite.

Getting to Hatta on A Private Car – Directions

Directions are by Google. See

Get on Emirates Rd/E611 in Al Aweer from Airport Rd/D89 and D83. This should take 16mins (21.8 km).


  • Head southeast on Airport Rd/D89. 2.7 km.
  • Slight right to merge onto Nad Al Hamar Rd/D62 toward Ras Al Khor/Hatta. 2.3 km.
  • Exit onto Rebat St/D83 toward Al Rashidiya/Al Qusais/D62/Nadd Al Hamar/Al Warqa’a
  • Continue to follow D83. 4.5 km
  • Keep left to continue on Tripoli St/D83. 2.0 km
  • Keep left to stay on Tripoli St/D83. 10.0 km
  • Keep left at the fork and merge onto Emirates Rd/E611. 270 m

Take Sharjah-Kalba Rd/E102 and Dubai-Hatta Rd/E44 to your destination. This should take 1hr : 6mins (104 km).


  • Merge onto Emirates Rd/E611. 5.0 km
  • Take the exit toward Sharjah-Kalba Rd/E102. 1.3 km
  • Keep right to continue toward Sharjah-Kalba Rd/E102. 650 m
  • Keep right at the fork to continue toward Sharjah-Kalba Rd/E102. 800 m
  • Keep left and merge onto Sharjah-Kalba Rd/E102. 39.3 km
  • Keep left to stay on Sharjah-Kalba Rd/E102, follow signs for Wadi Al Helo/Kalba/Eastern Region. 26.1 km
  • Take the ramp. 4.1 km
  • Keep left. 17.3 km
  • At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Dubai-Hatta Rd/E44 heading to Masfoot/Hatta/Oman. 6.8 km
  • At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on Dubai-Hatta Rd/E44. 3.1 km
  • Turn right and you’d see Hatta Wadi Hub by Meeras on the left.

Discover Trekkup Dubai Hiking Group

Trekkup Dubai Adventurers

Hiking is much more fun with like-minded legs. Trekkup Dubai is one of the hiking groups in Dubai. Join the adventure loving group and have a better hiking experience. With them, you get a chance to have a company to hike along with.

As they say, they enjoy carrying their rucksack rather than a Gucci bag, wearing hiking shoes rather than Louboutin stilettos, having active holidays rather than lazy hotel resorts on a beach, and walking a few kilometers uphill than cruising along Sheikh Zayed Road in an air conditioned Porsche.

Currently having 8900 members, you’re sure to have a good enough company when you get set to visit Hatta for hiking.


I hope this article is informative. Visit Hatta for a wonderful hiking experience. Choose a stay option, whether outdoors or indoors. Enjoy the free Wi-Fi and make sure you observe caution for your safety. Make sure you’re in good shape for the hiking experience, fully charge your phone, tell someone where you intend to span or go, follow the official signage and directions and look for warning signs. Stay guided and safe. Enjoy!