When Nigerian Singer Teni, Case Crooner, Explored Dubai, 2020 — All Hilarious!

When Nigerian Singer Teni, Case Crooner, Explored Dubai, 2020 — All Hilarious!

Nigerians are known to visit, even patronize, Dubai ecstatically. Whether in group or individually, Nigeria’s celebrities, as an example, are some of the celebrities that visit Dubai the most. Recently, Teni revealed her posh visit to the Arabian pride. She lodged at Burj Al Arab and lounged at The H Hotel Dubai, where she ate fufu wrapped in gold. It was all hilarious, all hilarious!

At Burj Al Arab

She is told about the features of the Burj Al Arab suite which cost $4,000. Room overlooking the turquoise Gulf, television elevating from what seemed to be the floor, room said to be rotating and gold ubiquitous, she nearly exclaims a line (I want to be a billionaire) of one of her songs, I Want To Be A Billionaire, trampolines a little on the bed and sinks into it.


In the bathroom, she couldn’t but blithely throw away her pants, for the record not minding where it dropped. She dubs the restroom, a five bedroom apartment, says her enemies will have a headache, not any headache, but pneumonia headache. Note that she doesn’t say migraine headache; that was definitely hilarious. She also says she’s ‘chopping’ the life of her head.


At The H Hotel Dubai

Teni is eating gold-clad fufu and what seems to be egusi soup. She exclaims wonders shall never end; I thought I had seen it all, amidst giggles. She is really excited and in this excitement sends a word to her mom; it seems to be mommy I’ll blow, where blow means “become wealthy”.


The brain behind the posh meal, Enish Restaurant and Lounge Dubai, took to IG to share Teni’s experience and suggested they’re the first at it, showing the 24 carat gold plating the fufu is edible.