Planning Your Perfect Dubai Desert Safari – Price, Location, Activities, Timings

Planning Your Perfect Dubai Desert Safari – Price, Location, Activities, Timings

Learn about how to plan your perfect Dubai desert safari.

In a city that dazzles the visitors with its enormous wealth, superb luxuries, and record-breaking architecture. One thing that stands unchanged is the endless expanse of Dubai’s desert. Peaceful and timeless, the evocative desert of Dubai is a must-visit Dubai destination, especially for someone who wants to escape the chaos of the city and loves the thrill. Slow-treading camels, golden sand, orange sun, campfires, and raw culture crystalize Dubai’s beautiful desert — and what a striking contrast it offers to the innovative buildings and palm-shaped islands!

No wonder the safari tops the bucket list for a holiday in Dubai. From the best time to activities and tips, here is the ultimate Dubai guide to knowing everything about the Dubai desert safari:

Best Time To Go For Dubai Desert Safari

Due to the steady sunshine throughout the year, Dubai remains hot and humid. In the winter months of November to March, the city is at its best. It has a pleasant temperature and cold evenings, which is perfect for outdoor excursions. So, plan your holiday by the end or start of the year, and apply for the Dubai visa accordingly.

Activities at Desert Safari Dubai

Below are activities at Desert Safari Dubai.

Wildlife Encounter

As you cruise through the dunes, you would stumble upon the rare desert vegetation. Plants like Mimosa, Palm and Tamarisk grow in deficit water and spruce up the landscape. The nail-biting event is when you see the desert animals like gazelles and oryxes through your SUV’s window.

Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing at Dubai Desert Safari HD

The most typical activity of all desert safaris is dune bashing. A trained driver takes you on the seat-gripping ride across the never-ending desert behind the wheel of an air-conditioned and well-built SUV. The vehicle slides, plummets and hikes the high dune hills of daunting heights.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air balloon ride in Dubai - Dubai Desert Safari

Catch the bird-eye view of the oasis from a hot air balloon ride in Dubai. Soar 4000 feet above the ground and observe the breathtaking panorama, like never before. The ride feels straight out of a movie as the desert looks drenched in the sunrise. You will also get to see the animals wandering around.

Quad Biking

Quad bike in Dubai desert safari

Quad bike is an all-terrain, four-wheeled vehicle. Get ready for a wild drive in the desert. Wear that helmet and explore the place at your own pace. The low-pressure tires, strong handlebars, and a tucked seat will help you embark on a self-driven adventure.


Sandboarding in Dubai Desert Caucasian Lady

One of the most sought after activities in Dubai desert safari, sandboarding is an adrenaline-charged addition to the list. Strap the skates to your shoes, race down your siblings and enjoy the desert from a unique perspective. Kindly search Dubai Tour Pro for a related adrenaline-rush activity which is skydiving in Dubai.

Camel Ride

Dubai Camel ride tours - Dubai Desert Safari
Camel Ride Dubai Desert Safari

One of the oldest practice in the desert of Dubai is riding on the camel’s back. These are friendly animals that have been the mode of transportation for nomads for decades. If you love engaging with animals, camel riding will offer you a pleasant trip.

Types of Desert Safari in Dubai

Below are types of Dubai Desert Safari.

Morning Desert Safari

For daredevils, the morning desert safari is the right choice. It all starts at the break of dawn, and throughout the journey, you will exercise a range of adventurous pursuits. Let your adrenaline surge. The safari is short-lived for around 2-3 hours and is beneficial for travelers who are on a weekend getaway. It offers 20-minute dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding and skiing. The hot air balloon ride is the highlight of the venture. Next to the thrilling session, there is a delicious breakfast at the campsite.

Evening Desert Safari

It is a quintessential desert safari in Dubai that covers both adventurous and cultural activities. For 6 hours, you will experience the burst of excitement as you ride the fat bike, skate on the sand and perch the camel back. Get the chance to bash the dunes for 45 minutes in a luxury SUV. Later, indulge in electrifying camping with high-on-energy belly dancing, palatable buffet, henna designing, unlimited shush smoking and Arabic dress.

Overnight Desert Safari

The evening safari continues with the long stay overnight in the camps. The Bedouin-inspired tents are well-facilitated and offer a goodnight sleep for the travelers. After the appetizing dinner, you can sit by the bonfire, gaze at the stars, and spend your time relaxing on a tranquil night. It is a 16-hour safari for the wholesome experience of the beautiful desert.

Desert Safari Combos in Dubai

Several Dubai tour operators provide these safaris. There are combo offers that will save you both time and money. Here are a few most selected combo packages:

  • Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner
  • Premium Desert Safari
  • Desert Safari with Camel Ride
  • Dubai City Tour and Desert Safari

Tips for Dubai Desert Safari

  • Wear loose, casual and cotton clothes that would not obstruct your fun activities.
  • Put on open shoes, flip flops or sandals, instead of closed shoes. This would help you to shrug the sand off your feet.
  • Carry only essential items, such as sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • It could get cold in the evenings, so, a light sweater or a shawl could come in handy to combat the cold breeze.
  • Towing around a heavy bag is an unfavorable experience.
  • Be attentive to what the instructors have to say before any adventurous sports.
  • Plan your trip well around the preferred budget, inclusions and timings, so that you can squeeze maximum fun.

Conclusion — Choose the Best Desert Safari in Dubai

While picking the desert safari, never forget to check the list of itineraries. You can customize the activities that you want to tick off. Also, find out whether the safari includes meals or not. On booking the tour online, there is a fair chance of getting discounts and offers. So, lean back and revel in the excitement of desert safari.