Romantic Places in Dubai She’d So Love – Must Visit

Romantic Places in Dubai She’d So Love – Must Visit

Take your spouse to these romantic places in Dubai and she’d remain grateful for the memory.

Dubai is generally a special destination hands down. It’s being talked about everywhere including the movies. And with so many special places and a host of activities, it’s no surprise it has quickly become the first choice for many lovers, among other vacationers.

Love’s requisite in every relationship. Yet, this phenomenon rises and dips. Affection and attention are good ways to kindle and rekindle the love in your relationship. And there are different ways to show your spouse affection and pay them attention. Taking them to Dubai and spending quality time with them there should be, by far, one of the best options.

Truly, if you take your spouse to Dubai, particularly to the special places discussed here, your spouse can’t forget the experience.

The more pressing question however is where the romantic places in Dubai are. This is the crux of the article. And before our getting in however, we discuss why Dubai is special.


Beautiful Dubai

Seven questions before we start; seven questions before we discuss where to take your lover in Dubai. Where’s the world’s tallest building? Where’s the world’s most luxurious hotel? Where’s the world’s tallest choreographed fountain? Where’s the world’s biggest picture frame? Where’s the world’s fastest police cars? Where’s the world’s longest urban zip line? Where’s the world’s busiest airport in terms of international passengers? They’re all in Dubai. Apart from the largest, the city boasts some of the rarest destinations.

Given the foregoing, it is little wonder then that the cosmopolitan Arabian city is sung and the world’s fourth most visited. Dubai is like a dazzling SimCity boasting magnificent attractions. Its posh skyline and chic landscape are to be reckoned with. The city prides on security. It is one of the rare cities in the world where you can get back properties forgotten in a public place. It was recently reported that a Dubai bus driver found and returned AED250,000 ($68,000+), diligently.

The Arabian pride is about the only city where police officers use the Bugatti Veyron, the Bentley, the Ferrari, the Lamborghini etc in police service. In truth, the dynamic city cannot be eclipsed by any city.

When the big brands are looking for a new place, especially a foreign place, to establish a new destination or a copy of an already existing one, Dubai is the choice. Recently, in this connection, Urban Outfitters opened in Dubai. There has also been a Dubai version of the Atlantis, a hotel that was first seen in the Bahamas.

The foregoing said, we get into the crux.

Get out of the world at Burj Al Arab – Romantic Places in Dubai

Burj Al Arab Interior - Dubai Positives and Negatives - Romantic Places in Dubai

Burj Al Arab is the world’s most luxurious hotel. It’s in fact a romantic one, very romantic and has earned awards in this connection. Whether you want your partner to experience all of it (as in take a suite, use the restaurant, go to its Wild Wadi) or some of it (as in visit one of its restaurants or its open terrace boasting two pools), they’d certainly be satisfied.

Specially made for a couple is the Romantic Moonlight Swim. Dotted with rose petals and boasting spectacular views of the gulf, the swimming pool lends you the ultimate romantic experience you can only imagine. This is a perfect place for marriage proposals, anniversaries, honeymoon, and birthdays. The experience you get here is unmatched.

burj al arab natural light swimming pool - Romantic Places in Dubai

If you think the Romantic Moonlight Swim is impressive, then you have to use Burj Al Arab’s spa. Sophisticated, it’s not the world’s most luxurious for nothing, you know?

The spa’s experiences are carefully crafted, attention paid to every component. Whether what you seek or love is facials, organic body wraps or Chakra balancing, hot stone massage; or whether you want relief, firming or shaping, you’d get served here.

Talise Spa Burj Al Arab

Employing the highest quality products, the spa doesn’t fail to cause powerful gains. To reiterate, Burj Al Arab is not the world’s most luxurious hotel for nothing. The spa is a perfect place for initiating, strengthening or even rekindling love, as it boasts an entire floor dedicated to his-and-her treatments. This is a two-hour Romance 1001 Roses package and it includes a skin-softening soak, followed by a private sauna session and side-by-side massage.

Having won the “Best Luxury Hotel Spa” award in the “World Luxury Spa Awards Global Winners” twice, the spa is one of the path-finding spas, rendering state-of-the-art treatments in the world. Also, enjoy its natural lighting.

Take your lady to Burj Al Arab for an all-round treatment. A night costs the least of AED 10,000 ($2,700). If you want something that’d take less time (say, a day of part of it), be more inexpensive but would still be absolutely special, read on.

If you want to learn more about this destination such as costs, location and contact, please see: Burj Al Arab

Get Spoilt at Ossiano and all of Atlantis – Romantic Places in Dubai

Atlantis Dubai Underwater Restaurant - Romantic Places in Dubai

Ossiano is a special underwater restaurant in Atlantis Dubai and offers some of the best seafood in Dubai. The destination matches an incredible under-the-ocean setting with top-notch service. Its humongous aquarium is simply magical boasting myriad fishes and offering heart-sweetening views. Words simply can’t bring the aura of this otherworldly cafe to life. You have to experience it yourself.

And did you know that the cafe has a service where it delivers a customized message, say, I can’t explain how much I love you, Jane Doe, by the divers in the aquarium to whoever you please. The message can be tailored to bear their name too.

Dubai Underwater Restaurant Ossiano Special Note - Romantic Places in Dubai

Besides Ossiano, Atlantis has more special things to it. Underwater suites, more wonderful restaurants, a water park, the beach where you can enjoy basking in the sun or the cabana, et cetera.

Take your spouse to one of the underwater suites boasting floor-to-ceiling views of exquisite fishes in the aquarium, seen in the room and even in the bathroom, and you wouldn’t have to make effort in telling your spouse how special they are to you, and/or how much you love them and blah blah blah; the treatment will do the speaking for you. The experience here is simply magical.

Atlantis Dubai Underwater Suite - Romantic Places in Dubai

Another wonderful place to visit is the Lost Chambers Aquarium. Here, the theme of the Atlantis comes to life.

If you want to learn more about Ossiano and Atlantis Dubai such as information on contact, location, prices, please see: Ossiano and Atlantis The Palm.

Get Enchanted in Dubai Miracle Garden – Romantic Places in Dubai

Dubai Miracle Garden - Dubai Pros and Cons

Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the most romantic places in Dubai where you can have a wonderful and memorable time with your spouse. With all its beauty, the floral park doesn’t fail to stun. From the date of its launching, which is Valentine’s, in 2013, to its beauty, blooms and their fragrances, the park is truly a special place one can’t miss.

Having a tradition of reinventing itself, among other things, it has designers come yearly from around the world to concoct new concepts and labyrinth of intricate designs with the flowers. This way, visitors, even repeat visitors, don’t get disappointed, bored or jaded.

Little wonder it receives over 1.5 million visitors yearly. The award-winning park’s 72,000-sqm area holds over 150 million flowers. For some of the most exquisite floral designs, largest floral sculptures and some of the sweetest floral fragrances, you can’t let another minute fly by in visiting the Dubai Miracle Garden. To conclude, given its characteristics, lots of people deem it fit to and have proposed to their spouses here. And do not forget to visit the “Hearts Passage”. See image of it below.

Dubai Miracle Garden Proposal Gone Right - Romantic Places in Dubai

If you want to learn everything about this park, including location and contact info, see: Dubai Miracle Garden.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai

The hot air balloon ride in Dubai is a good way to enjoy a romantic time over the beautiful and tranquil desert of Dubai with your spouse. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays — special days in general.

For a private experience, the couple hot air balloon ride which costs about AED9,950 is the option to opt for. If you would prefer the group option instead, you would be paying AED1,250 per person. Whatever the option you go for, getting to see the camels, the silky and smooth sand dunes and the sunrise, as you float over the desert, is magical. YouTube’s Kara and Nate have taken this ride and they clearly really enjoyed the time. The video of their experience is right above.

The beauty of the sunrise during the Hot Air Balloon ride easily explains why the sunrise is often associated with romance and warmth. The sunrise glow is as picturesque as it’s magical and casts different hues across the rolling sand dunes below. If you are planning to ask that special question or simply remind your partner how much you love them, this would be the perfect moment!

The balloon flight is approximately one hour, although this depends on the wind. After landing, your private Range Rover takes you off for a sweet breakfast in a secluded desert oasis. The privacy gives you the impression that you and your partner are the only ones in the world, allowing of true insouciance and bliss.

Your journey starts with a pick up of you from your destination with a stylish Range Rover for the balloon take-off site in the desert. The trip should take about 45 minutes. After a quick safety briefing, the Pilot will begin the exciting balloon inflation process. And when it’s set, you hop on and float off, getting as high as 4,000ft, over different parts of the desert including the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Look out for wandering camels and Arabian oryx underneath and take in the stunning views of the sunrise.

Event Location: Dubai Desert
Operation Period: September – May

Get Dazzled at Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountains

There are different ways to experience catharsis or simply get dazzled or even blown away like an iota. While sightseeing is rather passive, it’s a great way to get dazzled and release stress. But what is that thing that could get you dazzled; that thing that could get you smiling effortlessly or simply glued to it. Try the Dubai Fountain.

Able to shoot water 50-story high, this grandiose feat is the world’s tallest performing fountain. As though that’s not enough, it’s the largest choreographed fountain. The fountain is as advanced as synchronizing with a given song being played. Its light also synchronizes with the song. Put simply, the fountain performs or dances to whatever song being played for it, as part of its system. All of this didn’t come cheap as $217 million went into it.

Dubai Fountain Exquisite

How can you experience this wonder? First up, it’s free to see. So, you could be anywhere around the fountain. You could also see it from the Burj Park or whatever restaurant that’s outdoors or boast a good view of it. Some restaurants are mentioned below, kindly keep reading for them.

The Dubai Fountain Boardwalk

Dubai Fountain Boardwalk - Romantic Places in Dubai

Offered as a paid package, you could take the boardwalk. Floating right on the fountain, this 272-meter-long platform gives you an intimate view of the fountain. A stroll here on this Dubai romantic place with your lover could bear an indelible memory.

The Dubai Fountain Lake Ride

Dubai Fountain lake ride

While it’s beautiful indeed to saunter on the boardwalk, taking a cruise on the Fountain’s lake may be even more pleasurable. Taking a cruise is usually a beautiful thing to do, but doing this in the heart of one of Dubai’s glitziest neighborhoods, Dubai being one of the glitziest cities in the world, is quite a thing to do. Pay AED65 and hop on the boat for the jaunt.

If you want learn more about this destination, please see: Dubai Fountain.

Rooftop, The Burj Club – Romantic Places in Dubai

Rooftop, The Burj Club

Offering an oasis of seclusion against the backdrop of The Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa is The Rooftop Pool and Dining. This chic romantic place in Dubai offers a Miami-meets-Manhattan vibe, with plush lounge beds, tempting cuisine and refreshing beverages, all overlooking Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Fountain. The venue also serves shisha and happy hours.

The world before you extends panoramically as you survey the scene from the vantage point of Rooftop, where culinary finesse and exotic beverages elevate the alfresco experience to new heights.

The Burj Club’s swimming pool is also a great option. It overlooks the fountain and is spectacular.

The Burj Club Pool - Romantic Places in Dubai

Address: Downtown Dubai, Dubai
Phone: +971 4 888 3900
Email: [email protected]

ZETA – Romantic Places in Dubai

zeta restaurant lounge lobby level address downtown - Romantic Places in Dubai

Perched on the Address Downtown’s expanded pool terrace, overlooking spectacular vistas of the city’s skyline, the world’s tallest building, and the Dubai Fountains, this Asian inspired restaurant is an experience that sets a new standard for culinary hospitality.

From its masterfully prepared California and Seafood-inspired menu to the signature Ubertails, everything on the menu is as delightful as the open air setup in the world-famous neighborhood. If you visited with children not older than 5 years, they can get complimentary dining. And if they’re between the age of 6 years and 11 years, they get 50% off on dining. Will you visit this special place in Dubai?

The Loft

The Loft Dubai  - Romantic Places in Dubai

The Loft is a laid back venue beautifully located on the rooftop of one of the most iconic architectural buildings in the UAE, the Dubai Opera. It’s the perfect place to catch the sunset, while gazing at the towering Burj Khalifa and the dancing Dubai fountains as you enjoy drinks & food and, more importantly, your company.

You could enjoy some great steaks here with creative cocktails at the indoor or outdoor bar or opt for truffle pizzas, hearty pastas or slow cooked meat dishes. During theater season, The Loft hosts some of the busiest show parties, pre-theater dining and post theater party crowd. So, whether you want a calm and secluded place or one with like-minded people with blistering activities, The Loft is a good fit.

Address: Downtown Dubai

Villa Beach

Villa Beach - Romantic Places in Dubai

Located on the beachfront opposite Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Villa Beach, a beach restaurant, offers an innovative menu sprinkled with imaginative seafood. This is indeed one of the amazing romantic places in Dubai.

With his creative take on gourmet dining, British Executive Head Chef, Daniel Hillier, perfectly pulls together a  new menu, which is complemented by a stunning vista. The venue features dishes such as lobster bisque, confit octopus, anchovy tian with caviar, sashimi platters and more.

Let’s stress the highlight here. You have the most luxurious hotel on sight. You also have the wavy structured hotel on sight and to crown it all, this is a beach environment. It’s definitely a special place and should most definitely lend you a relaxing atmosphere.

NB: Reservations are required prior to arrival to ensure smooth access to the hotel’s beach.

Don’t miss out the perfect spot for pre and post meal beverages right close to you at Beach Lounge.

Location: Beachside location overlooking Burj Al Arab, and Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Dress Code: Casual
Lunch: Daily from 12:30 to 15:30
Dinner: Tuesday to Sunday from 18:30 to 23:30
Reservations: +971 4 432 3232
General Inquiries: +971 4 406 8719

Boulevard Kitchen

Boulevard Kitchen Manzil Downtown

Famous for its delightful brunch and food from the greater Middle Eastern region, with a focus on Levantine cuisine, Boulevard Kitchen is the signature restaurant at Manzil Downtown. Set in an Arabesque environment with chic Parisian style seating and an open-plan kitchen, guests can enjoy the views of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard as they indulge in a sumptuous spread.

Children up to the age of 5 years get complimentary dining and those between the ages of 6 and 11 years get 50% off.

Address: Manzil Downtown, Downtown Dubai
Dress code: Casual
Seating capacity: Indoor – 80 guests, Outdoor – 60 guests
Restaurant Timings: Sunday to Saturday from 6.30am to 1.00am | Shisha service from 12.00pm (option to sit in BK Terrace or Courtyard) | Alcohol/Shisha/Food service from 12.00pm to 12.00am | Happy hour is from 8.00pm to 10.00pm

The Walk

The Walk at JBR

The Walk is a spectacular 1.7 km promenade at JBR. Launched in 2008, it has since become one of Dubai’s tourists’ favorite destinations. It is clearly not a private place, but it’s beautiful, and energetic.

Set around six blocks of skyscrapers, and parallel to the spectacular waterfront, this strip boasts a variety of outlets such as shops, restaurants etc. where you can get your needs satisfied. Between the The Walk and the sea is The Beach. Here, there are even more shops and restaurants and there’s a cinema.

Given its street performances, array of fashion, home and handicraft shops and elegance, The Walk is one very good place to frolic with your spouse.

Love Lake Dubai

Love Lake Dubai - Romantic Places in Dubai

If you must wow your spouse or have quality time with them, some truly creative spots are necessary. And with Dubai not disappointing, you have the man-made Love Lake Dubai, which is personally recommended by the crown prince of Dubai, Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, himself. After the park’s launching in 2018, it quickly started attracting visitors.

Rightly christened, it’s in the shape of two intertwined hearts or loves covering the area of about 550,000 square meters. And since it’s a place truly dedicated to love, at the southern part of the lake is the spelling of “Love”, so you’re not left in doubt. As though to complement things, the lake boasts trees that are in the shape of love. A quick check on Google Earth shows that the “Love Lake” is visible from miles away.

Located in the desert, and away from the bustle, hustle and blistering of the city, Love Lake Dubai is serene and peaceful, allowing of a relaxing, refreshing and private atmosphere. Though located in the arid desert, it boasts its own greenery making it have an otherworldly look. When you look in any direction from the Love Lake, it’s just sand as far as the eye can see. And the view of the sunset here’s amazing. So your peace for the record is not in doubt.

The destination is perfect for getaway, although it doesn’t boast any shops at the moment. The nearest restaurants are about 18 km away. So, when you’re set, prepare as though you’re going for a picnic in a remote and lone place.

Address: Al Qudra Lake Rd, Dubai, UAE | About 50 km from the famous Burj Khalifa
Entry Price of Love Lake Dubai: Free

  • Don’t feed the fish and birds in the park.
  • Note that Love Lake is not a wheelchair friendly place.
  • Deserts in winter are much colder than the cities. So dress appropriately and wear a jacket when you come.
  • Do not barbecue in spots other than those which are demarcated for the purpose.


Dubai has just about every landmark imaginable from palm-shaped or world-shaped artificial islands to ginormous malls, from twisting towers to sky-high buildings, and from the most exuberant activities to the most relaxing ones. And here you have some romantic places in Dubai for true quality time. There are definitely other places in the city, but these are some of the best. Enjoy and stay guided.