A Dedicated Environment for Drone Enthusiasts in Dubai Underway

A Dedicated Environment for Drone Enthusiasts in Dubai Underway

Dubai Cricket Stadium is about being turned into a hub of drone activity in light of the CEO of Airscope’s, Mohammad Aziz’s, proposal. This is partly to discourage indiscriminate flying of drone around the city causing jeopardy, on partly to create a controlled environment where people get excited flying drones together. In this connection, he struck up a partnership with Dubai Sports City to launch the new drone park.

“The whole idea is to really to create a dedicated space for drones enthusiasts,” said Aziz, the winner of the Drones for Good award in 2017 with his previous company, Sanad Academy.

He also said: “We want to be able to reduce illegal flying or flying in the wrong places by attracting drone enthusiasts into a dedicated space.”

“The racing drones are super-fast and they’re really small and hard to control with the naked eye. Pilots will have like VR goggles so it will be a really immersive experience.”

“There will be a mix of loops and air gates, all automated. We want to create a full-on racing environment, just like the go-karting track, where people can bring their own car or rent a car and race around the circuit.”

While official approval from Dubai Civil Aviation Authority is being awaited, a small launch of the enterprise is slated for next month, potentially in the indoor football stadium in Sports City. The complete launch is expected to be in September/October.

Reference: ArabianBusiness.com