Top 8 Best Dishes To Try In Your Dubai Vacation

Top 8 Best Dishes To Try In Your Dubai Vacation

The UAE is unlike most other places on the globe, and Dubai edges out as its crown jewel. For many years, Dubai was mainly an oil and industry hub, but over the years, it has become the epicenter of tourism across the United Arab Emirates.

This hotbed of global business, energy, and tourism also boasts of a rich, unique, and eccentric heritage that shines all year round. Dubai’s cuisine has a delicious, tasty, and aromatic flavor with a satisfying appeal for everyone. So what are the top 8 best dishes to try in Dubai?

8 Best Dishes To Try In Your Dubai Vacation

First up, the global soup market size in 2019 was USD 16.12 billion, according to fortune business insights, and is projected to reach USD 21.0 billion by 2027. As Dubai is a competitive vacation destination, it is a serious competition in this connection. This means more top-notch meals for the Dubai vacationer.

Whether you are in Dubai for pleasure or business, you will need to enjoy the best cuisines the UAE city has to offer. Unknown to most people, eating in Dubai doubles as a reason to visit the cutting-edge Arabian city. It is a home of diverse flavors, spices, and ingredients.


Harees is arguably one of the most popular and famous Dubai dishes. This is a dish that you will find in most fine restaurants in Dubai as well as on Emirati dinner tables.

The preparation of the dish is quite complex as it requires a considerable amount of time and skill. As such, it is commonly served in special occasions, banquets, and weddings among other events.

The ingredients for this dish include minced meat, crushed meat (sometimes chicken), onions, salt, ground cumin, and a considerable amount of water. Emirati hareesis a popular traditional dish whose recipe is passed down from one generation to the other.

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Stuffed camel

Stuffed camel is in the Guniess World Book of Records as a delicious and one of the largest foods across the globe. This dish is considered as a luxurious and celebratory dish in Dubai. The best thing about this food is that its preparation is flexible and can be filled with a wide range of ingredients.

According to professional chef Andy Wang, this dish is cooked over an open flame and can be filled with eggs, chicken, sheep, fish and spices. This dish is regarded as a traditional food in the UAE, but due to its uniqueness, it is only served during special occasions, festivals, Bedouin ceremony, and important cultural & family events.

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This is a popular food that is popular across and beyond the UAE. The main ingredient in this food is slow-roasted & spiced meat, mostly lamb or chicken. This food is popularly known as the Middle Eastern sandwich.

The food is served with fries, vegetables, pickles, tomatoes, and garlic sauce, and is served in a tasty Arabic roti. The fanciest thing about this food is that the side seam is endless.

Eating Shawarma while in Dubai is one of the experiences that you should not miss when in the city.


This is yet another tasty and delicious lamb recipe that makes to the list of the top dishes to enjoy while in Dubai. Matchbous is prepared from lamb meat spiced with loomi. This spice is made using dried & ripe limes, and salt water.

The lamb used for this dish is prepared into a stew with rice and tomatoes. This traditional food has a unique flavor that is spicy, rich, and sharp. You can also use cassia bark, cardamom, cloves, Baharat, and turmeric. This flexibility in preparation gives the food an impressive and equally satisfying flavor and delicacy.


Madrouba is a favorite dish for most people not only in Dubai but also in Oman and Bahrain. The food is mostly served with chicken but can also be served with crushed grains, lamb, and fish. The dish is prepared using rice, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and yogurt for seasoning. You can also use butter in moderation.

The name madrouba means beaten in Arabic. In the last preparation stage of the food, the ingredients are carefully beaten together to form a smooth and consistent mash. Since the dish is easily digestible, it is ideal for consumption by everyone including toddlers.

Meat Biryani

Biryani is a popular food that is served across the Gulf region including Dubai. With its origins in India, this cuisine first spread to East Asia before making its way to the Arab world. Its delicious and savory taste, strong flavors, and aromas are some of the reasons why the dish is increasingly popular.

There are tons of varieties of this food including katchi, Iranian, Southeast Asia, and Sri Lankan. This food is made by mixing basmati rice and spices. You can also serve this dish with different types of meat and chicken.

Chicken saloona

Despite the increasing influx of western dishes and cuisines into restaurants and eateries in the Emirates, the chicken saloona food has retained its spot in the heart of UAE people. As such, when you are in Dubai, you should make a point of enjoying this delicious and flavorful meal.

This chicken saloona dish is popular for simple preparation as it is prepared with chicken pieces, turmeric, grated ginger, olive oil, chilli, onion, white rice, and spices. The best thing about this dish is that it is rich in proteins and vitamins.

The meal is a revered dish by both foreigners and locals, thereby making it a common food choice is special occasions and feasts in the UAE.


Tahtamalih is one of the traditional dishes that are still popular in Dubai. Over the years, the original flavors of the food have been preserved to meet everyone’s flavor needs. The food is prepared using malih- a preserved and salted fish.

The popular varieties of this dish include tuna, mackerel, queenfish, or herring. The highlight of this dish is its high salt content. This is why people with hypertension should only eat limited amounts of the dish. The food is commonly found in Dubai with the most popular variety being the yellowfin tuna.


There you have it, top 8 best dishes to try in Dubai. What better way to enjoy the ambiance and uniqueness of Dubai than to experience one of fancy and tasty Dubai dishes. There are lots of dishes that you can choose from when in the futuristic Middle East city. Nearly all restaurants in Dubai have an endless collection of cuisines and dishes to choose from when enjoying your time in the city.