Why Dubai Underwater Restaurant Ossiano Is Dubai’s Most Romantic & Family-Friendly

Why Dubai Underwater Restaurant Ossiano Is Dubai’s Most Romantic & Family-Friendly

Learn about why the award-winning Dubai underwater restaurant, Ossiano, is Dubai’s most romantic restaurant for avant-grade seafood and most magical dates. One can’t expect less from a cafe that’s home to celebrity chefs, employs only high-quality ingredients, top-notch standards and service and has an imaginary atmosphere.

Ambitious in its bid to cause indelible memories, Ossiano blends its underwater views with state-of-the-art culinary blitz. This article is a definitive guide of the famed Dubai underwater restaurant, Ossiano. It includes details of Ossiano such as description, features, menu and food prices, reviews and contacts.

Dubai Underwater Restaurant Ossiano

Atlantis Dubai Underwater Restaurant Menu
Credit: CNN.com

Ossiano is Atlantis The Palm’s renowned British European underwater restaurant. From dishing up some of Dubai’s most delicious seafood to offering a unique magical-cum-romantic dining experience, Ossiano has made Atlantis Dubai renowned for top-notch dining experiences. A fine dining establishment may get some people going, but very few restaurants have the appeal of a unique and lavish fine dining experience that Ossiano prides on.

Added to the foregoing CV, this Atlantis’ restaurant’s Chef de cuisine, Grégoire Berger, is one of the best chefs in the world. Little wonder the Palm Jumeirah underwater restaurant is a four-time winner of the Best Seafood Restaurant in Dubai.

Worthy of note are children’s interest, Ossiano would make a wonderful place for kids, making it a worthy family-friendly destination in Dubai. With all its glitz and dazzle, children would definitely love to spend time here, getting immersed by the enchanting 180-degree view of some of the 65,000 marine creatures flourishing in the glistening Ambassador Lagoon.

On aquatic creatures in the Aquarium, you’re sure to see sharks, stingrays, snapper, hammour, lionfish and anemone.

Visit the signature restaurant for your contemporary Mediterranean cuisine, Caramelized Black Cod Homemade Linguine, Almond Foam and Zucchini.

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Atlantis Dubai Romantic Aquarium Messages By Divers

Dubai Underwater Restaurant Ossiano Special Note
Credit: CurlyTales.com

Lady, how would you like that as you nibble on your dexterously made meal and are getting tantalized, on cue, a love message for you behind which is a diver, floats on to the Aquarium’s glass, while your man either pours out how much you mean to him or goes down on one knee to explain how you mean the world to him and punctuates his speech with “Will you marry me?“?

Atlantis The Palm’s underwater restaurant Ossiano is a place in Dubai where that is best done. Ossiano sees countless marriages with this second-to-none romantic gesture.

This feature, the wonderful view and aura plus the fact that the cafe is keen on taking cuisines and service off the charts make the Palm Jumeirah restaurant a perfect lovers tryst. Visit the dazzling Dubai destination to establish, strengthen or rekindle love.

Dubai Underwater Restaurant Ossiano Review

Grégoire Berger, Head Chef at Ossiano, Atlantis The Palm
Credit: Vendom.jobs

If there was an alternate definition for grandeur, it would have to be Ossiano.

While you make your way into the Atlantis the Palm, you are already in awe of the beautiful structure that it is, but Ossiano will definitely take your breath away.

At the entrance, you will be dazzled by a huge chandelier that leads downstairs into the seafood restaurant. You can’t help but look in awe at the wine bottles that are stacked into the wall, all the way up to the ceiling. It is almost like building up the expectations of the place when you walk downstairs and trust me, you will not be disappointed.

The first thing you will notice is the wall-sized aquarium which is named ‘The Ambassador Lagoon’. With soothing instrumental music playing in the background, you will unwind to the ambience and feel quite at peace.

To relish our food adventure, we decided to try the Experience Set Menu which was a four-course set menu. We started with the first course called the ‘Spherification’. A beautiful droplet of flavour which highlighted the food journey we were on.

We moved on to the Burratine Pugliese which was infused Watermelon Raspberry and White Balsamic. This dish was an amalgamation of flavours and an absolute winner of the night.
The Ossiano Bouillabaisse was a lovely, rich fish stew served with saffron confit potatoes and kimchi. It also had XO ice cream which added to the creamy texture and blended the stew beautifully.

The Caramelized Black Cod was a stunner. This beautiful dish was served with homemade Linguine and almond foam. An absolute work of art, texture and flavour.

The service is exceptional and they are knowledgeable about the food and ever ready to assist.

Ossiano is hedonistic by all means. It is a must-visit for special occasions and to experience the exquisite flavours.

Saher S
Chef Gregoire and his team whisk you away to a land of exquisite food where you leave all your troubles on the other side of their majestic aquatic wall. This review is based on two experiences, Jan 2020 pre-Covid and the in July 2020 at their 18 course seafood tapas weekend. Chef Gregoire’s extraordinary vision is brought to life and perfectly executed behind and in front of the pass by Ossiano’s superb team including Badr, the GM, Chef Aurelien and the entire kitchen.

If you go on their Instagram, you’ll see beautiful photos. Sadly, in most places the taste doesn’t live up to their carefully curated posts. However, Ossiano exceeds. There are courses that will stay in your memory long after the last bite is savoured. There is drama, there is intimacy, there is romance in the atmosphere and in the love that clearly went into each and every dish put before you. To eat at Ossiano is to go on a journey through Cheg Gregoire’s soul. Fortunately for us, his soul is delicious!

Are there any areas for improvement whatsoever in this place that I wholeheartedly endorse with 5 stars? Well perhaps, if one is being extremely picky. On our 1st visit, despite ordering immediately, it took 25 mins for the amuse bouche to arrive. 2nd visit was perfect though & both times, once the dishes started arriving, we were ecstatically transported. You can taste the superb quality, the mastery of craftsmanship, you can taste the love. I am already booking a date for our next visit. You should too 🙂

If you are looking to impress and be impressed, this is it! Having lived in Dubai for 12 years and only discovering Ossiano most recently has been a shame on our end but better late than never!

This restaurant is like no other worldwide!! I have dined at the Shard in London, the 1 Michelin star Shang Palace in Hong Kong and many other restaurants that label themselves as fine dining but nothing comes close to Ossiano.

It is more than just a restaurant, it is a dining experience for all senses, if the view of the aquarium does not mesmerise you, the food most certainly will. Chef Gregorie is a culinary genius, nothing is what it seems to be. You think you are seeing a tomato but instead it is a cool gazpacho encased in tomato chocolate. Even those with impaired tastebuds will discover an abundance of flavours presented in the most beautiful and unexpected way. It is nothing short of breathtaking!

A few things to know before you dine:

Not all tables are at the window. This is obvious if you have seen any of the photos but just to ensure you are not disappointed ask if they have any tables at the window in which you can reserve. This setting is not really for children, it is for the romantic night out with your partner. The dining experience is several courses (set menu) which can take up to 3-4 hours. Drinks are charged separately.

You can easily spend the same amount of money on a night out at DIFC or other but you will not get the ambiance, service or sophistication that you would at Ossiano. It is a not-to-be-missed culinary adventure for any foodie or tourist visiting Dubai who is looking for a once in a lifetime experience.

Gregoire Berger and his whole team provide a unique food experience – fantastic flavours combined with highest quality ingredients deliver something that words cannot describe – go to Ossiano for yourself and check it out.
Also worth nominating Tshering for his exceptional service.

How To Get To Ossiano Dubai

Atlantis The Palm, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Operating hours:
Restaurant: Thursday – Saturday: 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Bar: Thursday to Saturday: 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Food starts from AED475
Food with beverage pairing starts from AED675

Reservation: Reserve here
Phone: +97144262000
Email: [email protected]
Website: Ossiano Underwater Restaurant

Ossiano Menu With Prices

Atlantis The Palm Underwater Cafe Ossiano
Credit: ThingsToDoDubai.com

Below are Ossiano’s menus with prices.

Grégoire’s Kitchen – Seafood Tapas

Starts from AED475

–  Tapas & Sangria –

Grégroire’s Kitchen – Summer Edition

Deep Sea Prawn “Chicharrón”


“Bloody Gazpacho”

Served on Frozen salt

Seaweed Cracker

Nori Jam & Alyssum

Sardine Rillette 

Truffle & Confit Lemon


Seabream Tacos

Bell Pepper Sorbet & Raspberry

Mojama & Piquillo

Jalapeno & Oxalys

Cancale Oysters

Sea Foam


Aero Waffle & Caviar AED125

Truffle Croque Monsieur AED95


Scallop Beignet


Steamed Prawn


Binchotan Octopus


Spanish Mussels

Cider & Chorizo

Dry Aged Jasmin Rice

Umeboshi & Furikake


Burnt Orange Granita

Black Pepper


Ossau Iraty & Black Sherry Jam

Crackers (v)

Manchego Choux

Hazelnut Praline

Black Churros

Chocolate & Coriander

Crema Catalana


Raspberry Tart


with sangria pairing AED675

with wine pairing AED1025

Suitable for dairy-free, gluten-free, nuts-free dietary requirements and for pescatarian, and vegetarian guests.

Gourmet House Caviar

Gourmet House is a premium food specialist in Dubai and purveyors of world’s finest delicacies. This is the smoothest Caviar; it is a complex with an array of briny notes, bursting with flavors of the sea. Abundantly rich and sublimely flavored, it claims to be the pinnacle of Caviar artistry and is only available in limited quantities at Gourmet House. The Caviar is served with Blinis, Crème Fraîche, Capers, Shallots, Egg White, Egg Yolk, Cornichon


Starts from AED1499

Served with:
Blinis, crème fraîche, capers, shallots, egg white, egg yolk, cornichon

30 Grams: AED1499
50 Grams: AED2499


Starts from AED2710

Served with:
Blinis, crème fraîche, capers, shallots, egg white, egg yolk, cornichon

30 Grams: AED2710
50 Grams: AED4499

Royal beluga

Start from AED3010

Served with:
Blinis, crème fraîche, capers, shallots, egg white, egg yolk, cornichon

30 Grams: AED3010
50 Grams: AED4959


There you have it. Now you know where to go in Dubai for a truly special time. The awe-inspiring Palm Jumeirah’s Ossiano has got your back on birthdays, marriage proposals, valentine’s days and even corporate meetings.

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