Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo – Tickets, Timings, Contact, Location

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo – Tickets, Timings, Contact, Location

Learn about Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, things to do in it and everything that has to do with it such as its tickets, timings, contact, location etc.

Dubai boasts many attractions for which it attracts people from all over the world. From sightseeing to participatory attractions and from luxury to cheap shopping, Dubai has got you covered.

While Dubai Tour Pro focuses on all of the foregoing, the focus of this article is one of Dubai’s most frequented attractions — Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.

These include ways to experience Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, its location information, timings, VIP experience; how to gain access to Dubai Aquarium submersible simulator and Dubai Aquarium Underwater Observatory. Kindly read on for expatiation.

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Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is a large indoor aquarium in The Dubai Mall. 10-million-liter large, this feat boasts thousands of aquatic animals, which include over 140 species. It boasts 300 sharks and rays.

It has a 270-degree-curved walk-through tunnel to give you a unique sightseeing experience as the fishes frolic besides and above you. The Aquarium tank is 51-meter long, 20-meter wide and 11-meter high.

Throughout Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo are experienced educators for questions you might have.

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Things To Do in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Things to do in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

You have different options in exploring the spectacle. Besides walking through its 48-meter tunnel, you can explore the:

  1. The Shark Encounter
  2. The Cage Snorkeling
  3. The Shark Dive
  4. The Shark Walker
  5. The Scuba Dive
  6. The Specialty Dive
  7. The King Croc
  8. The UAE’s Night Creatures
  9. The Glass Bottom Boats etc.

A quick note: whichever of the above except for the last two you want to explore, the management of the Aquarium has underwater cameras through which you could capture your diving experience. You are allowed to use yours, if you please.

If you experience the activities listed above, I should think you’d be gobsmacked — at least thrilled.

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The Shark Encounter in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Shark Encounter

In the Shark Encounter, you join the Dubai Aquarium Feed Divers in the depth of the Aquarium when it’s time to feed the sharks. This gives you a close view of the sharks. You have no fear as you’d be in a safely enclosed diving cage. This experience lasts about 30 minutes.

Cage Snorkeling in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium Cage Snorkeling

The Cage Snorkeling as the name implies lets adventurous yet cautious people experience the Dubai Aquarium aquatic world, snorkeling in a safe enclosed cage. This gives you a thrilling experience by seeing many different species in the Aquarium. You could also see the sharks and rays at close range. Only the maximum of four can snorkel in the cage. This experience is not allowed for people younger than 8 as well as for pregnant ladies.

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The Shark Dives

Dubai Mall Shark Dives

The Shark Dives lets you take a dip deep into the depths of the Aquarium. You get to come into a face-to-face encounter with a large school of Sand Tiger sharks. The Shark Dives comes only three times daily and is not for the faint of heart. You get the closest and arguably the most intimate encounter with the sharks through it.

The Shark Walker

Dubai Aquarium Shark Walker

The Shark Walker is a new dipping experience whereby you can have an intimate encounter with the sharks, rays and other aquatic species the Aquarium has to offer. It is different from Cage snorkeling in that here you wear a helmet. You should be medically fit and should be at least 12 years old, if you must be granted access. No more than 2 participants are allowed at a time and each experience lasts for 25 minutes. If you opt for the Shark Walker, you would be granted free access to the Aquarium Tunnel and Underwater Zoo.

Operating hours: 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm, 4:30 pm and 7:00 pm (daily).
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Scuba Dive in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium Scuba Dive

The “Discover Scuba Dive” is a program managed by Al Boom Diving. It is designed for people who are not yet ready for a diving certification course. You are first given a theory lesson. Thereafter, you’re taught the basic safety guidelines and skills in a cage. Once satisfactory, you are allowed to dive in the 10-liter aquarium.

The Specialty Dives

Dubai Aquarium Specialty Dives

The Specialty Dives is a professional underwater diving course. If you are a PADI certified diver already and want to amass more diving knowledge, you want to take this course. It is a pre-approved PADI Distinctive Specialty Course which ensures that you receive a PADI Certificate Card on completion. This counts towards your PADI Master Scuba Diver rating.

In this course, you will have a face-to-face encounter with sharks, learn about shark conservation identification, underwater photography tips and take photos in a 30-minute theory session using either your own or the underwater camera of the Aquarium. This will lend you memories that will last a lifetime. You also get to see the sharks feed. Are they aggressive while they feed? Find out.

The Terms & Conditions of this course are that equipment is provided, divers must be at least 10 years of age, dives can be completed on different days or on the same day.

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Dubai Aquarium Underwater Observatory

Dubai Aquarium underwater observatory is constituted by Shark Encounter, Cage Snorkeling, Shark Dive, Shark Walker, Scuba Dive, and Specialty Dive, all of which have been discussed above. For information on how to explore them, see ticket information below.

What do people think of the Dubai Aquarium underwater observatory? The following is what Stephanie thinks:

The underwater observatory is amazing – we spent 1.5 hours inside, and could have spent longer. Our faces were just inches from luscious coral reef, amazing tropical fish, shrimp, seahorses, etc. which were just on the other side of the glass. Like one of the world’s best aquariums, but out in the open ocean. You won’t get closer to wild coral reef species like this unless you scuba dive. And the reef around the observatory is VERY healthy – vibrant colors, clown fish living in anemones, breeding fish, etc. 

Underwater Zoo

The Underwater Zoo is located on Level 2. It boasts King Croc and UAE’s Night Creatures, among other things.

King Croc

Dubai Mall King Croc

King Croc is a rare gem. He weighs a whopping 750 kgs (1653.47 lbs) and measures over 5 meters in length. This weight of his is equivalent to the weight of fourteen and half very big fully grown men. The Croc was originally at the Botanic Gardens which he overtook. He was then moved to a protected environment in Queensland, Australia.

It is little wonder he has been dubbed “problem” crocodile in his original habitat. The Saltwater crocodile has one of the most powerful bite force. Given his weight and length, King Croc is one of the largest reptiles to ever be in a protected environment. While you might be getting dazzled by his massiveness, he is expected to grow even bigger. The beast is over 40 years old.

UAE’s Night Creatures

Dubai Zoo UAE's Night Creatures

The UAE’s Night Creatures is a newly introduced activity. Fascinating yet mysterious, UAE’s Night Creatures is designed to take you on an educational journey to discover the amazing diversity of Arabian wildlife, without actually going to the natural habitat.

All located on a dedicated area of 200 square meters, ‘UAE’s Night Creatures’ features an assortment of animal species that thrive in the desert environment. This activity boasts Arabian Toads, Fruit Bats, Giant Camel Spiders, Scorpions and Hedgehogs to Veiled Chameleons, Frog Eye Geckos, Ornate Spiny Tail Lizards and Cheesmans Gerbils, as well as a vivid sketch of the Arabian desert environment and how these species thrive in wadis, rocky mountains and sand dunes. Enjoy your discovery.

VRZoo – A Virtual Zoo

Dubai Aquarium VRZoo

Dubai Aquarium is renowned for its Aquarium and underwater observatory, but this attraction also boasts an immersing virtual experience similar to Orbi Dubai. This virtual experience is constituted with the motion pictures of species captured in their natural habitats.

You get to join a family of gorillas in Uganda’s Great Impenetrable Forest; you get to swim with the enormous whale sharks in the crystal waters of the Maldives, track elephants through South Africa’s lush savanna, get thrilled by the dazzle of interactive animated wildlife, in their exclusive Ocean Experience. Find VRZOO at the ground floor, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

360 Standard Experience: AED32
Ocean Experience: AED 40

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo Glass-Bottom Boat Rides

Dubai Mall Glass-Bottom Boat Rides

Would you rather explore Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo on a cruise? Glass-Bottom Boat Rides wouldn’t only give you this but would also give you a spectacular view of the water life underneath you, thanks for the glass floor of the glass-bottom boat. Each boat can convey 10 persons.

For Glass-Bottom Boat Rides, make your way to Underwater Zoo on Level 2. Rides depart every 10 to 20 minutes. Departure time is subject to availability of boats. Children under 3 years old and pregnant ladies are not permitted to cruise on the Glass-Bottom Boats.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo’s Timings

Dubai Aquarium general timings or opening hours is as written below, although is subjected to changes:
10:00 am – 12:00 am
Last admission:  11:30 PM or 30 minutes to the closing time.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo’s Location and Contact

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo,
The Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE

800-DUBAI-MALL (800-38224-6255)

Kindly see: How to reach Dubai Mall

Annual Pass

The management of the Aquarium offers annual passes. An annual pass gives you some significant benefits. With the annual pass you get unlimited entry, priority entry including no black-out dates. For example, where there’s a queue you’d skip it. You also get loads of appreciable discounts and privileges on various things to do at the destination. Discounts range from 10% to 25%.

Below is the annual pass price list.

Adult: AED 400
Child (3 – 12 years old): AED 300

2 adults + 2 children: AED 1100

To book click here.

Gift Vouchers

The management offers a package called gift vouchers. If you’re considering getting someone a gift with a marked difference, you could do that with the gift voucher. Through it, you could gift someone an aquatic journey at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo as well as a Shark Dive experience. Gift Vouchers can be purchased at all ticket counters at the Aquarium. For details, make inquiries from the management’s Guest Experience Associates.

Ticket Information

Dubai Aquarium VIP Experience

The management of the Aquarium has some reservation for VIPs. The VIP experience includes the list below and its ticket cost AED 315 for a person:

  1. Aquarium Tunnel
  2. Shark Week Exhibit
  3. Underwater Zoo
  4. Back of house tour
  5. Underwater Observatory
  6. Submersible Simulator
  7. Glass Bottom Boat Ride
  8. VRZoo 360

While you’ll have a wonderful time here, pregnant ladies and children younger than 3 years of age aren’t allowed.

Encounter VIP AED 390

Get all the benefits of VIP Experiences. + choose from one encounter.

Explorer Experience – AED 175

  1. Aquarium Tunnel
  2. Underwater Zoo
  3. Behind the Scenes tour
  4. Submersible Simulator
  5. Aquarium Glass Bottom Boat

Adult and children (3 years above): AED 175 each. This experience is not open to children below 3 years of age and pregnant ladies.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo – AED 120

  1. Aquarium Tunnel
  2. Underwater Zoo

Adult and children (3 years above): AED 120 each*Children below 3 years of age are free of charge

King Croc Encounter – AED 100

  1. Crocs Tour

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Required Admission Ticket or Explorer Experiences
  2. Minimum height requirement is 120 c
  3. Not applicable for pregnant ladies
  4. Guests must be able to ascend and descend stairs to access the Crocodile habitat portion of the Experience
  5. Guests should arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time
  6. Subject to availability.

Otter Encounter – AED 100

  1. Aquarium Tunnel
  2. Underwater Zoo
  3. Otter Meet & Greet Experience

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Required Admission Ticket or Explorer Experiences
  2. No restrictions. Wheelchair and Stroller accessible
  3. Guests should arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time
  4. Subject to Availability

Ray Encounter – AED 100

  1. Aquarium Tunnel
  2. Underwater Zoo
  3. Ray Feeding

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Required Admission Ticket or Explorer Experiences
  2. Minimum height requirement is 100 cm
  3. Not applicable for pregnant ladies
  4. Guests must be able to ascend and descend stairs to access the ray Feeding portion of the Experience
  5. No Swimming required. The activity will be done on standing level
  6. Guests should arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time
  7. Subject to availability.


360 Experience: – AED 32
Ocean Experience: – AED 40

Annul Pass – Child: AED 300 – Adult: AED 400 – Family (2 adults, 2 children): AED 1100

Shark Encounter – AED 630

  1. Aquarium Tunnel
  2. Underwater Zoo
  3. Shark week exhibit
  4. Tour to shark artificial insemination Lab and shark breeding area
  5. Shark walker (during the shark feeding)
  6. Maximum of 4 persons

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Minimum age requirement is 12 years of age
  2. Minimum height requirement is 152cm
  3. Minimum shoulder width requirement is 33 cms
  4. Not applicable for pregnant ladies
  5. Participants need to be of good general health and fitness
  6. No swimming required. The Encounter is at standing and kneeling level
  7. Guests should arrive at 1.00 pm, 60 minutes before the scheduled time
  8. Tickets are non-refundable
  9. Subject to availability


It’s been a long one. hopes you have an exuberant experience touring Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Enjoy!