How To Reach Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall from Dubai International Airport (DXB)

Burj Khalifa Exterior Dubai

For the first-timer, getting around Dubai could be quite a challenge, especially without help. In this article, you’d learn about how to reach the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall from Dubai International Airport (DXB). There’re different means of transportation in Dubai. Of them are the Dubai Metro, the Dubai Tram, the Dubai Bus, the Dubai Taxi, the Dubai Monorail, the Dubai Trolley etc. Of these, you could use any of the metro, bus or taxi as well as a self-drive car to get to the destinations in question.

Note before we lurch in the distance between DXB and Burj Khalifa by road is approximately 15km.

Getting to Burj Khalifa or Dubai Mall from DXB by Dubai Taxi

Dubai Taxi

Taxi is run in Dubai by a corporation called Dubai Taxi Corporation. All legal taxis in Dubai have the cream-painted body, their roofs boasting different colors (green, blue, red, orange, yellow, pink and black). Getting to the Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Mall from DXB is quite easy not only given that they’re quite notable, but also that they’re situated in one of Dubai’s most glitzy areas, Downtown Dubai (Also home to the Dubai Opera).

When traveling in Dubai, your destination is determined by a nearby landmark, so that if you’re not sure of the exact location, you may need your host to guide the driver. But in this case, your destinations are themselves landmarks.

So, how do you get to the Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Mall from Dubai International Airport by the taxi? At the airport, as with other notable places such as major shopping malls in Dubai, there’re taxi ranks where you can get a taxi. At the airport, these ranks can be found at the airport’s Terminals (1, 2 and 3). To get to a rank, follow the signs to the official taxi rank (You may go to Terminal1). If you can’t follow the signs, asking a member of the “May I Help You” team may help. There’re always taxis at the ranks waiting to serve you.

Taxi Fare

There’s the AED 25 flat charge getting run in a taxi from the airport. Further, each kilometer you travel in the taxi will cost you AED 1.96. So, the total kilometers you covered times AED 1.96 plus AED 25 will be your total fare (total kilometers covered x AED 1.96 + AED 25). And your journey should take about 30 minutes, if the taxi were fast enough.

Getting to Your Destination

When you get into the taxi, tell the driver your destination. That’d serve. If you’re a woman and would have a problem being conveyed by a man, you may sit at the back seat of the taxi or take the Ladies’ Taxi driven by a woman. You should learn more about Dubai taxi. It’s requisite.

Where your driver doesn’t know exactly where you’re going, you could help with some map, if they don’t have one. While Google Map is reliable, offers some. Here. You could also call your host for help. Would you mind if the host has to speak to the driver? That was just saying, by the way, because the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall are very popular not to be known by the Dubai taxi drivers.

Your journey in the taxi should take about 13 – 18 minutes.

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Getting to Burj Khalifa or Dubai Mall from DXB by A Self-drive Car

According to Google Map

  • Head southeast on Airport Rd/D89
  • Take the exit toward DXB Airport Terminal 1
  • Slight left
  • Take the ramp onto Airport Rd/D89
  • Take the D70 exit toward Al Garhoud/Cargo Village
  • Keep right at the fork and merge onto Casablanca St/D70
  • Keep right at the fork, follow signs for E11/Jebel Ali/Abu Dhabi and merge onto Sheikh Rashid Rd/E11
  • Keep left to continue on E11
  • Take exit 50B for D71 E/Financial Center St toward DXB Airport/Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa/E66/E44
  • Keep left at the fork to continue toward Financial Center Rd/D71
  • Keep right at the fork, follow signs for The Dubai Mall/Za’abeel/Burj Khalifa/D71 and merge onto Financial Center Rd/D71
  • Turn right onto Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd (signs for D921/Burj Khalifa)
  • Turn left and you should be at the Burj Khalifa. Adjacent to it is the Dubai Mall.

Your journey should take about 13 – 18 minutes.

With the RTA’s transportation apps, the foregoing instructions could be much more understandable, graphical, and easier.

Getting to Burj Khalifa or Dubai Mall from DXB by Dubai Metro

This, first up, may be the most inexpensive way to get to the world’s tallest building and the Dubai Mall from DXB. The Metro boasts two lines which culminate in its routes, the Red and the Green lines. The Red line runs from Al Rashidiya along Sheikh Zayed Road, passing Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, the link to the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall, to UAE Exchange. In two terminals of the Airport, Terminal 1 and 3, the metro has two stations. From these, you could board the metro to Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Metro Station.

At the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Metro Station, you could take the Dubai Feeder Bus (Bus number, F13) which goes to the Dubai Mall. Even though you’re going to Burj Khalifa, you could still take the bus in that both the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa are very close. Here’s how to pay for the metro. Since you probably have used the metro, your feeder bus trip should be free. For the metro’s fare from DXB to the given destinations, please see the Nol Card. Your total journey should take about 29 minutes.

Conclusion — How To Get to The Airport’s Terminals

We’ve talked about how to get from DXB to the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall. But how do you locate the airport’s terminals? To get to the terminals, follow the signs to either Terminal 1 or 3. If the signs were difficult to follow, asking a member of the “May I Help You” team may help. Read about Dubai metro’s timing information. Note; the metro’s stations at DXB Terminal 1 and 3 are on the Red Metro Line. That should all. Stay guided!

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