Resident Fined Dh10,000 For Hosting House Party Amid Covid-19

Resident Fined Dh10,000 For Hosting House Party Amid Covid-19

Dubai resident was fined Dh10,000 for hosting house party amid Covid-19 thereby flouting Covid-19 safety measures.

Dubai police revealed that the woman and her guests broke physical-distancing rules and were not wearing face masks during the event. The host also went as far as inviting a live band to perform at the gathering.

Brig Jamal Salem Al-Jallaf, director of criminal investigations at Dubai Police, confirmed that guests and band members were also fined Dh5,000, in line with laws laid down by the UAE’s Attorney General.

He reiterated that anyone who invites or organizes gatherings, meetings, private and public celebrations or is present in groups at public places or private farms would face a fine of AED10,000.

The senior officer urged members of the public to comply with safety measures to help the country’s fight against Coronavirus and report offenders via the Police Eye service on smartphones or by contacting the Dubai Police call center on 901.

Dubai authorities are taking tough actions against people and businesses who breach government guidelines to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. Establishments across Dubai have been closed down or punished with heavy fines for failing to adhere to regulations.

On Sunday an Moroccan actress, by the name M H, was arrested as she flouted Covid-19 safety measures hosting two birthday celebrations.

M H blithely posted videos from the events, held at two restaurants, on Snapchat.

Police arrested her after seeing the footage on social media that showed her guests crowded together and not complying with physical distancing regulations.

Earlier this month also, it was reported that a Dubai shop was shut down and fined Dh50,000 over Coronavirus. This happened because the shop held a flash sale which saw crowds thronging in the shopping outlet and sprawling out.

Further, in the past weekend, the police also arrested eight people for attending one of three weddings illegally held across the country.

Action was taken against the organizers because guests were not first-degree relatives, which is one of several regulations that govern social gatherings.

Guests also did not comply with rules on face masks and physical distancing.

Current Coronavirus situation in the UAE:
Total cases: 85,595
Recovered: 75,086
Deaths: 405