Dubai Pros and Cons: Is Visiting Dubai A Bad Idea

Dubai Pros and Cons: Is Visiting Dubai A Bad Idea

Learn about Dubai Pros and Cons. Is visiting Dubai a bad idea? Can one live, work and invest safely in Dubai?

Dubai Pros and Cons

First used in the book Utopia (1516) by Sir Thomas More and given this use, the word utopia has court the meaning, a place or state of things in which everything is perfect. Is there on the Earth a place in which everything is perfect or ideal. The question is especially important given the fad about visiting Dubai. Everyone seems to be visiting the city, so that significantly more expatriates occupy it than Emiratis. For example, Daniel Sobrado says, “living in UAE is like being in a holidays place the full year with a very generous pay.”

Is Dubai the world’s utopia? Is it being overrated? Why do people talk about it as though it’s perfect? Are there no cons of it? These questions have informed this article. Let’s see whether visiting Dubai is a great idea or a bad one. In other words, lets see some advantages and disadvantages of Dubai.

Advantages of Dubai

Let’s start with the positives on our Dubai pros and cons discussion. Whether your consideration is attractions, sightseeing, cuisines, shopping (luxury or cheap), activities, security or all the foregoing considerations, it can’t be said it’s a bad idea to visit Dubai, as the city is the locus of some of the best of them.

These advantages or pros of Dubai are some of the things Dubai’s renowned for; in other words, why it’s so popular today.

Things To Do in Dubai – Travel & Tourism Destinations

Things To Do in Dubai - Dubai Pros and Cons

Dubai never tires to wow nor slacks in dazzling, in that it is strident about its goal. It is in this spirit that the glitzy city has welcomed the tallest and really fascinating building (Burj Khalifa), the largest LED-illuminated façade, one of the biggest shopping malls in the world (Dubai Mall), the most luxurious hotel in the world (Burj Al Arab Hotel), the tallest hotels, the largest suspended aquarium (Dubai Aquarium & UnderWater Zoo), the tallest performing and biggest choreographed fountain (Dubai Fountain) and a host of others.


Dubai Miracle Garden - Dubai Pros and Cons

Given Dubai’s magnificent attractions, it follows that sightseeing in it would be a thrilling thing to do. Dubai’s not only charming; it’s alluring. Whether in the city or in the beach, sightseeing in Dubai is always a wonderful experience. A very good place for sightseeing in the city is Downtown Dubai, the hub of Dubai’s glitz — Burj Al Arab Hotel’s part of Jumeirah Beach, among other places in Dubai, is also good.


Dubai Cuisines - Advantages and Disadvantages of Dubai

Apart from Dubai’s rich gastronomical culture, Dubai boasts exotic cuisines from European through Asian. Its Global Village and its project entitled “The World” are symbols that the city itself is the world. This is no less true when we consider that only a handful of Emiratis occupy Dubai. The rest are foreigners.


Dubai Merits and Demerits - Dubai Cheap Shopping Markets

Whether you’re seeking luxury or cheap shopping, Dubai remains one of the surest place for these. Malls like Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall and and a host of others offer luxury and regular shopping. Those such as Dragon Mart, Garderobe, Deira Shopping Center and the souks offer cheap shopping.

Even though there were no Dragon Mart, Garderobe, Deira Shopping Center and souks, Dubai still offers appreciably cheap shopping through its Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). During this time, discount on merchandise can get up to 95%. Property, cars, gold and other wonderful prizes are raffled. DSF is not merely a shopping festival. It’s a time of elevated celebration. Please see this post for detail.


Burj Al Arab Interior - Dubai Positives and Negatives

Dubai gives you a lot of choice activities to participate in. Whether you want things to do in the city, on beach or in the desert, whether you want something Islamic or Western, Dubai doesn’t disappoint. The camping at the desert organized by tour operators are usually exuberant. They usually serve barbecue, feature belly dances, drumming in the moon, and a host of other things. In the city, there is no counting of the immersing, thrilling and/or invigorating activities. The beaches are no different. Please see things to do and kindly follow us for updates on things to do in Dubai.


Is Dubai Safe for Holiday - Dubai Pros and Cons

In discussing Dubai pros and cons, security can’t be left out. Dubai’s security is not an underdog to it’s European counterparts, nor can it be eclipsed by them. In fact, only in Dubai would you see police officers driving supercars like the Bugatti Veyron, the Ferrari and the Bentley. It was reported recently that just a tourist’s mention of the police made an offender fall to death. Many visitors and residents of Dubai who know the security status of the West have said they think Dubai’s safer. As regards terrorism, there’s no evident fear of it and Dubai has introduced several initiatives to curb and keep any form of violence at bay. Please, see: Is It Safe to Travel to Dubai?

Further, Dubai has really strict laws (learn more) to ensure peace and stability, among other things, and it has been acknowledged by expatriate residents to have marked-out peace. Here’s what Daniel Sobrado says about the UAE which houses Dubai in this light: “In UAE you can leave your wallet or laptop unattended in the table and go to the toilet, nothing happens, there is virtually no crime, in 9 years I didn’t have a minor issue, or knew anyone that had one, I had plenty of issues and scares in other countries.”

Oussama Amrani says, “I personally forgot my smartphone in the bus and guess what, I got it sent back to me by Pakistani taxi driver. He only charged me for his taxi fee.”

Is Dubai Ideal? – Disadvantages of Dubai

We now turn to the negatives on our Dubai pros and cons discussion. Does the foregoing discussion mean Dubai’s ideal? Certainly not. Dubai has disadvantages or flaws but not such as would make visiting it a bad idea. Given that it’s in an imperfect world and that it is imperfect humans that people it, it is not an ideal place. The offender earlier referred to, who fell to death, was actually a fraudster. Although, Dubai has strict laws against financial crimes.


The city is quite expensive; it was once the second most expensive city in the world after Geneva. While it has waned in this connection, it remains one of the most expensive cities in the world. So, if you’re on a budget, it is a bad idea to visit Dubai. Because, you probably would not enjoy why Dubai’s sung, although there are free exciting things to do in Dubai.

Ezgi Ulku praised Dubai that in it “good money is paid to employees but Dubai knows how [to] take it back from people very well – through monthly utility bills, fees paid for subscriptions, traffic penalties, etc that might be faced. Accommodation and daily life needs (supermarkets, clothes, etc) are not much reasonable, either.”

Only Shallow Friendships

In the light of friendship in Dubai, Ezgi Ulku says the following: “Dubai is not the best place to create good friendships if you are not very lucky, probably because people go on temporary basis just to make money and some turn into robots who are racing with other robots at their workplaces…”

Tour Operators

If you’re taking a tour operator, they definitely would determine your experience. Hence, you don’t only have to see that you choose a good enough tour operator (see some of Dubai’s reliable tour operators), but also that they deliver reliably.


Some expatriates say there’s too much sand in Dubai and say this is niggling; others think that can’t be a reason to avoid Dubai like a plague.


Further, some say that UAE will not grant citizenship no matter how long one spends in it and they think this is unacceptable.

Dubai’s Laws

Flouting Dubai’s laws is an important consideration. If this happens, one is endangered to serve some jail term. Please see this post to get guided.

Summer Heat

Visiting Dubai in summer is rather undesirable, reason being the parching Summer sun. This doesn’t mean Dubai’s weather sucks. See what Daniel Sobrado says in this connection, “I prefer 10 times a 45 degrees day here (Dubai) than a rainy and windy day in Europe, but that is just my preference.”

If you can’t handle Dubai’s Summer heat, kindly see this post.

Closely related to the foregoing point is Dubai’s lack of natural greenery. If you love nature, you sadly can’t enjoy it in the city of Dubai.

Conclusion on Dubai Pros and Cons

The foregoing are Dubai’s pros and cons. I believe it’s informative. But no assertion is made that the merits and demerits discussed here are all. In this way, you should kindly comment contributing to this post or submit a post on what you think about visiting Dubai to us. Let’s have a crystal clear picture of the ups and downs of visiting Dubai. We invite people to share their experiences in Dubai with us here.