Dubai Safari Park To Reopen After 2-Year’s Closure – Date

Dubai Safari Park To Reopen After 2-Year’s Closure – Date

Dubai Safari Park to reopen after 2-year’s closure. See dates and other relevant details below.

Dubai Safari Park which has been closed is reopening and we are glad to report this as it means more attractions and activities for tourists in Dubai. Closed in May 2018, it has been in abeyance for two years. Just five months after it was launched in a grand fashion, the animal park shut its doors on visitors during which it carried out improvements on animal enclosures and attractions.

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The relaunch of the wild animals destination which will hold on the 5th of October follows the completion of a comprehensive renovation and development process aimed at expanding the park and increasing educational interaction for visitors.

“As the momentum of recovery in the tourism market gathers pace, Dubai Safari provides an exciting attraction for both international visitors and residents,” said Dawoud Al Hajri, director general of Dubai Municipality, which has regained operation of the park from Meraas Holding.

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“The redesigned Dubai Safari has many unique interactive programs blended into the safari journey that provide visitors a unique and memorable experience.

“Not only can they see different types of animals from across the world, they can also enjoy activities, performances and shows that entertain as well as educate.”

The park houses a large community of 3,000 mammals, birds, amphibians and invertebrates in its 119 hectares of landscaped area. It welcomed four African elephants, one bull and three females from Zimbabwe in April 2018. Other rare animals it houses include the Komodo dragon, spiral-horned antelope, Arabian oryx, colored African wild dog, gorilla, gibbon, bongo and lemur.

Dubai Safari Park To Reopen After 2-Year's Closure - Date

Visitors can get around the park across three themed zones on air-conditioned trains. The zones are the African Village, Asian Village and Explorer Village.

Redesigned, the park is now highly improved to enhance guests’ access to its various sites. And to enrich its guests’ experience, it has incorporated more things to do such as animal feeding, educational and awareness programs and seasonal to its activities. These activities will help increase visitors’ awareness and provide opportunities for interaction with the animals.

Added to that, the park now includes an Arabian Desert Safari tour.

Comprehensive precautionary measures have been put in place to ensure safety during the pandemic.

A thermal camera has been installed and manual thermometers will also be used to screen visitors.

Social distancing of two meters will be strictly enforced with stickers placed on the floors to guide visitors.

Dubai Safari Park will open to the public daily from 9am to 5pm, with online reservations required for entry.