How To Get A Taxi From Dubai International Airport (DXB)

How To Get A Taxi From Dubai International Airport (DXB)

You would now learn about how to get a taxi from Dubai International Airport (DXB). There are different ways to get a cab in Dubai such as gesticulating to one on the road, calling the designated number (especially for the Hala Taxi) and at the official taxi rank. Of these, the last is the choice option from the Airport. And it’s the crux of the article.

The Dubai Taxi

Run by Dubai Taxi Corporation, the Dubai taxis boast cream-painted bodies and different roof colors including green, blue, red, orange, yellow, pink and black. While Dubai Taxi Corporation directly operates the taxis with red roof colors, other taxi companies they’ve franchised taxi operation boast the other roof colors except for pink and black. The taxis with pink roof colors are dedicated to women, while those with black roof colors are called the Hala Taxi, a special taxi service for speed and convenience. Note; the Hala taxi boasts a white-painted body.

How To Get A Taxi From DXB

Dubai International Airport Taxi Rank


Assuming you just arrived in Dubai International Airport, the place for you to get a cab is the taxi rank. Taxi ranks are in all the airport’s terminals, of the three it has, as there are in major shopping malls, for example. To get to any of the ranks at DXB, follow the relevant signs. If you can’t follow the signs, asking a member of the “May I Help You” team may help. There’re always taxis at the ranks waiting to serve.

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Getting to Your Destination

Destinations are mainly determined by landmarks. In other words, you tell your driver where you’re going by a landmark. Where the driver doesn’t know exactly where you’re going, you could help with some map, if they don’t have one. While Google Map is reliable, offers some. Here. You could also call your host for help. Would you mind if the host has to speak to the driver?

Your Fare

There’s the AED 25 flat charge getting run in a taxi from the airport. Further, each kilometer you travel in the taxi will cost you AED 1.96. So, the total kilometers you covered in the taxi times AED 1.96 plus AED 25 (total kilometers x AED 1.96 + AED 25) will be your total fare. Please note; there are toll charges (Salik) of about AED 4 whenever you pass a toll gate in the taxi.

Google Map of Dubai

Please, for how to use map, see Google Map of Dubai


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