How To Reach Atlantis, The Palm from Dubai International Airport (DXB)

How To Reach Atlantis, The Palm from Dubai International Airport (DXB)

Here’s how to reach Atlantis, The Palm from Dubai International Airport (DXB).

Dubai authorities have put many things such as transport means (the metro, the tram, the bus and the taxi) as well as transport apps in place to see that both commuters and visitors get around Dubai with relative ease. There’re different ways one can get to Atlantis from the Dubai International Airport and these are the crux of these article. Before we lurch in, you should know that, as puts it, the distance between Dubai Airport (DXB) and Atlantis, The Palm is 28 km, while the road distance is 36.8 km.

Getting to Atlantis from DXB by The Taxi

Dubai Taxi

Taxi is run in Dubai by a corporation called Dubai Taxi Corporation. All legal taxis in Dubai have the cream-painted body, their roofs boasting different colors (green, blue, red, orange, yellow, pink and black). Getting to Atlantis from the airport is quite easy given that the Atlantis, The Palm is notable. How is that? When traveling in Dubai, your destination is determined by a nearby landmark. So that if you’re not sure of the exact location, you may need your host to guide the driver. But in this case, your destination itself is a landmark.

So, how do you get to Atlantis, The Palm from Dubai International Airport? At the airport as with other notable places such as major shopping malls in Dubai, there’re taxi ranks where you can get a taxi. At the airport, these ranks can be found at the airport’s Terminals (1, 2 and 3). To get to a rank, follow the signs to the official taxi rank (You may go to Terminal1).

If you can’t follow the signs, asking a member of the “May I Help You” team may help. There’re always taxis at the ranks waiting to serve you. There’s the AED 25 flat charge getting run in a taxi from the airport. Further, each kilometer you travel in the taxi will cost you AED 1.96. So, the total kilometers you covered times AED 1.96 plus AED 25 will be your total fare (total kilometers covered x AED 1.96 + AED 25). And your journey should take about 30 minutes, if the taxi were fast enough.

When you get into the taxi, tell the driver your destination. That’d be it. If you’re a woman and would have a problem being conveyed by a man, you may sit at the back seat or take the Ladies’ Taxi. You should learn more about Dubai taxi. It’s requisite.

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Getting to Atlantis from DXB by A Self-drive Car

Supercar Dubai on Road

First up traveling in Dubai in a self-drive car requires an international driving license for non-residents. If you have this requirement, follow the instructions below.

If you’ve never gone through this route before, before hitting the road in following the instructions below, you should consider using the RTA Smart Drive and Wojhati to help you. See them on this list.

According to Google Map

  • Head southeast on Airport Rd/D89 from the airport.
  • Turn right to merge onto Nad Al Hamar Rd/D62 toward Ras Al Khor/Hatta.
  • Take the Business Bay Crossing exit toward D71/City Center/Bur Dubai.
  • Continue onto Al Khail Rd/Business Bay Bridge/D68.
  • Continue to follow Al Khail Rd/D68.
  • Slight right.
  • Merge onto Sheikh Zayed Rd/E11 via the ramp to Abu Dhabi.
  • Take exit 34 toward Nakhlat Jumeira St/Jumeira.
  • Go right at the fork, follow signs for Palm Jumeirah.
  • Continue straight onto Crescent Rd.
  • You should see the glorious Atlantis, The Palm.

Note; your journey is expected to take 30 minutes. And the instructions is best for planning only, without the recommended transport apps.

Getting to Atlantis from DXB by The Metro and The Tram

Dubai Tram

First up, the Dubai Metro and Tram may serve as one means of transportation — even if they’re different types of trains serving different routes — in that you can transfer from one of them to the other and be charged the fare of one journey. This is significant in that Dubai’s fare is billed on the basis of zones you traveled on your journey.

On the transfer basis plus that the fare of the metro and the tram is inexpensive, using the metro and the tram to get to the Atlantis may be the most inexpensive way to get there. So, how do you get to Atlantis from Dubai International Airport by The Metro and The Tram?

  • Follow the signs to either Terminal 1 or 3, where the Metro has stations. If the signs were difficult to follow, asking a member of the “May I Help You” team may help. Read about Dubai metro’s timing information. Note, the metro’s stations at DXB Terminal 1 and 3 are on the Red Metro Line.
  • Board the metro to DAMAC PROPERTIES Metro station. Remember to check in with your Nol Card.
Dubai Tram Map
Study the map against the following text for ease of understanding. Image is meant to make information graphical.
  • From the DAMAC PROPERTIES Metro station, head to the Dubai Marina Tram Station which is the closest tram station to the DAMAC PROPERTIES Metro station. This distance may suck up more or less than 15 minutes if covered by leg, depending on the individual and how they walk. You may cover this by walking or by the taxi. Note; if you want your transfer from the metro to the tram to count, you must board the tram in 30 minutes. Even though you’re transferring, you still have to check out and it.
  • Board the Tram to Palm Jumeirah Tram Station. From there, head to the the Gateway Monorail Station. Getting to the Gateway Monorail Station from there by foot can suck up 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Board the Dubai monorail with a single trip ticket to Atlantis Aquaventure Station at AED 20 or a round (to-and-fro) trip ticket to the given station at AED 30. It takes the monorail about 15 minutes to transit the length of the journey. This is where the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark is.
  • To the left of the Aquaventure Waterpark is the Atlantis. This journey is estimated to take about 1 hour, and 19 minutes.

You should note that you can also get to Atlantis from The Gateway via the taxi at a higher fare, although tourists say visiting the Atlantis by the Dubai monorail gives you a better view of the Palm Jumeirah island than the taxi does, in that the monorail is elevated.

Stay guided!

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