Learn About Hatta Dam & How To Kayak On It – The Best Lake For Kayaking In Dubai

Learn About Hatta Dam & How To Kayak On It – The Best Lake For Kayaking In Dubai

Learn about Hatta dam and how to kayak and tour on it. Pristine, unspoiled and exquisite, the Hatta lake is one of the best destinations for kayaking in Dubai. Boasting a lovable water, beautiful fish, brilliant surrounding mountains and multi-capacity kayaks or boats, Hatta dam is a place for the whole family, children well-included.

Dubai is renowned for many tourist-loving attractions, most of which are man-made. But here is a natural one, the Hatta dam. What’s stunning about this destination is that it is a mountain-lake spot located at the desert city of Dubai. Little wonder a guest author of Dubai Tour Pro remarks that Dubai is a city of contrast.

In this article, you will also learn about the types and prices of kayaks/boats at the Hatta lake, how to get to it, its management contact and website, reviews about it and do’s and don’ts.

Hatta Dam & Why It’s A Favorite For Kayaking

Exquisite Dubai Lake in Hatta Dam
Credit: FridayMagazie.ae

Hatta Dam, Hatta Lake or Hatta Water Dam, however you call it, is a breath-taking picture-perfect lake in the Hatta enclave of Dubai. Away from the bustling city of Dubai and part of the Hatta Mountain Conservation Reserve, this remote destination lends you a perfect escape for tranquility.

The sight of Hatta dam with its surroundings is magical; so that pictures taken here aren’t simply beautiful but melt into the heart. You should see the turquoise water and the surrounding mountains. It is an iconic spot in nature.

Beautiful Picture of Lady at Hatta Dam
Picture Credit: VisitDubai

The destination can conveniently be associated with such adjectives as pristine, exquisite, picturesque, tranquil, spectacular, magical and stunning. Notice that I’ve already used some of the words on it above.

Hatta lake Dubai is so beautiful that tourists go all the way from the city of Dubai to it and frequent it immensely. Given the beauty of the lake, I bet you could spend a day kayaking and touring the greenish-blue lake. Thanks to Hatta Kayak, the management or organizers, you can actually do this as they rent their Kayaks out for the whole.

Did you know you can also hike at Hatta? This is well-organized.

How To Kayak In Hatta Dam

Learn About Hatta Dam & How To Kayak On It - The Best Lake For Kayaking In Dubai
Credit: Twitter.com

So you’ve decided to go kayaking on Hatta dam? It’s easy and crammed with fun. The sight is simply enchanting. Whether you’re visiting alone as a solo vacationer, or as a family, Hatta dam’s arms are wide open to welcome you. Thanks to Hatta Kayak, once you rent a kayak or boat, it’s yours for the whole day.

No reservation is needed at Hatta dam as renting a boat is done on the basis of first-come-first-served. Kayaking may be allowed at night too, although there’s restriction of area for security.

Types of Boats at Hatta Dam & Their Prices

There are different types of boats with their different prices at the Hatta lake. There are:

Girl Kayaking in Hatta Dam DubaiKayak. Types: single kayak (60 AED) for 1 person of at least 16 years and double kayak (120AED) for 2 adults and 1 child. Your rented kayak is yours for the whole day.

Triple Water Bike in Hatta lake DubaiWater Pedal Bike. Types: single water bike (60AED) for 1 person/adult, double water bike (120AED) for 2 adults and triple water bike (180AED) for 3 adults. Note: bikes aren’t adjustable for height. Your rented water bike is yours for the whole day.

Pedalo in Hatta Lake DubaiPedalo or Yellow Pedal Boat. Capacity: 3 adults and 1 child. Note that the pedal boat rent is valid for 1 hour.

Electric Boats (family-size boats). Types: Donut Boat (300AED and maximum ride time is 1 hour) for 4 adults and 2 kids and Tour Boat for 11 adults. Tour Boat costs 600AED, comes with a driver and lasts for 24 minutes.

How To Get To The Hatta Lake

Above is the actual location on Google map. For directions to Hatta dam/Hatta Kayak from Dubai, kindly click here and see directions on the left panel of the map. You can visit with your own car. You’re strongly advised to visit on a self-drive car, a personal or a rented car.

Address: Dubai, UAE; borders Oman
Parking: Yes
Website: HattaKayak.com
Phone: +971566162111

Suggestion: If you don’t have a family or friend to visit with or you can’t do this, you could find like-minded individuals on MeetUp.com.

Where To Stay at Hatta Dam

JA Hatta Fort Hotel - Airial View
Credit: TripAdvisor

Where to stay at Hatta is only a short drive away from the lake. There are different hotels but JA Hatta Fort Hotel is a good recommendation. Situated in Hatta, JA Hatta Fort Hotel provides you a place to escape the bustle of Dubai and its parching heat as it’s serene, milder in temperature and boasts natural views of mountains and green lawns or gardens. Enjoy the non-ferocious and unharmful wild animals and peacocks roving in the environment.

Hatta Fort was awarded as the World’s Leading Adventure Hotel in 2019. In other words, it’s home to a good collections of adventure activities in Dubai. In its own right, it is a worthy staycation destination.

Heads-Up Or DO’s & Don’ts On Hatta Dam

Hatta lake with Dubai Tourists Kayaking
Credit: HattaKayak.com
  • You’re not allowed to exchange your rented boat with someone else at Hatta dam.
  • It is unacceptable to use any private water sports equipment at Hatta dam.
  • If you are visiting as a group of at least 50, you’re required to make a reservation to avoid conflict with other groups.
  • Lockers are available and free on site.
  • You’re not allowed to get out of the boat during the trip.
  • You want to make sure you don’t visit with valuables. Hatta Kayak won’t be responsible if you lost anything.
  • Infants aren’t allowed on any ride.
  • Climbing is not allowed around the dam.
  • Swimming is not allowed by Law.
  • Children below 16 years old are not allowed on single Kayaks.
  • Littering is unacceptable.
  • You must not hunt or kill wildlife.
  • There must be no honey picking or harvesting.
  • You mustn’t cut or uproot plants.
  • You mustn’t fish.
  • Bonfire is unacceptable.
  • There’s no need to carry your ID if you are using Kalba – Maliha Road (Use Google map route to reach our location).
  • If you don’t have a car, it’s better to rent one.

Hatta Dam Reviews

Learn About Hatta Dam & How To Kayak On It - The Best Lake For Kayaking In Dubai
Credit: Insydo.com

What do people think of the pristine lake and Hatta Kayak? Thanks to TripAdvisor, we have following the reviews.

Teresa P
Spent a good couple of hours Kayaking around the dam. It was really tranquil and good value for money as you can paddle away for as long as you like.
Equipment was clean and in good order.
This will be a regular visit for us now.

Baadal Adam
This was an affordable and amazing experience kayaking through valleys of Hatta inside the Dam. We had a great time with friends and family. don’t forget to take a change of clothes and waterproof bags for your electronic stuff.

Tanya Lukianchikova
Came here on the National Day and despite the place being crowded enjoyed views but didn’t hire anything as it’s on First come First served basis, and we didn’t want to queue. However, the spot is so beautiful that we decided to visit it again with our son and this time we hired a triple bicycle. We cycled gently around the lake and it was fun… but not so much for me as I couldn’t reach pedals. I was lucky to have my hubby and son around me, they are tall guys and they pedalled for me as well. So, be aware of your own hight before you rent a water bicycle there, sits are not adjustable.
And also be aware, once you climb the dam, there are NO toilet facilities and NO water kiosks.
Come prepared and enjoy.

Nadia Sajeesh
My second visit to Hatta Dam. Last time took full advantage of the sunset views. This time made full use of the Kayaking. Sunset views is my favorite pass time. Always have this amazing energy just watching the Sun goes to rest giving an epitome of light to the Moon to shine. Best feeling is when It settles amongst the mountains. I searched a lot in google to get details of the types of boats available for ride on the lake and found Hatta Kayak website which made us plan well in advance which boat wanted to try on. There are 4 types of Boats available KAYAK, PEDAL BOATS, ELECTRIC BOATS & WATER BIKES. This area is totally organized though it was Chaos during the national day visit. Each family or couples are given a token once payment is done. Token numbers are called so it’s not over crowded while on board the lake and each of the boats are also organized. From right are the water bikes, Kayaks, middle are the pedal boats and towards the left are the Electric boats.
Last time could not go for the ride as by 6 pm it was closed. This time again due to traffic reached by 5 pm and though could not go again for the rides but when we checked down it was open 24/7 not sure because it was national holidays, so we were elated.
Enjoyed the Pedal ride with sissy and brother in law. A must try

Ankoush !
We had been their as family,and it was great full of fun and explore
The area designed well with proper parking and shuttle service to take you all the way on top of the dam then you got recommendations with what fits you and still up to your choice…


So we come to the end of our Hatta dam talk. Enjoy the sight, take on the work out whether you’re going for a kayak, a pedal boat or bike and bask in the total experience. If you’d be living in JA Hatta Fort Hotel, you may also consider hiking in Hatta. It’s a highly recommended Dubai area for hiking.

Stay guided and make the most of your vacation at Dubai as this is the primary objective of Dubai Tour Pro. If you don’t know much about Dubai you could start here. Enjoy!