7 Must-try Cuisines in Dubai Festival City Mall — Best Dubai Food

7 Must-try Cuisines in Dubai Festival City Mall — Best Dubai Food

Learn about 7 must-try cuisines in Dubai festival city mall. These are some of the best Dubai food offerings in Dubai Festival City Mall.

Indulging in different cuisines and enjoying various dining experiences is a must if you are in Dubai.

As a global city, Dubai is home to hundreds of restaurants, cafes, eateries, pubs, and other establishments that serve great food and provide memorable gastronomy or dining experiences.

The restaurants in Dubai are spread throughout the UAE city. However, if you are looking for a single place where you can go on a food crawl and indulge in different cuisines, the Dubai Festival City Mall would be a great Dubai destination to go.

Exploring Global Cuisines at the Dubai Festival City Mall

The Dubai Festival City Mall is the heart of Dubai Festival City or DFC, the most complete and exciting mixed-use development in the emirate.

The mall is home to numerous retail shops, department stores, boutiques, indoor and outdoor entertainment centers, movie theaters, and dining establishments.

The Dubai Festival City Mall restaurants are some of the most diverse and exciting in Dubai. Here, you can find a variety of cuisines and dining establishments that will satisfy your palate and curiosity regarding the best foods in Dubai.

With the foregoing established, what are some of the best global cuisines you can find in the Dubai Festival City Mall? Below are seven cuisines from around the world that you can find in DFC:

Emirati Cuisine — Best Dubai Food in Dubai Festival City Mall

Dubai Food in Dubai Festival City Mall
Credit: DayOutDubai.ae

First up, the Dubai Festival City Mall is one of the unique destinations in the city where you can experience the old and new. If you want to indulge in tasty, authentic, and contemporary Arabic and Emirati food, you will find them at DFC.

Al-Fanar is one of the most sought-after restaurants serving authentic Emirati cuisine in Dubai. Aside from the great food, you can go on a trip down memory lane inside since the interior is decked in traditional Emirati décor and features.

The restaurant serves authentic Emirati breakfast staples, which you can sample at any time of the day. Additionally, you can indulge in other traditional dishes, such as harees, shorbat, machboos, madrooba deyay, and thereed, among others.

Al-Fanar is also known for its delectable dessert menu, which features Emirati sweet treats, such as date cake, arrowroot, khabisah, and luqaimat.

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Indian Cuisine — Must-Try Cuisines in Dubai Festival City Mall

Indian Food in Dubai
Credit: DeccanChronicle.com

With Indians making up the majority of people in Dubai, you won’t have any difficulty finding restaurants inspired by the fascinating food culture of this Asian country.

Peppermill is one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Dubai. It offers diners a casual dining experience.

Its menu highlights Indian dishes with creative recipes and fascinating flavors to stimulate your palate. When you dine at Peppermill, expect more than the usual traditional Indian meal offerings.

Peppermill’s most sought-after menu offerings include masala lamb chops, tandoori chicken, butter chicken, kadhai paneer, and various biryanis.

American Cuisine

American Food in Dubai Restaurant
Credit: CNN.com

If you’re looking for the best American comfort food in Dubai, you can satisfy your cravings at any of the restaurants serving American cuisine at the Dubai Festival City Mall.

Whether you’re craving a cheeseburger, pizza, fried chicken, BBQ, beef brisket, or some good old surf and turf, and a tall glass of milkshake, lemonade, or root beer float, you will be spoilt for choice at DFC.

Dubai Festival City Mall is home to branches of some of the most loved American restaurants in the world. These include Applebee’s, California Pizza Kitchen, Chili’s, Five Guys, Hard Rock Café, TGI Fridays, and The Cheesecake Factory.

These restaurants have the most diverse menu of savory and sweet dishes and beverages, which also ensures you leave the table full and satisfied.

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Chinese Cuisine — Best Food in DFC Mall

Chinese Food - Must-Try Cuisines in Dubai Festival City Mall
Credit: China-Admissions.com

Nothing says hearty and filling than having Chinese for lunch or dinner. If you are craving oriental fare, head to PF Chang’s at DFC.

This Asian-themed casual dining restaurant chain is known all over the world for its delectable Chinese and Oriental dishes.

All their dishes use only fresh, high-quality ingredients. They are also made from scratch and wok-fired, giving your taste buds the best of Chinese and Asian flavors.

PF Chang’s most popular dishes include shrimp dumplings, chicken noodle soup, hot and sour soup, chicken lettuce wraps, salt and pepper prawns, VIP duck, and lo mein.

Italian Cuisine — Must-Try Food in DFC Mall

Italian Food in Dubai
Credit: RealSimple.com

Italian cuisine has so many things to offer that indulging in such dishes is a must if you are looking for a hearty meal.

Eataly is one of the best global restaurant chains serving authentic Italian dishes. Their menu covers a variety of pasta, meat, fish, and vegetable dishes as well as traditional Neapolitan pizza.

You can enjoy these meals for lunch or dinner and basically any time of the day.

Eataly’s most popular menu offerings include spaghetti pomodoro, lasagna classica, ravioli ricotta, risotto caprese, ossobuco alla Milanese, and margherita classica.

Don’t forget to end your meal on a sweet note with favorite Italian desserts, such as tiramisu, panna cotta, and cannolo.

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Lebanese Cuisine — Must-try Cuisines in Dubai Festival City Mall

Lebanese Cuisnes in Dubai
Credit: OnHisOwnTrip.com

Lebanese cuisine has always been a popular mainstay in Dubai’s food scenes. While in the city, take the opportunity to indulge in this Middle Eastern fare at Semson.

Semson is a Lebanese restaurant that has several branches globally. The chain is known for its delicious and healthy Lebanese dishes with a modern twist.

All dishes at Semsom are made from fresh ingredients. These include their falafels, kibbeh, labneh, kafta, and seasoned hummus.

The restaurant also has a variety of Lebanese sandwiches, such as chicken taouk sandwich and Lebanese beef fajita, and sweet treats, including halawa cheesecake, ghazel bel wared, and kunafa cheese.

Another must-try restaurant in Dubai Festival City Mall specializing in Lebanon-inspired dishes is Zaatar w Zeit, a casual urban Lebanese eatery.

Turkish Cuisine — Best Edibles in Dubai Festival City Mall

Turkish Cuisines in Dubai
Credit: DiziCentral.com

Like Indian and Lebanese cuisines, Turkish food also has a special place in the country’s gastronomic scene. As such, you will find a good number of restaurants, offering the best of Turkey’s savory and sweet culinary masterpieces.

Sultan Baba Iskender and the Turkish Village Restaurant & Café are two of the most popular dining establishments serving Turkish fare in Dubai. Both are located at the Dubai Festival City Mall.

Both restaurants provide a mix of authentic and contemporary Turkish dishes. Whether you opt for something traditional or modern with a twist, you will immediately see why this cuisine is popular and why you should indulge in it over and over again. 

From kebabs, doners, koftas, dolma and baklava to kunefe, you can satisfy your cravings for Turkish food at DFC.

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Conclusion on Best Cuisines in Dubai Festival City Mall

Dubai Festival City Mall is home to highly acclaimed Dubai restaurants.

When going on a food tour in Dubai, the Dubai Festival City Mall is a good destination in Dubai to go to indulge in cuisines from various parts of the world.