Burj Khalifa Celebrates The Start of A Summer Re-imagined with DSS

Burj Khalifa (Dusk) Panorama
Credit: Allsoppandallsopp.com

Burj Khalifa celebrates the start of a summer re-imagined with DSS — Dubai Summer Surprises. This is trailing the reopening of Dubai to international visit, and consequently fully-fledged tourism. In this celebration, the Burj Khalifa’s LED facade and the Dubai fountain were of course in action. See celebration below.

Burj Khalifa expects an unforgettable shopping, dining, and entertainment experience for everyone this summer.

Flights to Dubai from every part of the world, to reiterate, is now conditionally allowed. This officially started on July 7th. In response, every tourists attraction in the city is now reopening. Tourists can now visit Dubai on set conditions.

What’s DSS or Dubai Summer Surprises?

DSS or Dubai Summer Surprises is a summer shopping extravaganza held across Dubai annually. This year’s DSS spans July 9th to August 29th.

Like DSF or Dubai Shopping Festival, DSS combines shopping dining and entertainment. Plus, merchandise get sold in virtually every shop on alluring promotions and deals. So, you get to shop happily and catch a happy moment with your family — probably — through a festive atmosphere charged with various competitions and shows.



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