Burj Khalifa’s 2021 New Year’s Display On Its LED Facade

Burj Khalifa’s 2021 New Year’s Display On Its LED Facade

Every year, Dubai‘s world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, renders a fascinating New Year display on its LED-illuminated facade.

The event is usually so magnificent that millions of people, Emiratis, expatriates and tourists, assemble at Downtown Dubai for see the rare sight.

In 2019’s display, the facade takes you through the journey of the progress of the UAE. This year, however, as shown on the video, it simply shows gratitude to their heroes which it also did in previous years. In all this, there are patterns and fireworks display on the Giant Skyscraper, Dubai Fountain spicing up the Tower’s display with its own fountain display.

About 10 seconds to 12.00am, a count down from 10 started and at the end of it was the “Happy New Year from the UAE” message. This was followed by thunderous cheers by the onlookers. The video ended in a reverse chronological display of the heroes of Dubai.

Below is 2021’s Burj Khalifa’s New Year’s display and thanks to Global News for the video. Enjoy!

With the laser and light show, Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, flourishing gloriously at 828 meters in the heart of Dubai’s glitz has earned two Guinness World Records:

  1. Largest illuminated façade and
  2. Tallest LED-illuminated facade.