How To Get to Atlantis The Palm by The Dubai Tram

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In this article, you’ll learn about how to get to Atlantis The Palm by The Dubai Tram. It’s very easy.

Getting around Dubai is fairly easy given the various means of transportation it boasts — the Dubai Metro, the Dubai Tram, the Dubai Bus, the Dubai Taxi and the Dubai Trolley, for example. But how do you get to the Atlantis via the Tram?

Most means of transportation in Dubai (e.g. the Metro, the Tram, the Dubai Water Bus, and the Dubai Trolley) cover only specific areas of the city. In this way, travelers who are traveling in a means of transportation to an area that means of transportation does not cover transfer to another means of transportation to complete their journey. You shouldn’t worry about the fare when transferring from one Dubai’s public means of land transportation to another as it’s considered as one trip and thus you get charged once. How you can transfer is limited however.

For journeys whose maximum durations are 90 minutes or distances 3km, you have only one transfer. For journeys whose maximum durations are 180 minutes, you have three transfers. Transfers are only allowed for a one-way journey and you must check out of the means you’re transferring from and check in to the one you’re transferring to within 30 minutes, if your transfer must be valid.

With the foregoing established, it must be mentioned, at this juncture, that there is no direct way of getting to Atlantis The Palm by the Tram given that it covers only the Marina area and the distance between the given area and Al Sufouh, while the Atlantis is at the peak of the Palm Jumeirah.

So, how can you benefit from the distance to the Atlantis the Tram can cover?

How To Visit The Atlantis by The Dubai Tram

Study the map against the following text for ease of understanding. Image is meant to make information graphical.

First up, the answer to the thematic question is technically relative on the basis of your location. If you’re in the Tram’s route, all you need do is take the Tram to the Palm Jumeirah Tram Station. Find your way to the Gateway Station. Walking can suck up 5 – 10 minutes. At the Gateway Station, take the Dubai monorail to the last station, which is the Atlantis Aquaventure Station. Outside the station to your left is the Atlantis’s entrance. You can’t miss it. If you’re visiting the Atlantis by the taxi, you might need a pass.

A one-way trip from the Gateway Station to the Atlantis Aquaventure Station costs AED 20, while a round or to-and-fro trip costs AED 30. And the journey from the Gateway Station to the Atlantis takes about 15 minutes.

Please note. If you’re on the Dubai Metro’s red line. Take the Metro to the Damac Properties Metro Station. Find your way to the Dubai Marina Tram Station, the closest Tram’s station to the Damac Properties Metro Station. Take the tram to the Palm Jumeirah Tram Station. If you’re in the Metro’s green line, take the Metro to the transfer station closest to you (Union or BurJuman Station) and transfer to the red line. If you’re at a place that is not close to the Metro’s or Tram’s route, you can use either the Dubai Bus or Taxi to get to the Metro or Tram route and follow the foregoing guide.

While you can get to the Atlantis from the Gateway Station by the taxi at a higher fare, tourists recommend the Monorail in that it gives you a better view of the Palm Island than the taxi.


This article sorts the question of how to get to Atlantis The Palm by The Dubai Tram in a comprehensive way and I hope it was helpful, if you had read it. A reading of the articles on the Dubai Metro and the Dubai Tram should shove you out of whatever cloud about using these means of transportation you might be in. Stay guided. And explore as you please.


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