Planning Your Ultimate Luxury Dubai Vacation With Your Family

Planning Your Ultimate Luxury Dubai Vacation With Your Family

Learn about planning your ultimate luxury Dubai vacation with your family.

The local and international travel restrictions implemented more than a year ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic meant that many people had to cross off taking a vacation on their 202’s plans.

In many countries, international flights were suspended and borders were closed. People who were only allowed to enter and leave were citizens or permanent residents, diplomats, and those in need of immediate medical care.

But Dubai has reopened for some time now and this means you can plan your luxury Dubai vacation during which you can have a memorable time with your family. And to make up for the trips and getaways that you were not able to enjoy in the past months, you might want to consider visiting different places in Dubai with your family. That established, let’s now touch on how to plan your Dubai family vacation.

How to Plan Your Luxury Family Vacation in Dubai

If you are planning your first luxury holiday with your family and want to have the best one in the UAE city, this year, as a reward for yourself and your family, here are some tips to help you stay guided.

Fly on a private jet

The best way to start and end your first luxury family vacation in Dubai or just about anywhere in the world is to fly via a private jet. Private jet charters, for example, provide the passengers with the ultimate flying experience. With this option, you and your family will enjoy a comfortable and convenient trip even before your flight.

When you charter a private jet, you can choose flight dates and times that work best for the whole family. You don’t have to travel late in the evening or early in the morning, which means there is no need to wake up at ungodly hours and rush to get to the airport.

Also, chartering a corporate flight means avoiding the long queues at the airport to check your baggage. You and your family can skip these time-consuming processes since you will await your plane at the FBO, a waiting area designated for private jet passengers.

The larger cabin space, comfy and plush seats, onboard entertainment, catering services, and fewer restrictions also make flying by a private jet a truly opulent experience that sets the tone for your luxury vacation.

Establish your goals

Although you are going on a holiday, it doesn’t mean that you should go on a purposeless trip. To get the most from your luxurious vacation and ensure everyone has a memorable time, think about what you want to gain from it.

Setting the purpose for your family vacation can also help you wisely narrow down your choices of destinations. This is especially important as Dubai can be such a distraction with all its allure and glitz.

For instance, if you want everyone to try out plenty of water sports and activities and relax at the beach, your ideal destination is a seaside resort with pools and nearby water parks. Burj Al Arab and Atlantis Dubai are some good choices. Burj Al Arab Hotel has Wild Wadi while Atlantis has Aquaventure waterparks.

If you and your family want to connect with nature and engage in various nature-based activities, a trip to the mountains and other places known for their natural wonders should be on the top of your list.

Discussing with your family what they want to do during the vacation (and achieve from it) can also help you narrow down your options and choose the best place to have your luxury holiday.

Consider unique destinations

When planning your first luxury Dubai family vacation, you might limit your destinations to the popular ones. While there’s nothing wrong with this option, you will do well to consider other low-key yet beautiful places. 

By spending your holiday in a hidden gem such as staycation at JA Hatta Fort Hotel, you and your family will have more opportunities to enjoy unique experiences. This will make your Dubai vacation more memorable for everyone.

Additionally, unique destinations are usually not as costly as high-profile places and do not tend to book up quickly. Because of this, making reservations and paying a premium for your accommodation and other necessities won’t be a problem.

Lastly, hidden gems are often located near popular tourist attractions. You and your family can visit these spots easily when you want to.

Choose your accommodation wisely

Your choice of accommodation can make a huge difference on your overall Dubai trip. If you want your family to experience a luxurious Dubai holiday, book rooms at a five-star hotel or resort. Dubai has loads of them.

All-inclusive hotels and resorts are also excellent options. When you stay at these accommodations, you and your family won’t have to worry about your food and drinks. Moreover, some activities and entertainment are usually included in the price.

If you want to really splurge, you can consider renting a private villa, if there are any available in your destination. With this option, you and your family can enjoy royal treatment, maximum privacy, and even the services of a private chef.

Start planning as early as possible

Lastly, turning your Dubai holidays into a luxurious trip is less likely to happen if you plan it at the last minute. As such, as soon as everyone is ready to travel, make your plans.

By making your plans early, you will have more time to study and compare your destinations and accommodation and flight options. This will allow you to make better decisions regarding all the elements of your vacation.

Moreover, planning early can help you look into the activities and tours everyone likes, which you can book for your UAE holiday.

Making your plans early also allows you to prepare better for the whole journey. You will have more time to get your travel documents in order and get vaccinated if necessary.

With these tips, your long-awaited Dubai vacation can be truly luxurious — something that you and your family will truly enjoy and remember for a long time.

Conclusively, get a Dubai travel agency

Can your vacation really be luxurious if you had to do the running around to put things in place? I guess not. Hence, get a Dubai travel agency to handle all the hassles as regards the activities and just about any other touristic thing they render their services on, such as airport pickup, hotel reservation, organization and reservation of things to do, et cetera.

Dubai tour operators can help make your trip an indelible memory. In fact, they’re a necessary part of traveling, especially for the family. However, if you don’t pick the right tour operator in Dubai, your trip might be ruined. So be encouraged to learn about Dubai travel agencies. Stay guided!