Why Take Your Child to Dubai on A Special Day — Say Their Birthday

Why Take Your Child to Dubai on A Special Day — Say Their Birthday

While Dubai may have not been officially named the world’s leading tourist destination, it is a leading destination to visit over leisure — a place ideal for the celebration of a baby’s birthday. This is the focus of this article.

People have specific things they like; say, food, color, songs, environments, according to the different stages of their lives and their sexes, among other things — say, the stages of the teen, the youth, and the adult. Even so children have what they like. A regular child likes exuberance, electricity, cheerfulness, colorful things and environments, new thrilling things etc. Dubai fits in as a destination a child would love to visit on a big day.

Colorful Places for Your Kid

As regards colorful things, the city is glitzy and even adults who’ve never been to it would be dazzled with the city’s Western-informed architectural feats. Take your child on a sightseeing tour around Downtown Dubai and you’d be very glad you did. Boasting the world’s tallest building and fountain, one of the world’s biggest shopping malls, one of the world’s largest suspended aquariums, and state-of-the-art five star hotels and restaurants, Downtown is both posh and chic. You can’t miss it.

You should even visit the fountain, Dubai Fountain, which displays more in the evening. Read more on it here. Where else can you take your child for sightseeing? This would be Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in Dubai Mall. Children always find this place fascinating as it boasts thousands of spectacular fishes. It has a 270-degree tunnel that lets you see the fishes beside and above you. You could get into the aquarium for more intimate encounter with the fishes or take a boat ride on it on a boat with a glass floor. You’d find one of the biggest crocodiles in the world at this place. It’s called King Croc.

As though the foregoing aren’t enough, Dubai still boasts other wonderful places. Burj Al Arab is one of them. Everything done here is done elegantly, such that a tourist said the following about it: It has got some of [the] finest dining on planet [Earth]. We experience[d] just [the] restaurant there which is [the] best in the world, I must say. And [the] sunset view from [the] hotel is magical. Must experience.

Another remarkably colorful place yet is the Miracle Garden. This garden is magnificent. As a parent, you’d even be thrilled by it. It’s such a magical place to see. The video above is a video of it. Our list isn’t done.

Dubai Marina is yet another dazzling place. You could take your child on a boat cruise around the Marina or for a stroll at The Walk where there are many sightseeing activities. Some people think The Walk is about the best attraction in Dubai Marina.

We’re not done in this regard yet. Atlantis, The Palm is another wonderful place you can’t miss or should closely consider. It’s a hotel and has been dubbed the crown jewel of Palm Jumeirah’s crescent. It boasts underwater suites and many other wonders. With all of that said, let’s turn to a different category of attractions children would love in Dubai.

Exciting Places for Your Kid


As regards exuberance and electricity (excitement), Dubai boasts many relevant destinations. The city boasts participatory and sightseeing activities in this regard. It has a couple of snow parks for snow sports and activities; water parks for many exhilarating activities and Global Village, among many other attractions.

At Global Village, during the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), there are fireworks, many poleaxing activities, concerts and cheap shopping etc. A child whose birthday falls within this period should be glad and you the parent should try to take them to Global Village during the DSF. Learn more about the DSF here.

On exuberance and electricity also, you could take your kid to either Dubai Ice Rink at Dubai Mall or Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates (MOE). You could also take them to a water park such as Wild Wadi adjacent to Burj Al Arab, Aquaventure and Dolphin Bay. Further on parks, billing itself as the most thrilling theme park, Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi could be an immersing place to visit.

Let’s take this listing further so you can have even more options. If you don’t mind and your child can handle it, you could take them skydiving either over Palm Jumeirah or Dubai’s Desert. Once they can handle the height, there’s nothing to fear as they’re tethered on a professional skydiver, a thing called Tandem Skydiving. Learn more here. Similar to this is XLine Dubai Marina, although to visit, your child must be at least 12 years old, 130cm tall, and weigh within 50 – 100 kg.

Last but not least in my list is Orbi Dubai. Orbi Dubai is a virtual reality (VR) park packed with fun. You could take the VR activity which takes you to one of Africa’s deepest jungles where you encounter gorillas; or the one that lets you trek with elephants as they stump. One lets you compete with animals on what they’re best known for. There are much more at Orbi than has been mentioned here. If you want to know what else is done at Orbi, read this.


With all said, I wind up. Hope you found the article helpful. It’s what we’re here for. Stay guided and happy. Flourish!