Write For Us on Travel, Food, Tech, Lifestyle, Fashion, Clothing, Health & Fitness, Marketing, Finance etc

Write For Us on Travel, Food, Tech, Lifestyle, Fashion, Clothing, Health & Fitness, Marketing, Finance etc

So you’re looking to write for us, or more appropriately do a guest post with us? You’re welcome.

Kindly follow the following guide and have you have your guest post published on Dubai Tour Pro.

Areas/Niches You Can Write On

In summary, you can write on “anything Dubai”, although it should be topical. In other words, it should be something people are or will look for. For specificity, see below.
NB Before choosing a topic to write on, search on DubaiTourPro.com to see it hasn’t already been written on.

  • Dubai travel: Things to do, hotels, Dubai city guide, food, shopping et cetera
  • Supercars in Dubai: supercars and other automobiles as well as Dubai car dealers
  • How-tos and utility information: Telecommunication, trade and commerce, marketing and finance, transportation, Dubai international passport and visa, Dubai driving licence, gas/electricity in Dubai, attorney, Dubai laws, loans et cetera.
  • Jobs and business in Dubai:
  • Education in Dubai: Primary, secondary and tertiary education
  • Fashion in Dubai: Fashionistas, clothing, stores, beauty salons et cetera
  • Dubai lifestyle: Status quo/culture, biographies et cetera
  • Health and fitness in Dubai
  • Music in Dubai
  • Marketing and finance (banking information) in Dubai: e.g. How to get XZY credit card in Dubai; How XYZ works et cetera.
  • Trade and commerce in Dubai
  • Tech: IT, gadgets, software and Tech firms in Dubai
  • Dating in Dubai
  • Culture in Dubai
  • Insurance in Dubai
  • Recurring Dubai events: Games, sports, festivals et cetera
  • Pets in Dubai: pets and where to get them in Dubai

Again, you can write on “anything Dubai”, but it should be topical.

Guidelines – Write For Us

  1. Article should be topical and unique.
  2. Article should be at least 1000 words; in other words, comprehensive.
  3. The information you’re writing about should be correct/accurate and up-to-date.
  4. Your writing should be well thought-out, topical, creative, understandable, free from grammatical and spelling errors and search engine optimized.
  5. The tone of your writing should be friendly and civil. See our editorial policy.
  6. Your site which you intend to link to on the article should be appropriate.
  7. Articles/sites about drugs (cannabis etc), gambling, crimes, terrorism-encouragement, child-abuse, domestic violence, sexism, religious abuse et cetera are not allowed.
  8. You can make your link dofollow but shouldn’t insert a promotional or an affiliate one.
  9. Include (to the article) only one link (which can be dofollow) to only one site and two or three relevant links (dofollow), as references, to authoritative sites of which two must be Dubai-related.
  10. Yoast SEO analysis on the article should be optimal :).
  11. Include your biography, particularly your personal name (first and last) and email, to the bottom of your article, in case we wished to contact you.

Contact us at mail((at))dubaitourpro((dot))com. Thank you.

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