Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements

Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements

Are you planning to enjoy your vacations with your family in Dubai? Have you applied for a visa? Do you know about the Dubai tourist visa requirements or are you facing visa rejection problems? Are you looking for guidance or any sort of help? We understand how tiresome the whole process is. So, this article is all about Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements. Take your notepad and start making a check-list. Make sure you meet all the requirements!

Dubai is known for its sky-high buildings, rich culture, exotic views, unparalleled malls, iconic man-made architecture, and palatial lifestyle. Its adventurous days and glamorous nights are worth it. People all around the world apply daily for a Dubai tourist visa to experience some of the splendid days of your life.

Dubai offers three types of visas. The visit visa, transit visa, and tourist visa. Our focus would be just on the tourist visa. It is specifically for travel lovers who can stay in Dubai for 30 or 90 days. Seven day tourist visa is also an option for those who want to enjoy the life of Arabs but have a limited budget. Moreover, You can also get a multiple entry tourist visa for five years. Through it, you can enter the marvelous city multiple times for 30 or 90 days. If you want to spend some more days in the city of riches, you also have the option of visa extension. There is no doubt that these days will be the best days of your life. So, let’s dig a little deeper!

Mandatory Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements

Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements

Do you know that the nationals of GCC countries can visit Dubai without a visa? Wait! You don’t know about the GCC countries? Well! Here’s the answer.

GCC stands for Gulf Cooperation Council. It includes six rich countries. One being the UAE and the rest are:

  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. Oman
  3. Bahrain
  4. Kuwait
  5. Qatar

People of these countries don’t have to hustle for visa acceptance. If you are not from these states,you have to apply for a visa. Meet the following requirements:

  • Complete an online application form.
  • Provide 6*6 cm photograph covering at least 80% of your face. Make sure the background is white.
  • Provide a colored copy of your passport having your full name, birth place and date, your passport number, issue and expiry date of the passport, father/ guardian name, and your mother name mentioned on it.
  • Show a ticket that confirms your visit to Dubai.

Also, a tourist visa requirement in Dubai, is to provide all the documents in JPEG format. You might need additional documents for the process, depending upon where you live on the globe. Ensure you submit them all. 

People of some countries don’t even need to apply for a visa prior to arriving. They simply have to make their way to immigration once they land in the UAE, to receive their visas. A plus point is that it is a free of cost process for them. 

Entities Helping You Meet Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements

For a smooth visa process, you can take help from the below mentioned entities. They will not only help you in getting a visa but also keep you updated from time to time. 


Etihad Airlines, Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, and Emirates Airline offer visa services. Each airline has its own terms and conditions that you have to meet for getting a visa. Whatever airline you choose, you have to reserve your seat in it for the visit. So, do read all the requirements before applying for a tourist visa via airlines.

Licensed travel agencies

You can contact a local  travel agency or an agency in the UAE to carry out your visa process. Make sure the agency you choose in your country is not a scam. Verify its authenticity from the UAE embassy in your country. Also, the agency will provide you transportation services and you will have to purchase the ticket through it.


To get a visa via hotels, you have to completely fill and submit the application form along with other additional documents. All the rest is the hotel’s responsibility. It will liaise on your behalf with the immigration department. Upon reaching Dubai, you will stay in the hotel that carried out your visa process.

Dubai Tourist Visa UK

Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements

Are you a UK national planning a tour to Dubai? You don’t have any information about the visa process? Are you worried? Just chill! We have good news for you.

You will be granted a free of cost tourist/visitor visa the moment you land in the UAE. What you have to do is head straight to the immigration department and get your passport stamped with the visa. You will get 30 days plus a grace period of 10 days to stay in Dubai. So, enjoy your vacations at one of the eye-catching places in the entire middle east!

If these days are not enough for you to explore Dubai, you have to request the immigration officer or the local General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs to extend your visa. It is a chargeable service and you have to apply for it at least three days before the visa expiry date.

Dubai Tourist Visa India

Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements

If you are an Indian national, applying for a visa is quite easy. Unlike UK nationals, you have to submit a visa application prior to landing in the UAE. You can apply online for a visa of your own choice that can be for as short as 48 or 96 hours. If you want a longer stay, go for a 30-day or 90 day long visa. Multiple entry visas for 30 or 90 days are also available. 

So, apply online for Dubai Tourist Visa India and get an e-visa via email once your application is granted. Fill the application, attach scanned colored of all the required documents and submit to enjoy the lavish Arabian lifestyle.

How To Get Dubai Tourist Visa Extension?

There is no doubt that leaving the luxury of Dubai life is not easy. Saying goodbye to this dream world is a hard decision to make. If your visa is about to expire and you want to stay more in one of the most starling deserts, apply for visa extension right away. Don’t worry! We will guide you about the procedure. Keep reading!

You can get an extension of 30 days twice, without leaving the UAE. Each time you have to pay 600 AED to get the extension. Furthermore, if you overstay without applying for the extension, you will have to pay a fine of 100 AED per day starting from the 10th day of overstay.

Now, let’s talk about the procedure. You can apply via the General Manager Message Awards and Certificates (GDRFA) App or with the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority.

Extension via GDRFA app

  1. Start by signing in to the app
  2. Click the information center.
  3. Go to the visa details
  4. Fill all the details the form demands
  5. Choose a shipping method that suits you the most
  6. Provide all the additional documents and submit the charges
  7. You will receive SMS or an email for confirmation of the renewal.

Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority (FICA)

  1. Visit the FICA online portal
  2. Provide correct credentials
  3. Upload all the required documents and submit the fee
  4. Apply for extension

The papers that you have to provide are:

  1. Photographs of passport size with white background. 
  2. Transcript of the passport valid for at least six month.

That’s all. Pretty simple! Just one click away! So, if your visa is about to expire, follow any of the above mentioned procedures.


What is the Dubai visa fee?

Spending vacations in Dubai is on everyone’s bucket list. But the charges depend on the time you want to stay in Dubai. If you apply for a 30 day tourist visa, it will cost you 335 AED. On the other hand, a 90 day tourist visa is more expensive. It costs 805 AED. So, choose a visa your budget allows!

Can Indians extend their Dubai tourist visa?

Yes, Indians can extend their visa while staying in Dubai. Both the 30 and 90-day visa can be extended twice. First extension is for 30 days whereas the second extension is just for 20 days. Remember you have to pay the extension fee so keep some amount aside.

Can I get a 7 day Dubai tourist visa and how much will it cost?

The answer is yes. Yes, you can get a 7 day tourist visa to Dubai. You will have to pay 520 AED as a visa processing fee. An amazing tour to explore the land of wonders! All the luxuries in just seven days! Absolutely unmatchable!

Wrapping It Up

Dubai is a place worth visiting. The land of alluring sites cannot be visited without a visa for nations other than a few. People holding passports of such nations have to submit a proper application with all the required documents. Make sure you provide them all for a smooth visa process.