How To Get to Mall of the Emirates from Atlantis, The Palm

How To Get to Mall of the Emirates from Atlantis, The Palm

Getting around Dubai is quite easy and getting to the Mall of the Emirates (MOE) from Atlantis is even easier. How is that? Both places are notable. Dubai boasts several means of transportation such as the Dubai Metro, the Dubai Tram, the Dubai Bus, the Dubai Taxi, the Dubai Monorail, the Dubai Trolley etc., you wouldn’t need all to transit between these two destination. Let’s lurch into the crux of this article, namely “how to get to Mall of the Emirates from Atlantis, The Palm”.

First up before we lurch in properly, the distance between Atlantis, The Palm and the Mall of the Emirates is about 14km by road.

Getting to Mall of the Emirates from Atlantis by Taxi

How To Get to Mall of the Emirates from Atlantis, The Palm

Given that the Atlantis is a notable destination, it is frequented by taxis. What this means is that you wouldn’t be hard put to get a taxi at the prestigious hotel, although you could also get a taxi via the phone at any of +971 4 208 0808 (04 2080808), 800 272242, 800 227789, 600 566000, 600 566000 and 600 543322. This is considered a reservation and the starting fee is AED 1 higher than when you get the cap on the roadside.

In a taxi, tell the driver your destination. That’d serve.

You’re changed on the basis of the reading of the taxi’s meter during your journey. The meter charge per kilometer is AED 1.82 around the city and AED 1.96 from the Dubai International Airport (DXB). Besides the meter charge however, you’d be charged a starting fee which depends on the context. For example, if you’re entering from the roadside which is equivalent to the Atlantis between 6 am and 10 pm, your starting fee would be AED 8 but between 10 pm and 6 am it would become AED 9.

Further, there’re toll charges (called Salik) of about AED 4 whenever you pass a toll gate in the taxi. There’re two toll roads on your way which implies that there’re two toll gates.

Given the foregoing, if you’d have this trip between 6 am and 10 pm, your fare should be about AED 41.48 (starting fee charge plus total meter charge plus two-toll-gates charges). Please note that even though there were delay by the taxi, your meter keeps reading.

Fare payment is done mainly in cash. Please, to learn more about your fare, click here and for how to calculate your fare, click here.

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Getting to Mall of the Emirates from Atlantis by A Self-drive Car

Supercar Dubai on Road

If you’re at the Atlantis already, it is expected you’d be able to exit the Palm Jumeirah. To get to MOE, first exit The palm and continue straight until you get to Sheikh Zayed Rd. Go left on the Sheikh Zayed Rd and drive to Al Barsha where you’d find MOE. You’ll find the Mall of the Emirates at the 4th interchange along the Sheikh Zayed Rd. The structure of the Mall or the distinctive Ski Dubai slope on the west end of it should help you identify it.

You may also consider the following directions by Google Map.

  • From the Atlantis, The Palm, Head northwest
  • At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Crescent Rd
  • Keep left to stay on Crescent Rd
  • Keep right at the fork to continue toward Sheikh Zayed Rd/E11
  • Keep right at the fork, follow signs for E11 and merge onto Sheikh Zayed Rd/E11
  • Keep left to stay on Sheikh Zayed Rd/E11
  • Take the exit
  • At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit
  • Turn left onto 22nd St
  • Turn left onto Al Barsha Rd
  • Continue straight until you arrive at Mall of the Emirates

RTA has offered some transportation apps to make traveling around Dubai easy. With these apps particularly the RTA Smart Drive and Wojhati, you could drive yourself to MOE without difficulty. So please, assist you with these apps. As a disclaimer, Google believes that these directions of its are best for planning.

MOE Parking Information

There’re over 7000 covered parking bays waiting in a 4-tiered car park which provides direct access to the Mall. Parking aisles are electronically monitored for spaces for your convenience.

Color-coded parking aisles include distinct floor patterns so that you can find your way back quickly.

Getting to Mall of the Emirates from Atlantis by Monorail, Tram and Metro

Dubai Monorail Train

First up, this should be about the cheapest and the slowest way to get the MOE — slowest in the sense that it mainly takes more time.

  • First get to Atlantis Aquaventure Monorail Station and board it to the Gateway Station which is at the foot of the Palm.
  • Go from the Gateway Station to Palm Jumeirah Tram Station. Walking would take about 5 or 10 minutes depending on the pedestrian.
  • Board the tram headed to Dubai Marina Tram Station. Remember to check in and out with your Nol Card.
  • From Dubai Marina Tram Station get across to DAMAC PROPERTIES Metro Station. Walking may take about 15 minutes depending on the pedestrian. Try to board the metro in 30 minutes so that it’d be considered a transfer.
  • At the DAMAC PROPERTIES Metro Station, board the metro headed Al Rashidiya, although you’re to stop at Mall of the Emirates Metro Station at Al Barsha. This station links to the Mall. Remember to check in and out.

Your journey is estimated to take about 53 minutes. The monorail’s one-way trip would cost AED 20 and its round trip would cost AED 30. Both the tram and the Metro’s fare charging system are the same as they’re both run by Explaining the fare charging system may be abstruse. In this way, to determine what your fare would be, kindly see this. For Dubai’s zones which your fare is dependent on, click here.


Getting travelers in Dubai guided and informed is the purpose of this site. So, I hope this aim is achieved in this article. I am aware that Atlantis, The Palm provides free shuttle buses to the Mall of the Emirates, although I don’t have enough recent information on this. Stay guided!

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