How To Get to Palm Jumeirah from Mall of the Emirates

How To Get to Palm Jumeirah from Mall of the Emirates

Getting around Dubai is relatively easy given it’s various means of transportation — the Dubai Metro, the Dubai Tram, the Dubai Bus, the Dubai Taxi, the Dubai Monorail, the Dubai Trolley etc. Without delay, the crux of this article is getting from the Mall of the Emirates to the Palm Jumeirah which in other words is how to get to Palm Jumeirah from Mall of the Emirates (MOE). We lurch in.

You should know before our starting that the distance between the Mall of the Emirates and the palm Jumeirah is 5km, according to But getting to your specific location in the Palm may defy this fact.

How To Get to Palm Jumeirah from MOE by The Taxi

How To Get to Palm Jumeirah from Mall of the Emirates

It’s easy. But first up, this, apart from a comfortable self-drive car, may be the most convenient, comfortable and fastest way to reach the Palm Jumeirah from the MOE. Although, it isn’t the most inexpensive or cheapest.

Assuming you’re coming out from the Mall, the best place to get a taxi isn’t on the roadside but the Taxi Rank. Get to the Mall’s taxi rank and get into any queue for a taxi, if there were a queue. You could also get a taxi via the phone at any of +971 4 208 0808 (04 2080808), 800 272242, 800 227789, 600 566000, 600 566000 and 600 543322.

Get into a taxi and tell the driver your destination and this would serve. Ensure you know your exact destination. If not, your host may help. Call them and hand the driver the phone. A map might also help. See RTA’s apps (particularly the RTA Smart Drive and the Wojhati).

Taxi fare is AED 1.82/km. There’s a starting fee of about AED 8. Your journey is estimated to take about 25 minutes by the taxi.

How To Get to Palm Jumeirah from MOE by The Metro & The Tram

Dubai Metro Train

Getting to Palm Jumeirah from the MOE is also very easy, although more complicated than getting there by the taxi.

  • First, get to the Mall of the Emirates’s Metro Station. There’s a link from the Mall to it. If you’re not sure, you may ask those you deem fit or the Mall’s staff, politely for directions.
Dubai Tram Map
Study the map against the following text for ease of understanding. Image is meant to make information graphical. Although, sadly, it doesn’t include the MOE Metro Station.
  • At the MOE Metro station which is at Al Barsha, board the metro headed to UAE Exchange (Jebel Ali). You’re to stop at DAMAC PROPERTIES Metro Station.
  • Get off the metro at DAMAC PROPERTIES Metro Station (remember to check out) and get across to Dubai Marina Tram Station. Walking may take about 15 minutes depending on the pedestrian. Try to get across, and board the tram in 30 minutes so that it’d be considered a transfer. This saves you money.
  • At Dubai Marina Tram Station, board the tram headed to Al Sufouh.
  • Get off at Palm Jumeirah Tram Station.
  • And go to the Gateway Monorail Station at the foot of Palm Jumeirah.
  • Board the monorail which has only two stations besides the Gateway station. This means you can only stop at these stations, nearly halfway into the Palm or at its crescent. If this isn’t convenient given your destination, you may take the taxi, but be aware that the taxi charges a starting fee of about AED 8.

For information about your fare, this may help. Information on the time this journey may take is sadly not available.

How To Get to Palm Jumeirah from MOE by A Self-drive Car

Supercar on Dubai Road

There’re many routes from MOE to the Palm. Your preference is unique. In this connection, you should get the RTA’s transportation apps, particularly the RTA Smart Drive and the Wojhati. These would help guide you on which way to pass. But your watchword should be which is the fastest way. Generally, the ways from MOE to the Palm are safe.


This site has one objective, namely to guide via the provision of clear and accurate information. If you have way to help improve this directions, please share it with us we’d really appreciate it. Stay guided!

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