La Mer Beach Dubai | Enjoy the Sunny Day at Best Beach

La Mer Beach Dubai | Enjoy the Sunny Day at Best Beach

La Mer Beach Dubai is one of the most fantastic choices if you want to visit a good beach in the city. Although La Mer, developed by Meraas, is a sizable beachside venue with various entertainment options, shopping establishments, and restaurants, the beach continues to be one of the region’s most well-liked attractions.

La Mer Beach is one of the most Instagrammable beaches in Dubai because it provides the ideal backdrops for photos. While there are many fascinating activities, let’s take a closer look at La Mer Beach’s amenities to see why locals enjoy it.

The beach at La Mer Dubai is unique because it has golden sand, a promenade with restaurants and shops, and wooden walkways with palm trees for shade.

The La Mer Dubai project has a total area of 13.4 million square meters, was completed in 2017, and has a 2.5 km-long beach. La Mer South, La Mer North, an entertainment complex, and La Mer Beach comprise the four zones that make up the La Mer Dubai neighborhood.

La Mer Beach in Dubai has everything a visitor could need, like lounge chairs, beach umbrellas, restaurants with views of the ocean, shower stalls, changing rooms, and bathrooms.

Where is La Mer Beach Dubai, and how to reach there?

The location of La Mer is excellent since it is adjacent to popular Dubai attractions like the Etihad Museum and the Dubai Water Canal and is situated along the lovely Dubai coastline, making it a desirable choice for travelers looking for a spot to unwind after a day of touring.

By bus, you can travel to La Mer Dubai’s north gate by getting out at the Palm Strip Center stop, which is served by tram lines 8, 9, 88, C10, and X28. You can also access the south gate using the same lines by exiting the Century Plaza station.

By Car: From the city’s north, follow the directions to the Etihad Museum before driving south on Jumeirah Beach Road to reach La Mer. Over 1,100 parking spaces, including underground parking spaces, are available.

Activities at La Mer Beach Dubai

The expansive La Mer Beach offers a wide variety of activities. You could go to Sea Breeze to relax in the sun or participate in First Yacht Watersports’ activities. You may also enjoy a Sunbed with Towel Rentals.

At Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze at La Mer Beach Dubai

A single sunbed costs AED 60, while a group of sunbeds is available for AED 100. A sunbed, a towel, and an umbrella are included. Even less expensive is a package deal with two sunbeds, two towels, and an umbrella for AED 180. Additionally, you can rent an additional towel for AED 20 after paying an AED 50 rental charge, which is returned when you return the towels.

Cabanas for rent at La Mer Beach

Four luxury day rooms with complete air conditioning are available till dusk. These six-person maxima completely furnished rooms are priced at AED 600 for a group of four people and AED 100 for each additional person. Children under 12 are welcome to stay for free with a $1,000 cash deposit that is refundable.

Beach Breeze 

Go to Sea Breeze if you want to spend some time on a sunbed by the water. Depending on whether you are traveling alone or with friends and family, this facility at La Mer beach allows you to hire single as well as package offers of sunbeds.

Beach Sports 

Sports Activities at  La Mer Beach Dubai

For thrill-seekers, La Mer beach offers water sports from First Yacht. You are having a good time splashing around in the water in a safe environment. You can go flyboarding, surfing, paddle-boarding, water biking, kayaking, or donut riding. 

All ages, from young children to the elderly, can participate in these water activities at La Mer beach. You can also book this space for private events like business meetings or birthday celebrations to have a memorable time.

Capture selfies with a colourful frame

Photography at  La Mer Beach Dubai

This beautiful urban playground is one of the city’s most popular places for selfies. When La Mer’s restaurants and beaches aren’t taking over social media feeds, attention turns to the vibrant street art and creative graffiti that can be seen on buildings, pavement, and even sidewalks.

Arabic slogans like “aloo keefak?” and “yalla Habibi”, as well as fun murals with images of everything from bananas to camels and cars, will liven up any selfie. One of La Mer’s most popular photo spots is the artwork of a little child wearing heart-shaped sunglasses with the inscription, “Keep cool.” Head over and try to find it.

Hawa Hawa Playground at La Mer Beach Dubai  

Activities for kids  La Mer Beach Dubai

Hawa Hawa is a jumping area for kids, teenagers, and adults who want fun.

The Japanese-founded Hawa Hawa is the first of its kind outside of East Asia and offers artificial sand dunes where families may have fun.

Laguna Waterpark 

Laguna Waterpark at La Mer Beach Dubai

The Laguna Waterpark features five water slides that provide kids with an exhilarating trip like a vibrant Argentinean village called “La Boca.”

In addition, Laguna Waterpark provides family boat excursions and Wave OZ 180 Flowrider surfing opportunities.

Sunset view 

The atmosphere in the area (eventually) cools down as the sun sets, and La Mer radically changes. Once the sun has set, stay on the beach, then move to the boardwalk. The boardwalk will be illuminated as you stroll along it.

La Mer Dubai Shopping Centers

Along with some upscale eateries and cafes, La Mer’s beach zone is home to several national retail companies that will help you stay fashionable and beautiful while you’re at the beach. Check out La Mer’s few stores for a moment.

I Sea

I Sea is a store dedicated to giving you hip and fashionable eyewear that keeps your eyes safe from the sun and makes you seem stylish. This branded product line sells premium contact lenses made with the latest technology, frames, and sunglasses. You could also get your eyes tested by a professional.

L ‘Aqua 

A global swimwear company that caters to the needs of entire families. L’ Aqua is the place to go if you want cosy swimwear that fits you well.

Beach Bunny 

Shopping at  La Mer Beach Dubai

Beach Bunny is a resort clothing company for women and another swimwear brand. These swimsuits distinguish from the competition in terms of design. This is the beachwear line to choose if you want to make a bold statement.

I Love Dubai 

Dubai is a global metropolis that attracts visitors from all over the world, but when you are there, you’ll realize there’s so much more to it. You can ski indoors, visit the highest structure in the world, and jump in this fantastic metropolis that embraces both the old and the new.

I Love Dubai offers presents, souvenirs, and clothing to help you commemorate your favourite memories.

BinSina Pharmacy 

Are you looking for essentials for your health and beauty in one place? In addition to offering guidance and knowledge on their large selection of brands for beauty, derma cosmetics, baby care, personal care, oral care, and many other products, BinSina Pharmacy works hard to deliver a fantastic shopping experience.

Virgin Megastore 

Virgin Megastore is the Middle East and North Africa’s top lifestyle retail destination. Virgin Megastore is a one-stop shop for all entertainment requirements, offering a variety of goods and services, including music, books, technology, video games, fashion, toys, and ticketing. 

By blending global trends with catering to and adapting to local cultures around the region, the brand has developed an entirely new experience in product offers and events. Virgin Megastore is a cutting-edge entertainment destination for technophiles and trendsetters with its distinctive shopping experience.

What are La Mer Beach Dubai’s top restaurants?

Restaurants at  La Mer Beach Dubai

La Mer Beach Dubai has more than 55 eateries, so everyone who visits may find something to suit their preferences and satisfy their cravings.

The following are a few of La Mer Dubai’s top eateries:

 La Mer Restaurant 

An Arabian restaurant features live music performances and the tastiest oriental cuisine.

Restaurant Masti

An Indian restaurant offering a wide variety of Indian food.

Abruns & Hammers Dining Room

It provides a wide variety of seafood in a creative and mouthwatering style.

Greetings restaurant

It offers meals and desserts with Latin American culinary influences.

Restaurant Motomachi

a Japanese eatery with indoor and outdoor seats and a stunning ocean view.

Restaurant Salt

It offers a selection of burgers, fries, and cold beverages.

What is the timing of La Mer Beach Dubai? 

The La Mer Dubai shops are open at the following hours:

Sunday to Wednesday: 10:00–22:00

Thursday & Friday 10:00 – 23:00 

Restaurant hours at La Mer Dubai are as follows:

10:00 P.M. to midnight (every day)


La Mer Beach Dubai was one of the must-see locations we had heard about. In essence, it’s a sizable area featuring (artificial) beaches, dining options, a water park, and numerous little businesses, making it a terrific day out.

You can spend a whole day with back-to-back unique activities at La Mer Beach with your friends, families, and loved ones. 

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Q.1 Where is the La Mer Beach in Dubai?

La Mer Beach on Jumeirah 1 is located halfway between Pearl and Jumeirah Bay.

Q.2  What Is the La Mer Beach Entrance Fee?

Everyone is welcome, free of charge!

Q.3 What services are paid or free at La Mer Beach?

Visitors to La Mer Beach Dubai can enjoy and relax while taking great photos near the wooden boats because free admission and parking are reasonably priced. Moreover, the other fun activities have minimal charges. 

Q.4 What Are the Hours of Operation at La Mer Beach?

Even though La Mer Beach is accessible from Sunday through Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM and from Thursday through Saturday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM, swimming is only permitted until sundown.