Magical Dubai Places for Valentine’s Day – Make Indelible Memories

Magical Dubai Places for Valentine’s Day – Make Indelible Memories

Learn about some magical Dubai places for Valentine’s Day, visit and make indelible memories.

Dubai wasn’t named world’s number one tourist destination by the travel authority, TripAdvisor, for nothing. The UAE city is packed with amazing and posh things to do; plus it’s a happening destination. Some call it the tourist paradise. That said, what are some otherworldly places in Dubai for an ecstatic Valentine’s Day, where you can make enduring and endearing as well as indelible and incredible memories?

Best Dubai Places for Valentine’s Day

We’re dedicated to guiding readers on traveling Dubai. Hence, we’ve written at least one article on romantic places in Dubai. The places discussed are exactly where you want to be for an astounding Valentine’s Day experience. For this article, same places have been listed here. For details, see romantic places in Dubai for Valentine’s Day.

  • Burj Al Arab – From it’s lounge and restaurant to it’s romantic rooms and suites and from its spa to its terrace, Burj Al Arab has got luxury experiences for you to luxuriate with.
  • Atlantis Dubai – Also Atlantis The Palm, this regal hotel has it all in a chic fashion. From underwater restaurant to underwater suites, couples are sure to have a Valentine’s vacation to remember.
Atlantis Dubai Underwater Restaurant Ossiano
Atlantis Dubai | Credit:
  • Dubai Miracle Garden – Dubai Miracle Garden is indescribable. This pearl is not merely the world’s largest floral park, it’s magical and a place to be. For its romantic appeal, it has seen many successful proposals.
  • Hot Air Balloon – Float gracefully over the golden Arabian desert with a Hot Air Balloon ride.
  • Dubai Fountain – While you can just frolic in insouciance at the Dubai Fountain, you could also either get “loved up” on the Dubai Lake Boardwalk or have a Lake ride on an Abra on the Dubai Lake.
  • Rooftop – Grace this topnotch Emaar restaurant in Burj Khalifa which boasts intimate view of the Dubai Fountain.
  • ZETA
  • The Loft
  • Villa Beach
  • Boulevard Kitchen
  • The Walk
  • Love Lake Dubai

What is Valentine’s Day?

Celebrated February 14th, every year, Valentine’s Day is a day lovers and couples celebrate love. Gifts, such as flowers, cards and confectionery, are typically exchanged. Others go out. You’d also see a lover rekindling or strengthening love by reading out a speech or just saying something nice, cordial and/or reassuring.

The colors typically associated with the lovers’ day are red, white and pink, in order of currency. The use of red as the most popular color for this august day of romance isn’t surprising as red is the color popularly associated with love.

Stepping back a little bit, Valentine’s Day has not always been for lovers. It was in fact a Christian festival dedicated to a venerated saint called Saint Valentine.

Good luck and enjoy! 🙂