What Is Expo 2020 Dubai About & How Do I Visit – Precise Guide

What Is Expo 2020 Dubai About & How Do I Visit – Precise Guide

Learn about: what is Expo 2020 Dubai about and how you can visit it.

Dubai is a fast-growing global destination, for its excellence, and interestingly, it’s hosting, for the first time, one of the world’s most important events, Expo 2020 Dubai.

Given all the progress going on in Dubai, it’s hands down a perfect fit as a host for this Expo. There aren’t so many places in the world like the Arabian city.

The article explains what Expo 2020 Dubai means and also helps you plan your trip successfully.

What is Expo

What is Expo? Referred to as the World Fair organized by the International Exhibitions Bureau, Expo is an event which brings the world together in one hosting country for the celebration of the development and progress of participating countries.

Countries participate in the Expo event to showcase their creations, progress on say tech and civilization. It’s more like the display and celebration of achievements of human civilization, starting in the 18th century. Unlike some shopping festivals where goods and services are exchanged, here it’s simply the exhibition of things a people are proud of.

Given Expo gives participating countries the opportunity to celebrate their culture, history, assets and progress, they get to amass much respect depending on their presentations. This also gives the hosting country an edge or, at least, says something about them. This leads to the next point.

What is Expo 2020 Dubai?

Expo 2020 Dubai is simply the World Fair being held in Dubai, UAE. The Dubai Expo 2020 is meant to welcome at least 192 countries which are virtually the whole world. Participating countries are visiting to celebrate their culture, identity, innovations, progress and civilizations. For the first time in the history of Expo, partaking countries will have their own dedicated pavilions where they can showcase the things most dear to them.

The purpose of Expo is a reflection of what’s going on in Dubai, a meteoric state-of-the-art development, a good reason why it’s a perfect fit as a host for this Expo event. While the city is very popular for what it is, already, the 2021/2022 Expo holds much promise for Dubai, namely more popularity, recognition and high regard. It explains why the Expo venue is built like something out of some wonderland or even better. Further, it explains why the event was, in an informed marketing strategy themed as, “Expo 2020 Dubai”. My emphasis is on the name “Dubai” in the event’s name. And as regards the 2020 which is also in the name, the event was supposed to be held in 2020, but wasn’t because Covid-19 happened.

Dubai isn’t merely interested in people converging in its municipality, but is also interested in using the opportunity to get people to join it in it’s pursuit of a cleaner, safer and healthier future for humankind; as it believes that unity in personal and collective responsibilities will make a difference in the quality of life for the forthcoming generations. To address this, it seeks to use a program it has termed, “People and Planet”.

Dubai Expo 2020 will feature 4 partners with their various pavilions.

Theme Based Districts/Pavilions at Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai’s pavilion at Expo 2020 will be an important venue for various events, designed to stimulate new ideas and better connect with visitors.

  • The Mobility District and its pavilion will encourage visitors to better connect with each other and explore new horizons at the forefront of human progress.
  • The Sustainability Pavilion aims to bring alive the world of sustainable development and show how it works, encouraging people around the world to ensure that the UAE takes a leading role in sustainable development.
  • The Opportunity District is the third pavilion, and it serves as a place where people from different cultures and languages can meet and experience shared human experiences.

Must-Do Highlights & Events at Dubai Expo 2020

About Expo 2020 Dubai

Dubai is proving to be one of the world’s most progressive cities, with innovative architecture and new attractions emerging every year. The following are some of the best things to do at Expo 2020 Dubai.

  • At Latifa’s Playground, there is a fun-filled interactive space for children to bounce upon zero-gravity chambers.
  • At Rashid’s Playground at the Dubai World Expo 2020, where whale-watching tours take place, visitors can scramble onto replica whalebacks.
  • At the Emirates Pavilion, you get explore the future of aircraft cabin design, experiment with robotic arms, and explore innovative metallic and composite materials.
  • At DEWA Pavilion is a solar-powered home, designed to maximize efficiency and equipped plenty of futuristic touches, such as a drone-delivery hatch and a weight-measuring bathroom floor.
  • At Netherlands Pavilion, there is a multi-sensory show that takes you on a journey through the closed-loop farm’s wonders, from water harvested out of thin air to mushrooms grown on the walls.
  • At the Monaco Pavilion, explore cutting-edge robotic baby penguins which you can play with.
  • Make your way to the Garden in the Sky, where you can stand on its tree-lined upper deck 55 meters from ground level and get a stunning panoramic view.

Expo 2020 Dubai Map

Below is the Expo 2020 Dubai map. It helps you understand the topology of the Dubai Exhibition Centre and consequently with how to better use it.

Expo 2020 Dubai Venue – Dubai Exhibition Centre & Contacts

Address: Expo 2020 Dubai, Expo Road, Dubai South, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE

Operating hours:
From 1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022
09:00 to 00:00 Saturday to Wednesday
09:00 to 02:00 on Thursday and Friday
Pavilions open daily from 10:00 to 22:00

Contact centre: +9718003976
Site office: +97145552020
WhatsApp: +971564442020

Website: https://www.expo2020dubai.com/en

How Do I Get to Expo 2020 Dubai Site?

First up, it’s easy. You can get to the Dubai Expo site via different modes of transportation, including dedicated buses (free), Dubai public buses, Dubai taxis, Uber and private cars.

Dedicated Buses

The dedicated buses or Expo Riders are, to reiterate, free and have a number of stations in Dubai. Find these stations at Palm Jumeirah, Al Baraha, Al Ghubaiba, Etisalat, Global Village, International City, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Mall and Dubai International Airport (Terminal 3). These will take you to and from the Dubai Exhibition Centre without charge.

Dubai Buses

Dubai Buses are a public mode of transportation in Dubai. You can also visit the Expo Dubai 2020 site on them. To do this, avail the S’hail Dubai transport app. The app shows you bus schedules (as well as those of the Dubai metro and tram) around Dubai. For fares, please see Dubai Bus.

Dubai Taxis

Dubai taxis go anywhere in Dubai. Hence, you can go to Dubai Expo 2020 by Dubai Taxi. You can get a taxi at notable racks, the roadside and by call. Learn in detail about Dubai taxis, their fares and notable racks and how to get them by calling.

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Uber in Dubai

If you’ve used Uber before, then you shouldn’t have a challenge using Uber in Dubai. Get the Uber app on your phone’s app store, if you don’t already have it. Install it and use it to order your Uber.

Private Car

Going to Dubai Exhibition Centre by your privately owned or rented car is easy. With your Smart Drive Dubai app, you shouldn’t miss your way. The app is an interactive and detailed map of Dubai. Download the app; install and you can use it to find your way to your destination safely. Google Map is also a good alternative. For parking info, please see this.

Avail The Dubai Expo 2020 App

  • For Scheduling: Dubai Expo 2020 App helps you create a personal schedule for the events, attractions, and parades you want to see as well as find themed dining options. You can easily create a personal schedule for Expo 2020 Dubai by connecting with over 200 food vendors and over 200 optional events.
  • For Assistance: It has an interactive and GPS-enabled map for step-by-step directions and a Chatbot and Customer Contact Center to find useful information.
  • For Business Networking: B2B app is where you can connect and network with thousands of Expo 2020 Dubai business visitors.


There you have it on: “What is Expo 2020 Dubai About & How Can I Visit It?” Countries will not only showcase what they hold dear at the global exhibition, but there’d be the opportunity for discussions on common global challenges. Expo 2020 Dubai is scheduled to end in Thursday, 31 March 2022.

As we now come to the end of the article, it important to remember that Dubai remains one of the best places to visit in the world. It’s effortlessly alluring, thanks to its luxurious hotels, top-notch restaurants, resorts, parks, and gardens. It boasts amazing beaches, a stunning desert, modern architecture, delicious food, and exciting nightlife experiences.

The city is on the move and the place is growing in leaps and bounds with new hotels and skyscrapers rising up every year to meet the visitors’ needs. The place that has been developed to accommodate lovers of quality, peace, quiet, entertainment or culture.