7 Tips For A Safe And Fun Trip To Dubai

7 Tips For A Safe And Fun Trip To Dubai

Let’s learn about 7 tips for a safe and fun trip to Dubai. Whenever people think about glam and luxury destination, they often think about Dubai. Most of us have the dream of visiting Dubai, the gorgeous place in the United Arab Emirates, once in our life. The city houses the world’s tallest skyscraper in the world and also has the only 7-star hotel, Burj Al Arab.

Tips for a safe visit to Dubai

Tourists often think that Dubai has only shopping malls and skyscrapers to offer. That’s right but you can experience so much more. And as concerns us in this article, before visiting the beautiful UAE city, keep the following tips in mind.

When should you visit?

Tourists would want to visit the luxurious city when it has suitable weather. For this reason, the city attracts the most people during the months of November to March. In this period, the place has comfortable weather. Also, most of the tourists love to visit Dubai during December as the place holds a shopping festival, which features products from all over the world. However, during the months of February, the place experience downpour, and from April to October, the city has extreme humid weather. 

Essential documents

Indians do not need to worry about getting a visa for Dubai, as it takes only 3 to 4 working days. But for safety, tourists should apply for a visa at least a month before the expected date of travel. Also, it is important to have travel insurance along with your passport and visa. For those planning to hire a car should carry their international driving license. Lastly, convert your money beforehand to avoid any problem when you reach Dubai. 

Electronics and emergency

Make sure to carry a universal adapter and travel charger as well as an emergency number list. You can buy these from indiancoupons.in to avail great discount.

Dress properly

The locals of Dubai practice Islam as their religion and respect their traditional values and culture. Although they don’t have a problem with people dressing up fashionably, but tourists should keep the sentiments of the locals in their minds. Try to dress modestly and cover your knees and shoulder when surrounded by a crowd. 

Do not eat in public.

Tourists should keep in mind not to eat in public as the locals find it offensive. Especially during the holy month of Ramadan, tourists should not eat or even drink water. 

Do not wear footwear in mosques and houses.

When visiting the mosque, make sure to wear loose-fitting and full-length clothes. Also, make sure to cover your head when entering a mosque. When visiting a local household and mosque, do not wear footwear inside. Use your right hand to receive anything offered to you.

Medicines and drugs

Dubai does not allow anyone to use drugs and has a strict rule against it. For those who need to take medication should absolutely carry their prescription along with them. Do not carry extra medicine and only take the amount you require for the stay. Also, you should know that Dubai does not allow the entry of poppy seed as it is the source of opium.


Follow these tips and travel in Dubai happier. Dubai do’s and don’ts can also help you even more. You may want to learn about Dubai’s pros and cons. Also consider the best time to visit Dubai and whether Dubai is safe. Stay guided.