Ain Dubai, Tallest Ferris Wheel in the World – Why & How to Visit: Definitive Guide

Ain Dubai, Tallest Ferris Wheel in the World – Why & How to Visit: Definitive Guide

Learn about Ain Dubai, tallest Ferris wheel in the world; as well as why & how to visit it.

Dubai has indubitably become the synonym for superlative in the 21st century. The tourists’ paradise doesn’t merely keep reinventing itself; it does so with the tallest, biggest, finest… We could go on and on.

Hence, whether your choice of places to visit for holidays is over bragging right, the most luxurious and romantic, or whether it’s something out of this world, magical and unreal, the way to go without question is Dubai.

Dubai plays host to the tallest building, the most luxurious and romantic hotel, the tallest fountain, the largest picture frame, the longest urban zip line, the largest flower park, the deepest swimming pool in the world… the list goes on and on and we don’t want to bore you with it.

Here on this article is the most recent record-breaking feat to the collection of Dubai’s tallest and finest, the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, Ain Dubai. This, to emphasize, is the crux of the article, so let’s give you a 101 of Ain Dubai as well as why and how to visit the world’s largest Ferris wheel. We jump in.

Ain Dubai — Tallest Ferris Wheel in the World

Ain Dubai video | Tallest Ferris wheel in the world | Thanks to Suleman Ejaz for the video

Ain Dubai is majestic, bold and magnificent. Strategically sited on Bluewaters island, the observation wheel is the window to the power of the charm of Dubai’s landscape. It’s by no means fortuitous as the name Ain Dubai literally means Dubai Eye.

Unlike Dubai’s skydiving and zip line, the tallest observation wheel in the world isn’t much on the side of adrenaline-rush (except if you’re an acrophobe), but it definitely lets you soak in the 360-degree magical views of Dubai, which is best at sundown, in our opinion. On a clear day, you get to enjoy vistas of the iconic Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, the skyline of Dubai Marina and JBR, aerially.

The rotation of the Dubai wheel isn’t as fast as, say, a spin at your local county fair, as it takes around 38 minutes to complete. That’s like walking speed.

Ain Dubai Cabins

Ain Dubai has 48 well air-conditioned passenger cabins, designed to carry a total of 1,750 vacationers at one go. Larger than two double-decker buses side by side, each capsule has the maximum capacity for 40 riders.

Interestingly, some of the cabins have licensed bars for beverages. It’s a great idea sipping on something as you indulge in the pleasant views of the wonders of Dubai. If you have to film yourself live on the ride, you could do that with the wheel’s free WIFI.

Ain Dubai Height

Opened in October 21st, 2021, Dubai observation wheel joins Dubai’s biggest and finest, at the same time eclipsing its predecessors around the world, including High Roller in Las Vegas and the London Eye. Standing over 250-meters tall, the world’s tallest observation wheel is almost twice the size of the London Eye. Thus is Ain Dubai’s height.

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Construction of Ain Dubai & Is It Safe for Use?

Developed by Dubai Holding, Ain Dubai is safe for use. It’s however a complex project which required exceptional engineering and teamwork. Key experts with best practice experience from related major engineering projects, such as the London Eye and The Shard had to be employed. This way, practical solutions to the engineering challenges that the project team encountered along the way were provided.

Also, WSP was appointed by Hyundai Engineering & Construction as the Lead Consultant and Architect of Record for both the wheel and terminal building elements of the observation wheel. They were needed for their expert technical know-how, as the wheel was a mega project that required safety assessment in each stage of its construction.

Throughout the project’s lifecycle, WSP provided its technical expertise and project coordination for eleven specialist designers and suppliers, who were also appointed by Hyundai. Further, WSP worked closely with Dubai Municipality to guide them through the complexities of the design and ultimately obtained the required approval to allow construction to proceed. As regards possible hazards, hazard identification process and safety case were duly done.

Specifically, each cabin contains an intercom, fire sensors, and CCTV cameras and is equipped with other safety equipment, rescue equipment, fire extinguishers and a defibrillator unit. But that’s not all, to further ensure the safety of users, Ain Dubai isn’t operated under certain weather conditions such as sandstorm, rain, and heavy wind; or if there were a technical malfunction.

Ain Dubai - Tallest and Largest Observation Wheel in the World
Ain Dubai | Tallest and Largest Observation Wheel in the World | Credit:

The observation wheel stands on four 126-meters long legs, its rim weighing as much as 1,805 tonnes. That’s about the weight of three A380 aircrafts, if one A380 weighs about 600 tonnes; so heavy is it that two of the world’s largest cranes were needed to lift the hub and spindle assembly, 130-meters into position. And in total, Dubai Ferris was built with 11,200 tonnes of steel, which is around 33 percent more than the amount of iron used on the Eiffel Tower.

That said, more than nine million on-site workforce hours and an estimated five million off-site workforce hours were spent in building the world’s largest Ferris wheel. It clearly didn’t cost the estimated amount of $270 million for nothing and is, again, safe to ride on. At the time of writing this article, many riders have already used it.

Safety Rules

You shouldn’t get aboard with any weapons or objects with sharp points or edges and which are capable of causing injury; you shouldn’t also board with fireworks, smoke bombs, flammable liquids, illegal substances and/or legal highs.

The pets or other animals must stay home on this one, except for guide dogs and hearing dogs.

If you’re found possessing, using or appear to be under the influence of illegal substances and/or legal highs, you will be refused admission or excused from Ain Dubai. It’s a well-known fact that getting intoxicated in the public in any part of Dubai is unacceptable. See our laws on alcohol in Dubai, in order to drink liquor in Dubai ethically.

Further, throwing any items that may cause injury or filming for commercial purposes without prior authorization are not allowed. The management also like guests to not disturb the peace of the place (say, unnecessary noise from the use of radio sets, personal stereos and other electrical equipment), or be of any behavior which could annoy other visitors or cause confusion.

Covid-19 Safety at Ain Dubai

At Ain Dubai, it’d be expected that there’d be interactions, et cetera. However, there wouldn’t be much to worry about as regards the Coronavirus, as the Bluewaters observation wheel closely observes preventive Covid-19 measures. Specifically, thermal cameras are installed at the main entry points, with social distancing measures enforced. All staff members are required to comply with strict hygiene measures and are regularly checked for their temperatures. The facility and cabins are constantly cleaned and disinfected after each guest.

Further, while each capsule of the wheel can take up to 40 persons, the management allows only 7 unrelated persons or 10 persons of the same group. However, during prime/peak time, up to 20 people may be allowed.

In the Dubai Eye’s complex as well as in the cabins, you should constantly maintain a 2-meter distance from the next person who’s not with you. In the Seaview Lounge, however, 3-meter distancing is required. And when queuing, you should stand on the designated sticker on the floor to help you maintain social distancing. Lastly, you should have your mask on throughout the experience.

How to Visit Ain Dubai – World’s Tallest & Largest Ferris Wheel

Ain Dubai Contact Information

Address: Ain Dubai, Bluewaters island (Close to Palm Jumeirah & Dubai Marina), Dubai

A taxi can take you there from anywhere in Dubai. You may want to use other Dubai public transport. The closest Dubai Metro station to Bluewaters is Dubai Marina Tram Station. It’s 422 meters away and is a 6 minute walk. However, if you wish to travel by bus, the following Dubai Bus lines stop near Bluewaters: 8, 84, F55A. Please learn more about Dubai public transportation.

Operating hours:
Tuesdays & Wednesday: 10am to 9pm
Thursday to Saturday: 12pm to 9pm
Closed Monday

Phone (from 10am to 8pm, 7 days a week):
General inquiries: 800 AINDXB or 800 246 392
International callers: +971 44280411

General inquiries: [email protected]
Job inquiries: [email protected] (Your CV can be submitted here)
Sponsorship inquiries: [email protected]
Sales inquiries: [email protected]
Media inquiries: [email protected]

Official website:

Things you should know before visiting Ain Dubai

See that you get to Ain Dubai 30 – 60 minutes prior to your ride in order to complete the entry process. You could buy snacks or beverages before boarding. Do not visit with food and beverages purchased externally or brought from home as Dubai Eye doesn’t permit it, since it’s a fully catered destination.

That said, consider using the toilets before boarding as there is none in the cabins. While you can get on board with handheld bags, large or heavy baggage is not allowed in the cabin. And there’s no storage at Ain Dubai for them, either; so it’s better to not take them with you.

Ain Dubai Ticket Price & Cabin Rides

Ain Dubai offers different experiences, which include the observation cabin, social experience and the private ride. These three are charged differently with the first option being the cheapest and the last being the most expensive.

Observation cabin prices

With observation cabin, you get to board one of the simple cabins with seating and free WIFI. You can get aboard with edible items purchased at Ain Dubai.

  • Ain Dubai Views: Ticket for adults (age 12+) cost AED 130 ($35.39); ticket for children (age 3-11) cost AED 100 ($27.23) and ticket for children younger than 3 is free.
  • Ain Dubai Family Pass: This ticket is meant for a family with two adults and two children. To gain access, one adult in the family should be at least 21. Cost is AED 370 ($100.74).

Social experience prices

The social experience option lets you enjoy a cabin with a fabulous bar, music and a better decor. In this cabin, you’re eligible for beverages (say, mocktails, cocktails) served by an onboard bartender. This option has subtypes.

  • Ain Dubai Skybar Vibes: During your ride, you get to enjoy 2 beverages (say, mocktails, cocktails) and music. Price is AED 200 ($54.45).
  • Ain Dubai Skybar Vibes Sunset (for 21+ only): With this package, get to enjoy the sunset, 2 beverages (say, mocktails, cocktails) and music. Price is AED 350 ($95.29).
  • Ain Dubai Premium with mocktails (for 21+ only): Here, you get to enjoy premium check-in and a welcome drink in the Lounge on your arrival, as well as either 1 mocktail (during the day) or 2 mocktails (6:00pm onwards), during your ride in the cabin. Price is AED 250 ($68.06).
  • Ain Dubai Premium with Bubbly (for 21+ only): With this ticket, you get to enjoy premium check-in and a welcome drink in the Lounge on your arrival, as well as 2 glasses of bubbly during your ride in the cabin. Price is AED 350 ($95.29).
  • Ain Dubai Premium Sunset (for 21+ only): Here, you get to enjoy premium check-in and welcome drink in the Lounge, plus 2 glasses of bubbly in the cabin. Price is AED 500 ($136.13).
  • Ain Dubai Lounge Plus (for 21+ only): With this offer, you get to enjoy 1 house beverage in the Lounge after your experience. Price AED 180 ($49.01).
  • Jumeirah & Sushi Primetime (for 21+ only): With this offer, you get to enjoy premium check-in, 1 welcome drink and a sushi platter in the Jumeirah Lounge on your arrival, as well as 2 glasses of bubbly in the cabin. Price AED 750 ($204.19).
  • Jumeirah & Sushi (family friendly): Here, you get to enjoy premium check-in, 1 welcome drink and a sushi platter in the Jumeirah Lounge on your arrival, as well as 1 mocktail, during your ride in the cabin. Price is AED 550 ($14974).

Note: Price for ride during sunset usually increases. The rise in price usually affects 4:00pm to 6:00pm and sometimes 7:00pm.

Private cabin prices

Equipped with comfortable leather seating, the private cabin is exclusive which is a good option for a group.

  • Ain Dubai Private: This option is the basic private cabin package which simply lets you have the cabin to yourself; nothing more. Price is AED 1550 ($422) anytime or AED 4600 ($1,252.39), during sunset, or between 4.00pm and 6.00pm.
  • Ain Dubai Private Plus: This package lets you enjoy premium check-in at the Lounge and includes F&B credit of AED 500 ($136.13) during off-peak time (2pm, 3pm, 8pm, 9pm) & AED 1000 ($272.26) during prime time (4pm, 6pm, 7pm) with delivery straight to your cabin. Price is AED 1800 ($490.07).
  • Ain Dubai Private Skybar: Here, you get to enjoy 2 beverages (mocktails, cocktails or house) served by a bartender as well as music. Price is AED 3800 ($1,034.58).
  • Ain Dubai Premium Private: Here, you get to enjoy premium check-in, a welcome drink in the Lounge and 2 mocktails in the cabin. Price is AED 4000 ($1,089.03).
  • Ain Dubai Premium Bubbly Private: This ticket includes premium check-in, a welcome drink in the Lounge and 2 glasses of bubbly in the cabin. Price is AED 4700 ($1,279.61).

Note: Price for ride during sunset usually increases. The rise in price usually affects 4:00pm to 6:00pm and sometimes 7:00pm. Also, Ain Dubai reserves the right to alter prices.

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Ain Dubai FAQ – World’s Biggest Observation Wheel

Some questions in the FAQ might have already been touched on. However, this list makes finding Ain Dubai facts easy.

Who owns Ain Dubai?

Dubai Holding

What does Ain Dubai mean?

Dubai Eye.

What’s the cost of building Ain Dubai?

AED 1 billion ($270m), approximately.

How old should I be to ride Ain Dubai?

Persons of all ages can ride. However, riders younger than 16 should be accompanied by an adult who’s 21 or older.

What’s the capacity of Ain Dubai?

1,750 riders in total and 40 per capsule or unit.

Can PWDs use Ain Dubai?

Yes, Ain Dubai is accessible to them. There are lifts and ramps suitable for use with wheelchairs.

Is Ain Dubai safe?

Yes as Ain Dubai is safe for use as it was meticulously constructed, following best practices.

Where is Ain Dubai?

Bluewaters island, adjacent to Palm Jumeirah.

What’s the cost of Ain Dubai parking?

If you visited Ain Dubai with a private car, you’d get free parking managed Bluewaters island.

What’s the height of Ain Dubai?

Over 250m

LED lighting on the wheel


Was anyone injured during the construction of Ain Dubai?

There wasn’t serious injury or incidents

How many spoke cables does Ain Dubai have?


What’s the number of drive wheel?


What’s its number of drive units?


Conclusion on Ain Dubai – World’s Tallest & Largest Ferris Wheel

There you have it, the definitive guide on Ain Dubai, world’s tallest and largest Ferris wheel. Dubai Eye has clearly joined the ranks of Dubai’s world-renowned landmarks and has become a benchmark in the sphere of observation wheels. Visit the amazing Dubai Ferris wheel to enjoy stunning views of Dubai’s skyline.

Dubai Tour Pro put in the best to serve you; kindly share. Until next time, stay flourishing! 🙂