How To Go To Atlantis The Palm by Dubai Metro Easily

How To Go To Atlantis The Palm by Dubai Metro Easily

Learn about how to go to Atlantis The Palm in Dubai by the Dubai Metro. It very easy. Only read the following Palm Jumeirah directions carefully and you’d certainly know how…

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Dubai boasts a variety of means of transportation that makes getting around Dubai relatively easy. Most of Dubai’s means of transportation such as the Dubai Metro, the Dubai Tram, and the Dubai Trolley cover only specific areas of the Arabian city. Although, the Dubai Taxi covers all of Dubai.

How To Go To Atlantis The Palm by Dubai Metro

With the foregoing in mind, how can one go to Atlantis Dubai by Dubai Metro? As said, most Dubai transport means cover only specific areas of Dubai resulting in transfers from one mode of transportation to another; say, from the Dubai Metro to a Dubai Bus. In this way and for the record, there is no direct way of getting to Atlantis The Palm by the Metro. But there’s no need to worry.

You shouldn’t worry because while the metro won’t take you directly to Atlantis Palm Jumeirah, you can still get to Palm Jumeirah which houses Atlantis by transferring from the metro to the tram at the same rate you’d spend if you did all the journey on the Metro.

While the foregoing option will help you save some money, the trouble with it is that the Metro will first convey you past Nakhlat Jumeira Street to Dubai Marina, if you were coming from around Downtown Dubai (or Burj Khalifa) along Sheikh Zayed Road. This means you’d spend more time. For the record, Nakhlat Jumeira Street is a direct route from Sheikh Zayed Road to Palm Jumeirah Atlantis. The Smart Drive Dubai app can help you understand this better.

When transferring between the Metro, Tram and Bus, as said before, you won’t spend extra money, but if you alight the metro to continue with the taxi, you’d be charged separately for your taxi ride. And the taxi charges are more expensive than the fares of the metro, tram and the bus.

In transferring, you must get to the next means within 30 minutes of alighting the previous means. For example, after alighting from the Metro, you must board the Tram within 30 minutes. If not, your journey would be regarded as a new one and you’d have to pay another fare. To understand transferring better see this.

Below are routes of some Dubai’s transportation services to help you choose which mode of transport is best suited to you given your location. Remember, the taxi has its distinct fares.

  • The Dubai Metro has two routes, the red line and the green line. The red line spans Al Rashidiya along Sheikh Zayed Road for most of it’s length to UAE Exchange (Jebel Ali), while the Green line spans Etisalat through the densely populated areas of Deira and Bur Dubai to Dubai Creek.
  • The Dubai Tram loops around the Marina area and heads down to Al Sufouh.
  • The Dubai taxi runs all of Dubai and even beyond.
  • For the Dubai Bus routes, please see Dubai Bus Routes.

Summary on How To Get To Atlantis The Palm by Dubai Metro

Note that the list below is only a skeleton of the article and is consequently lacking in vital details. For those details kindly read until the end.

  • Board the Metro headed to Damac Properties Metro Station.
  • Find your way to Dubai Marina Tram Station.
  • Board the Tram to Palm Jumeirah Tram Station all within 30 minutes.
  • Head to the the Gateway Monorail Station.
  • Board the Palm Jumeirah monorail to Atlantis The Palm.

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How To Reach Altantis Dubai By Metro

At this point, it is clear that the answer to this question is technically relative, depending fully on your location. What’s important now is how you can get to the Palm Jumeirah which hosts the Atlantis? Because, once you’re at the foot of the Palm, you can easily get to the Atlantis in about 15 minutes using the Dubai Monorail (more like a dedicated Palm Jumeirah metro).

Your monorail fare starts at AED 10 for a single trip and AED 15 for a round trip and may get up to AED 20 for the single trip and AED 30 for the round trip since you’re going to Atlantis which is at the end of the monorail’s route.

The “monorail Dubai” is recommended for tourists especially because it gives you an appreciably better view (an aerial view) of the Island than the taxi. This is because the monorail’s track is elevated as against the taxi’s road.

You could get to the Atlantis by Dubai taxi also, although this would be at a higher rate.

How To Go To Palm Jumeirah by Metro

How To Go To Atlantis The Palm by Dubai Metro Easily
Study the map against the following text for ease of understanding. Image is meant to make information graphical

Again, your location will determine the mode of transportation you’ll use to get to the Palm Jumeirah, but if you’re already on the Metro’s red line, travel in the Metro to Damac Properties Metro Station. Find your way to Dubai Marina Tram Station which is the closest Tram station to Damac Metro Station. Board the Tram to Palm Jumeirah Tram Station. From there, head to the the Gateway Monorail Station through which you can get to the Atlantis. Getting to the Gateway Monorail Station from there by foot takes 5 – 10 minutes.

Please note. In case you’re in the Metro’s green line, take the Metro to the transfer station (Union or BurJuman station) closest to you and transfer to the red line. If you’re already in the Marina area or at Al Sufouh (the Dubai Tram’s route, simply put), there’d be no need for the Metro. Just take the Tram to the Palm Jumeirah Tram Station.

How To Go To The Pointe Palm Jumeirah by Metro

With the foregoing directions, you should already know how to get to Palm Jumeirah by now. Once you’re at Palm Jumeirah, how to go to The Pointe Palm Jumeirah is no longer difficult. Although, at the moment, you sadly may not be able to get to The Pointe by Dubai monorail as its station is still under construction — which means the option you might be left with is the taxi. NB Please inform us about the completion of The Pointe’s monorail station at mail(at), if you found out before us. Thank you.

How To Go To Nakheel Mall by Metro

Again, your knowledge of getting to Palm Jumeirah will be useful here as Nakheel Mall is on the Palm Island. So, how do you get to Nakheel Mall? Once you’re at the foot of Palm Jumeirah, board the Palm Jumeirah monorail. Your fare for a single trip starts at AED10 and for a round trip, it starts at AED15. Nakheel Mall is not as far as Atlantis (which is the farthest…) and The Pointe. Nakheel Mall is just at the highest point of the Palm’s trunk.

What’s The Nearest Metro Station To Palm Jumeirah?

This is an important question as some people may not want to spend time in passing Nakhlat Jumeira Street to Damac Properties Metro Station (coming from around Downtown Dubai) and then to Dubai Marina Tram Station before coming back to Palm Jumeirah Tram Station. So, what’s the nearest metro station to Palm Jumeirah? They’re Dubai Internet City Metro Station if you’re coming from around Burj Khalifa along the Metro red line and Al Khail Metro Station (formerly Nakheel) if you’re coming from the opposite side, that is, from around UAE Exchange. Use the map above to help you understand.

From Dubai Internet City, you could either get to your destination by taxi or to Palm Jumeirah by Careem Bike. Here’s Dubai transportation network.


There you have it on going on Dubai metro to Palm Jumeirah. Answering the thematic question is entirely dependent on where you are in Dubai. In this way, I earnestly hope this article helps, as I’ve tried to provide a comprehensive answer. With the article, visiting the Atlantis by the Metro should cause no hassle. Stay guided.

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